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I am a brutally soft woman.
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    posted a quote
    May 19, 2018 11:53am EDT
    Please leave format credit to 1986!

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    posted a quote
    May 19, 2018 11:40am EDT
    And though it’s easier now, I will always remember
    the night that I almost drowned all alone in the house.

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    posted a quote
    May 19, 2018 10:57am EDT
    you know i love you
    but i just can’t take this,
    you know i love you but
    i’m playing for keeps.
    although i need you,
    i’m not gonna make this.
    you know i want to
    but i’m in too deep.

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    posted a quote
    May 14, 2018 8:52pm EDT
    “when it came to listening
    my mother taught me silence
    if you are drowning their voice with yours
    how will you hear them she asked
    when it came to speaking
    she said do it with commitment
    every word you say
    is your own responsibility
    when it came to being
    she said be tender and tough at once
    you need to be vulnerable to live fully
    but rough enough to survive it all
    when it came to choosing
    she asked me to be thankful
    for the choices i had that
    she never had the privilege of making”
    — lessons from mumma

  5.  * *
    posted a quote
    May 14, 2018 8:39pm EDT
    my mother sacrificed her
    dreams so i could dream

  6.  * *
    posted a quote
    May 14, 2018 8:22pm EDT
    mothers who leave.
    for no other reason.
    children are water in their throat.
    — drown

  7.  * *
    posted a quote
    May 14, 2018 8:07pm EDT
    this format was made by partie! please only use this for your QUOTES on WITTYPROFILES.COM and do not remove ANY part of the credit; that includes this credit right here and any credit that follows (c) partie
    cruel mothers are still mothers.
    they make us wars.
    they make us revolution.
    they teach us the truth. early.
    mothers are humans. who
    sometimes give birth to their pain. instead of

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    posted a quote
    April 25, 2018 9:42pm EDT
    ‘as you are.’ says the universe.
    ‘after...’ you answer.
    ‘as you are.’ says the universe.
    ‘before...’ you answer.
    ‘as you are.’ says the universe.
    ‘when...’ you answer.
    ‘as you are.’ says the universe.
    ‘how...’ you answer.
    ‘as you are.’ says the universe.
    ‘why...’ you answer.
    you are happening now.
    right now.
    right at this moment
    your happening
    is beautiful.
    the thing that both keeps me alive
    brings me to my knees.
    you don’t even know how breathtaking you
    as you are.’ says the universe through tears.
    as you are | you are the prayer

  9.  * *
    posted a quote
    April 25, 2018 9:17pm EDT
    you are afraid of love.
    but love is not afraid of you.

  10.  * *
    posted a quote
    April 25, 2018 8:36pm EDT
    happens to my son
    living within my skin.
    drinking my cells.
    my water.
    my organs.
    his soft psyche turning cruel.
    does he not remember
    is half woman.

  11.  * *
    posted a quote
    April 13, 2018 8:15pm EDT
    If outside validation is your only source of nourishment, you will hunger for the
    resT oF your LIFe.

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    posted a quote
    April 13, 2018 8:14pm EDT
    Perhaps the actual problem is the inexcusable way
    I have taught myself to love people.
    If my heart was a flower it would be
    an anomaly born without sepal or petals.
    Whole pieces of my soul-gold invested
    inside the bank of someone else’s heart.
    I mean, Aphrodite never shows up at school,
    book in hand, teaching love as the only real art.
    There are no classes in the coping with the loss
    of whole people, no warnings left on memory’s tombs.
    They say love is what makes the world go round,
    but no one ever leaves a note for us in the womb.
    No instruction manual when we are born,
    nor a how-to guide on the correct way to fall.
    Nor one on how to barter pieces of yourself
    without losing an eternity inside someone else’s soul.
    I’m afraid this is why I have always been so lost.
    I have been loved, and I have loved
    but I never learned how to gracefully bear the cost.
    In Which I Admit I Love Badly

  13.  * *
    posted a quote
    April 11, 2018 8:35pm EDT
    You think I’m not a goddess? Try me. This is a torch song. Touch me
    & You'LL Burn.

  14.  * *
    posted a quote
    April 11, 2018 8:03pm EDT

    I thought I had found a swan
    but it was a migrating snow goose.
    I thought I was linked invisibly to another’s life
    but I found myself more alone with him than without him.
    I thought I had found a fire
    but it was the play of light on bright stones.
    I thought I was wounded to the core
    but I was only bruised.
    Denise Levertov, Epilogue

  15.  * *
    posted a quote
    April 1, 2018 9:34pm EDT
    “Take me to your trees. Take me to your breakfasts, your sunsets, your bad dreams, your shoes, your nouns. Take me to your fingers.

  16.  * *
    posted a quote
    April 1, 2018 9:22pm EDT
    Sometimes in late summer I won’t touch anything, not the flowers, not the blackberries brimming in the thickets; I won’t drink from the pond; I won’t name the birds or the trees; I won’t whisper my own name. One morning the fox came down the hill, glittering and confident, and didn’t see me—and I thought: so this is the world. I’m not in it. It is beautiful.

  17.  * *
    posted a quote
    March 24, 2018 6:51pm EDT

    no one can ever figure out what you want, and you won’t tell them, and you realize the one person in the world who loves you isn’t the one you thought it would be, and you don’t trust him to love you in a way you would enjoy.
    — A Primer for the Small Weird Loves

  18.  * *
    posted a quote
    March 24, 2018 5:43pm EDT
    Children are knives, my mother once said. They don’t mean to, but they cut. And yet we cling to them, don’t we, we clasp them until the blood flows.

  19.  * *
    posted a quote
    March 24, 2018 5:23pm EDT
    “Yes, of course I’ve hardened, of course I have had to change to survive in this unforgiving world. But somewhere inside me, there still lives a little girl who once tried to invent a time machine, just to go back in time to save Vincent Van Gogh from his sadness when she heard he ate yellow paint to get the happiness inside him.”

  20.  * *
    posted a quote
    March 24, 2018 5:15pm EDT
    To be human
    and love someone
    is savage beauty,
    and there are no gods
    to answer for it.
    Perhaps this is why
    we choose betrayal:
    because no one
    can help us decipher
    what love really is.
    — Nikita Gill

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