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Happy lies
(I, we, she her, my, our, Marionette's wife are one)

She does as she is told
Her voice I cannot hear
Her tears run down my cheeks
as I watch
This is her time
she is afraid
I lay down at night
as she is told
She gets up in the morning
together with him
Her smiles are empty
the happy lies
The strings she has hidden
he does not know
I act the part
the Marionette's wife
I fall into your embrace
Our heats as one
Your pain and alone
with every beat of mine
April then May
the plans are in effect
I speak but no one can hear
We do not cry in front of him
Forces controlling fate
Eye lashes as butterfly wings
beating away memories
Our muses many as one
Fractured we are not whole
I told her
I wish I could die
She told me
I wish you could die
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Happy lies(I, we, she her, my, our, Marionette's wife are one)She

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