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Lost and Insecure

Chapter 10
I twirled around and looked in the mirror as I waited for Sebastian to come pick me up. I was having dinner at his house and I was going to meet his parents. I was really nervous and I didn’t want to let it show, but it was really hard. Sebastian kept saying all day to just be myself and they’ll love me, but I just kept thinking about how they wanted him to be with Mackenzie, not me. The doorbell rang and I knew it was him so I grabbed everything I needed and then ran down stairs. My mom had already answered the door and she was talking to Sebastian.
“Bye mom.” I said, trying to signal her to stop talking to him.
“Bye sweetie, have a great time.” she said, and I ran out the door before she could say anything embarrassing. We got in the car and started driving to his house. I knew he was rich but when we pulled up to his house I wasn’t sure if it was a hotel or his house. He had a gate outside of his property and he had to put in a code. He also had a really long driveway that had trees with pink flowers all around the road. I looked around, amazed at what I was seeing. We pulled up in front of his house and I just stared out the window. Sebastian came to my door and opened it for me.
“It was my great grandfather’s house and then my grandpa added on. They’re doing some renovating in the back but it should be done by the summer.” He said, noticing that I was amazed.
“It’s beautiful.” I said.
“Thanks. I’m kind of bored of it though. I mean you may think it’s big but I’ve known the ins and outs of this house since I was five.”
“It must have been fun when you were younger though; always bringing new friends over so you can impress them.”
“No, I never really bring people over here. I used to try and keep it a secret till Mackenzie opened her big mouth. She lives right next door.”
“That’s sweet.” I said.
“We better get inside. My parents are eager to meet you.” My stomach started to knot but I just tried my best to ignore it. Sebastian held my hand as we walked up the stairs and inside. As soon as we closed the door his parents ran into the room. “Mom, Dad, this is my girlfriend Bailey.” Sebastian said. Girlfriend?  That sounded nice.
“Hello Bailey, it’s very nice to meet you.” His dad said shaking my hand.
“It’s nice to meet you too.” I said. His mom kind of stood to the side and didn’t say much and I was starting to get the feeling that it was because of Mackenzie. His mom was probably the one pushing him to date her. I really didn’t care though. As long as he didn’t listen to her, I’m fine. We walked into the kitchen and sat down for dinner. Everything was good during dinner. Sebastian’s parents asked me about my life and I told them everything they could know. They also told me about a couple of things I didn’t know like that Sebastian had a younger brother and a younger sister. They were at their grandparent’s house right now but they would probably be home by the time we are finished eating. I was actually kind of excited because I loved kids, but confused as to why he never told me. That’s not one of those things you just forget. I didn’t want to overthink it because this was all so perfect. I loved him and he loved me, and I didn’t want things to get messed up. As we finished up I tried to help his mom as much as I could but she just pushed me away. It’s weird but she kind of reminds me of girls like Mackenzie and Dylan. She’s not as straight forward as they would be but she’s still a lot like them. She’s one of those girls you just don’t want to mess with. Sebastian came over and grabbed my arm. He pulled me over and we sat down on the couch.
“She gets like that sometimes.” He whispered in my ear. I smiled and then the door opened. Sebastian’s little sister and brother ran into the room and jumped on Sebastian. Before they got away he sat them down and introduced them to me. “Mason this is my girlfriend Bailey, Bailey this is Mason.” He said.
“It’s nice to meet you Mason.” I said in a soft baby Voice. He smiled and then got up and ran away.
“And Isabella this is Bailey, Bailey this is Isabella.”
“Hi Isabella.” I said. She just kind of looked at me for a minute and then she smiled and hugged me. “They are so adorable.” I said as Isabella ran to Mason and they started playing together.
“Thank you. I better get you home though.” Sebastian said as he stood up from the couch. He walked over and grabbed his keys as I went and said thank you and goodbye to his parents. We got into his car and drove down his long driveway. Sebastian held my hand and we sat in silence. Not in the awkward kind of silence but the satisfied kind of silence. We were both satisfied with what happened and what was happening. I couldn’t as for things to go any better, and I don’t think Sebastian would either.

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Lost and Insecure Chapter 10 I twirled around and looked in the

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