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Chapter 3

I looked up to see Jeff walking behind me. "Well Jeff, if I was following you why are you behind me?" I winked at him and walked away towards my teacher. "Hi, I'm Bree." I said giving my teacher a bright smile.
"But of course! I'm Mr. Montgomery. It's the first day of the new semester so take a seat and you'll learn more. There's a seat in the back left corner if that's okay with you."
I smiled and nodded, "Great. Thanks," I said walking away. I walked into the row and in the second seat in the row next to mine was Jeff. I ignored him and walked towards the back. Mr. Montgomery taught English 11. We had to read To Kill A Mocking Bird and Antigone this semester. I had read those last year in my AP English 10 class. So it was going to be repetitive, boring. He handed the books down the row and then talked more about the semester. What felt like hours later the bell rang. I gathered up all my stuff and walked out. The rest of the day went by quickly, I was in my 7th hour class when a familiar face walked towards me.
"Well, Hi there." He said sitting down next to me.
I smiled, "Hey."
"So, you should give me your cell phone number." He said bluntly.
I gave him a look, "Why?" I asked.
"Because there's a bonfire tonight and people want you there so they can meet you." He said.
I leaned back and crossed my arm, "Oh. Why would they want me there?" I asked.
He smiled and let out a laugh, "Because you're hot. Now then princess, whats your number?" He said pulling out his phone.
I typed my number into his phone and then he shot me a text message. "Hey ;)".
"Winky face," I said, "Very original."
He laughed and then turned to face the teacher. Math. Boring, difficult, annoying, stressful.
He passed out books and told us our materials for the class. Time dragged on for hours when the final bell rang. I gathered up my stuff and walked accross the street into the junior lot. The hot valley sun was flashing down on my back. I threw my stuff into the back seat and turned the air conditioning on high and drove home.
When I got into my house, no one was home but there was a note from my step mom. "Dinners in the over for you. Sorry, emergency business trip. Your lunches are packed for the rest of the week and theres money in the cabinet. Love you lots xox Adrina."
I grabbed my food from the oven and sat in the lonely dark kitchen, I figured both of them would be out of town at some poimt. I was on my phone when someone called me, a number I didn't know.
"Hello?" I asked.
"Hey," I recognized Jeff's voice.
"Oh sorry. I forgot to put your name in my contacts." I said.
"It's no problem. Be ready at 7 tonight." He said.
"Why?" I asked.
"The f//cking bonfire."
"Oh. Yeah sure whatever, I'll be ready." I looked at the clock, 5:30. "I'm gonna go get ready. Text me how to get there."
"ok, bye." he said as the line went dead.
I went into my room and showered quickly. I left the shower and started doing my hair. At around 6:30 I checked my phone. He sent me directions and told me to wear a bathing suit. I finished up my hair then started getting ready. I put on a yellow, push up bathing suit top with white bottoms and studded, distressed jean shorts. I put on my white flip flops, grabbed a beach bag and some money, then locked my house and left. I followed the simple directions to the beach and got out. It was 7:15. "Hey you're late."

the title is going to come into play a lot in the next chapter.
sorry for not posting fast
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