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She was like smoke: 
Interesting to look at. 
Moving so intricately in her dance, 
she entranced all those who watched. 
She encapsulated the depth of a soul. 
She was the personification of darkness, 
and the bringer of light to destroy it. 
She flowed so freely like the wind. 
Nothing could hold her to this world. 
Touching her was useless. 
She fell right through any fingers reaching for her. 
I remember finding that odd, 
as she had touched every heart to 
come in contact with her. 
I once asked her why she had to go. 
her response was a whisper in my ear 
and laughter like bells. 
I never got a response. 
I suppose she had other places to be. 
She was always transforming, 
She never stayed in one place for long- 
always choosing to follow the beauty 
that intrigued her, 
and never noticing that she, herself, 
held that same beauty. 
But then again, 
She was like smoke.
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She was like smoke: Interesting to look at. Moving so intricately

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