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Leslie and Alli * · 8 years ago
im so sorry they are so stupid!!!! you are beautiful and they are ugly pieces of crap who are jealous of you.dont listen to them. at least you aren't fake like they probably are.ask kyle to help you get back at them(if you think he will) maybe he really does like you?who knows. don't listen to them you are beautiful and you aren't fat they are retards. im so sorry. stay strong beautiful<3 im here to talk

carlislecullensdreamdaughter · 8 years ago
I'm so sorry, seriously screw those bit/hes. they have no life if they take so much time to stalk you and find you everywhere. And honestly i don't know what they are talking about, you are fu/king adorable! Stay strong and show those girls whose boss!!

PorkyPine · 8 years ago
Omg Im so sorry. Dont listen to them. Everything God makes is perfect, nd that includes you. Youre beautiful and dont let anyone tell you otherwise. :)

raquelpoo · 8 years ago
I'm really sorry.
That's such a dumb f-cking move.
You're beautiful & stay strong.

kelly* · 8 years ago
This was a really sad and cruel story. I mean like, I can't believe they tricked you to reveal your secret. They're seriously pathetic! I mean, they're seriously heartless. They're jealous. They probably just want to be just like you. That's why they hate. Just because they're jealous. Remember, stay strong darling, good luck! I hope the police tracks them down and arrests them & punches their guts out & I hope they end up in jail/prison. THEY deserve it ((:

psychosis* · 8 years ago
What a bunch of f//cking sociopaths.
I'm not even kidding, what kind of person doesn't realize (or care) how inherently wrong it is to hurt other creatures?
I'd call them c//nts, but they probably lack both the depth and the warmth.
I'm sorry you have to deal with their bullsh//t.
They're psycho.
You're awesome.

JustNodandSmile · 8 years ago
Don't worry. One day you'll be living in a big ol' city and all they're ever going to be is mean. Unless they grow those vital organs called hearts. ;)

jane :-)* · 8 years ago
I'm so sorry. some girls can be jerks.
if I were you, I'd confront them about it in front of a parent or adult. tell them that it's beginning to make you upset and ask them kindly to stop. it takes a lot of courage, but it's well worth it.
talk to their parents and your school principal about it, too.

good luck, love. and remember that you are none of those things that those girls are calling you. you are beautiful and thin and better than all of this.

Victoria13 · 8 years ago
I'm so sorry. Stay strong, and if you need to talk please, comment on my profile anytime

AerilynLilyoh · 8 years ago
I so sorry that these girls are doing this to you. They're the ones with no lives if they keep doing this to you. Only people who are insecure and have nothing better to do than make fun of someone are the ones with no lives. If I were you, I would just turn of my phone, computer, or whatever it is that they're using to get to you. They are obviously insecure in themselves and are probably jealous of you. The only time that I ever don't like a girl that I haven't talked to in years is because I'm jealous of them. It's so awful and sinful but I try to stop that attitude. I wish you the best with getting through this, if you ever need anything, I'm here to talk to. I've been through a lot so I might have a little bit of advice that might be helpful.

hey_its_mal · 8 years ago
I'm so sorry that this happened, those daughters of the devil can go suck my d.ck cos they have nothing better to do. Kyle doesn't deserve you, like seriously. You are strong, beautiful and amazing for keeping strong as you can <3 And hey, you can come live with me if you want to get away from those b.tches! It's pretty damn cold in Melbourne but ... who cares? Please, please, please don't think about them, don't think about something that I won't mention because it's scary </3 Just think about the friends that have stuck to you. Please stay strong. For me, for us, for everyone. xoxox Come talk to me if you need anything <3 <3

goawayanthony* · 8 years ago
stay strong stay strong stay strong stay strong
no, punch them and tell them to f/ck off c:

katie55 · 8 years ago
hey, I am so sorry. If you need to vent, to cry, to talk, anything, please come to me. Go to anyone on here. You don't have to go through this alone okay? Please keep going, pushing on, and staying strong. praying for you darling <3

poodlelomein35 · 8 years ago
You dot deserve that at all and I am so so sorry they are doing that. Reading this made me tear up because I am also incredibly insecure and don't know what I would do if anyone ever tried something like that on me. The fact that you have remained strong is amazing, always remember that you are absolutely gorgeous and you are the bigger person. I really hope this all works out and ends soon. Stay strong sweetie <33

bravevalkyrie · 8 years ago
Those people are so cruel, they have no right to say those awful things to you. You did everything right, cutting off their abilities to contact you and calling the police. I'm so sorry things got that bad. You are awesome and no one deserves that hate, let alone an awesome person like you! You will get through this and they will get their just deserts. It will get better. <3

amazed* · 8 years ago
Those are f.ucking b.itches that don't know what they're talking about. I'm not even kidding. Don't listen to them, obviously, they're just trying to get a rise out of you. DON'T LET THEM WIN. Please. I don't know if this will make things better, but feel free to give me their ask.fms so I can have a nice little chat with them :* Stay strong beautiful

omgiitsalyssiia · 8 years ago
you're beautiful, bxtches are cruel. Chin up girlll xoxoxo .<3

stellarflame* · 8 years ago
This is so f/cking cruel. They are bullies, for making you feel down about yourself, and pretending to be that guy. They are also cyber bullying you and that is not a good thing. I would call the police if I were you because they could get in big trouble for doing that to you, and remember that what they're saying isn't true. They are just trying to make themselves seem superior, and I believe you are a strong, beautiful girl who would be able to get through this xx

canyouseeme · 8 years ago
reading this makes me want to hunt them and others like them down and kill them by way of a slow, painful death. and you are really pretty seriously f__ck those b_tches.

heartofgold · 8 years ago
There's so much I want to say, but I have no idea how to say it. I know that whatever I say isn't going to change your mind but I still want to try. Okay, you're gorgeous and amazing and I'm being serious, I would do anything to look like you. I don't care that i don't actually know you but I love you and please, stay strong. Don't listen to them, do anything you can, block them, take down your ask fm, just find a way where you won't get any hate because it kills me when people feel like you do now. I'm being serious, please don't give up, I'm begging you, you're gorgeous and everything will get better soon, you just have to stay strong and pull through it, everything will get better in time.<3


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