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           People intrigue me. They way they move and how they speak. What they do when they're nervous or how the pronounce certain words. I'd always took an interest in it. I noticed, that when you're happy you always have this small smile playing on your lips and your laugh reaches the heavens. When you're nervous you drum your fingers against solid surfaces and you sigh deeply. When you're sad you hold my hand and play with my hair and talk about your dad before he got sick and your mom before her hair started graying. When you say "I love you." Your lips turn up at the end, almost like a smile, but not quite. When you hug me, you hold me like i'm your life line. I noticed the way you say simple words like theater and sunset. Your voice is warm and smooth. When you hum to the song i'm singing your voice sounds deep and I want to you to sing with me but you never do. When you trace my face with your fingers you look at me like you're a painter and i'm your work of art. I noticed the sharp breath you take everytime I brush my fingers through your hair and that beautiful look in your eyes when I whisper "I love you too." Maybe it's not people that intrigue me, maybe it's just you.
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People intrigue me. They way they move and how they speak. What

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