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Names of Some Boy Bands:
All Time Low
Maroon 5
One Direction (US)
Fall Out Boy
Secondhand Serenade
Owl City
One Direction (UK) 
All American Rejects
Boys Like Girls
Big Time Rush
Backstreet Boys
The Wanted
the one that gets 1,923,239,821 top quotes about them:
One Direction (UK)

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Names of Some Boy Bands:All Time LowMaroon 5One Direction (US)Fall

11 faves · 5 comments · Jul 1, 2012 11:32am






NYJKM6 · 1 decade ago
@mm1213, but still, all the other ones are an appropriate age and they are at least ex-boy bands.
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_g0ldenkiid* · 1 decade ago
Don't forget Mindless Behavior(:
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willowxoxo · 1 decade ago
All Time Low[:
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natalieeeroseee · 1 decade ago
umm not really haha they're popular, so what? that doesn't mean that those other bands aren't cared about i love Owl City too and One Direction UK
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xxLonelyLoverxx · 1 decade ago
I love Maroon 5.... I'd do anything to see quotes about them.
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