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This really is the last time I'll get to go on Witty...
I'm in hospital right now, my family weren't even allowed to see me until last night. I wanted to talk to all of you people one last time, but the doctors wouldn't let my mom take a laptop - I begged them for an hour to let her, even if I could only use it for 15 minutes (I also begged them to let me see my girlfriend, I can be VERY persuasive when I want haha) ... I was THAT desperate.
But yeah. This is the last time I'll be on Witty.. I could be dead within 2 weeks. It sucks, but everyone will go on without me. They all know that even though I'm not physically with them, I'll always be there; and they can always talk to me, even though I won't be able to respond.
Gah, there's SO many things I want to say to you all, but I don't know how to say them, and anyways I always end up saying the same kind of thing in my quotes in the hope that people would be inspired. I'm a bit of a fail, aren't I? I'm certainly no Martin Luther King Jr, or Nelson Mandela or any of those awesome inspirational people.. I'm just an ordinary 15 year old kid who's going to die of cancer :Z But I still try. I don't like giving up. And I've been told before that my quotes have saved people's lives. That's.. just amazing. It makes me feel like I have made a difference, even though it was just a small difference to the universe. Does that make sense? .. No, I didn't think so. x_x
So, all I can say now is.. Read my other quotes. You don't have to fave them, just read them. And never give up on your life. You can get through this. There's always someone going through worse than you; someone who'd give anything to be you.. Like, I'd give anything to be one of you people here than be dying of cancer like I am now.
You want to be beautiful? Just believe in yourself. Confidence looks good on a girl.

Thanks for all the love and support, Witty. You all mean the world to me. I love you. <3
- FramingMatthew


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This really is the last time I'll get to go on Witty... I'm

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The Sleeping Wallflower* · 7 years ago
God Bless You. You are an Inspiration. I know you are gone now. But you have made all of us grateful to have known you. You are a fighter.
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grlsmmy* · 8 years ago
3 years later and I am still here. I will never unfollow. Every time I come to your page. I love you Matthew, you were a great person and I am so glad that I met you. Thank you for being amazing and being the most inspirational person that I have ever met.
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chachawawabubu · 9 years ago
Two years later. I'll never forget you Matthew. I'll never click that unfollow button. And I'll never cease to cry every time I read this quote. You were loved by the entire Wittian community. You were a fighter. You're a hero.
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KayleighJean · 9 years ago
It is two years later and I still ball my eyes out reading this. I remember talking to you and how you were so helpful. I miss you and thank you for the small moments that I spent talking with you. ♥
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jojochum · 9 years ago
He must have been crying when he wrote this
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nathanyielslittlesister · 9 years ago
Hey I never got the chance too meet you or know you. I regret that. My first day on witty and I have already started crying over you. Thank you for choosing to share your life with us and changing ours forever <3
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slushie03 · 9 years ago
I Was On Witty for two years untill I finally singed up.. I remember wanting to make a acount just so i could Talk to mathew.. rip
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spence* · 9 years ago
I cry every time I read this.
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uthinkuruntouchable · 9 years ago
Tell us if there's WiFi in heaven!
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xXAGirlWithManyScarsXx* · 9 years ago
This is a sad moment, now it isn't the time to joke around.
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caitlintench · 9 years ago
Matthew you are missed so much by me and a hell of a lot of other people aswell....you have made such an impact on so many people's lives and I hope you knew/know that. R.I.P Matthew & I'll miss you forever.
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Ethanol · 9 years ago
I miss you Matthew :/
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kelly* · 9 years ago
me too
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永久* · 9 years ago
yep, me too.
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TheHonestGirl · 9 years ago
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lemon.cake* · 9 years ago
I don't really care. But there was someone who died of cancer that day. Matthew is a common name so someone named Matthew may have earned there wings. Please. Stop. thank you
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frazergirl · 9 years ago
if only "we can become best friends." were true. I keep visiting your page now, and I don't know why because I know you can't answer. I just remember when I first read that you had cancer, and I was so sure you'd battle through it, and now a year later, I'm still crying.One day we'll find a cure for cancer, we have to.
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ItsJustChey_* · 9 years ago
I wish I could've known you before you left us. You're such an inspiration, and anyone would've been lucky to know you.
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carson5482 · 1 decade ago
I remember the day you posted this. I remember reading it when it only had a handful of faves. Look at it now. You're a beautiful angel, now, Matthew, and you will NEVER be forgotten. It's amazing to me that this quote was posted so long ago, yet so many people continue to fave and comment on it, along with your other quotes. You've made such a difference. You really have. <3
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Sock_Monster · 1 decade ago
i havent ever spoken to you, but i have read tons of your quotes, and I honestly think you are incredible.your inspirational, and you will NEVER be forgotten
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Babbie · 1 decade ago
I'm trying to act as if I'm not crying hard. RIP you have saved many lives, and I hope you have a beautiful sleep,
Lots of love
And God Bless
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bubblesneo331 · 1 decade ago
I love you Matthew!
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CarissaHereBuddy · 1 decade ago
I miss you so much. You truley inspired me and you saved me. Youre one the strongest and most inspirational people i know and i cry every time i go on your account. I love you so much matthew.

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BehindMyMask · 1 decade ago
You are truly one of Witty's finest. We all miss you so much man. You inspired hundreds of lives, and you really changed mine. Even though it's been so long since you've been gone, I still hope that one day you'll log on and tell us all that this was some really bad joke. You are gone, but will NEVER be forgotten. Rest in paradise Matthew. I hope that one day, I'll be able to see you up in heaven
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