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1055 faves · 90 comments · Feb 1, 2012 3:29pm






whitesunshine · 1 decade ago
i dont know what to say.. honey, i wish i could say i understand.... but the truth is no one can understand what ur going through....... wow, ur so strong for wanting to keep the baby..... i admire u so much. u truly are an inspiration nfor me and all the witty girls... the beautiful baby ur carrying is so lucky to have a mum like u........ and, i bet its going to be so proud of u cos i am..... this world is lucky to have in it....... stay strong and amazing..... remember.. u have to stay strong for ur baby and....... him.
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Smarie · 1 decade ago
no one else will really understand what your going through. people think because your pregnant your a . and that your stupid for not getting an abortion. people talk behind my back all the time about how dumb i am for not getting an abortion and that having a baby is going to ruin my life. their the dumb ones,because being a parent is going to be the best experience of our lives,and people who dont see that,they have real problems. dont listen to what anyone else says,stay strong and keep your head up. im always here to listen if you want to vent,as a fellow pregnant teen. :P <3
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thinkpink3 · 1 decade ago
1000 fave! ;)
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AlyssaJob7 · 1 decade ago
I am inspired by you! Stay strong! And good luck with the lovely little baby you are going to have!
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Pimp_lover229 · 1 decade ago
you aren't a tramp you're a girl who didn't know any better and your saving a life for keeping the baby, I think thats the best part about it, and i would to since my boyfriend is dead and this was his baby
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killaluvsyou18970 · 1 decade ago
i hope the kid comes out health and strong! stay strong. don't listen to anyone. you do you.
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duncann98 · 1 decade ago
Those people are so disrespectful! Your quotes are inspiring, and amazing. Being still "in a relationship" is amazing. Keep it like that. Please. He'll never be able to accept it again. Stay strong.
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Magzz_forever44 happy birthday! · 1 decade ago
Dont listen to haters! And btw Facebook= negative haters without a life. witty= your sisters who will always b here for u:)
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4x3ever · 1 decade ago
Stay strong! Those negative people don't understand your's and his love. And they never will. God Bless you and your baby.♥
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lostlover27 · 1 decade ago
D*mn girl! I am SO amazed and inspired by you! if someone really has the nerve to say sh*t like that..? F*ck 'em. You are amazing. I think it's so sweet and amazing wha tyou did for your bf. He's still with u, and w/th baby..it's God's way of saying he lways will be. I don't believe in abortion unless it's for a health problem. you'd be destroying a huge part of you! PLEASE stay on Witty! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!
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sam* · 1 decade ago
I support your choice :) what do you plan on naming him?
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mikala_baby · 1 decade ago
dont listen to those . you are right to keep your baby abortion is terrible. its murder. a baby is not a "fetus" a baby is a baby. a baby is a human being from the time you figure out your pregnent. im praying for you and your baby <3
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CaptainJackSparrow · 1 decade ago
stay strong, you can do it.
good luck with the baby! :)
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vannessa245 · 1 decade ago
I think this is the sweetest thing i have ever heard.. Im happy that ur status was in a relationship becuz hes still with you inside
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beelynng · 1 decade ago
I don't know you, but people are just rude. I've read your quotes & they inspire me a lot! No one is worthless and people are idiots and have to have to complain about. Keep your head up and know that your boyfriend is watching over you. I know I don't know you, but if you need someone to talk to, just comment on my profile of something :)
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espoir00 · 1 decade ago
please dont leave witty!
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monsterr · 1 decade ago
I don't think i've ever respected anyone more than i respect you. You are not worthless, a tramp or any of what those bastards said. You are amazing, to me. I honestly can never do what you did; you are the strongest person on witty.
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vivo515 · 1 decade ago
you are amazing, don't listen to others because you are beautiful on the inside and out and you are inspiring. keep looking up and never let them put you down.
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foreverurs · 1 decade ago
Ur amazing girlie don't let anyone.anyone tell u. otherwise and this baby is an incredible thing. And anyone tht tells u otherwise is a horrible person
Ur so brave
And i hope tht the baby is born beautiful and healthy.u deserve it. Good luck and if u ever need some support I'm here always :)
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xxoliviaxx226 · 1 decade ago
stay stong, you are sooo brave. <3 if you ever need smeone to talk to, im ALWAY here.
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