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Quotes added on Monday, April 8 2013

  1. ❤Kristinaa* ❤Kristinaa*
    posted a quote
    April 8, 2013 1:12am EDT
    I'm not one of the prettiest girls in school,
    Or the skinniest..
    I'm not the smartest kid in my class,
    or the most popular.
    I'm not very funny,
    or fun to be around.
    I'm not very nice,
    or honest.
    I'm not very sweet,
    or innocent.
    I'm not confident,
    I know my flaws.
    I'm not strong,
    I've lost hope.
    I'm judgemental,
    and a hipocrite.
    I pretend to feel pretty
    I pretend to feel smart
    I pretend to feel happy
    I pretend to feel anything...
    But the reality is, I don't feel anything.
    I feel nothing more than hurt and insecurities.
    I can't win,
    I can't forget.
    I've given up on this battle, I've given up on myself.
    I don't know what else to do, I just want it to be over.
    I am human, and I surrender..

  2. peacegirl270 peacegirl270
    posted a quote
    April 8, 2013 1:12am EDT
    Am I the only one seeing cats and Happy Birthday on the Witty banister when I scroll over it?

  3. MamaPanda MamaPanda
    posted a quote
    April 8, 2013 1:20am EDT
    Kiss My Forehead♥

  4. iloveu4ever51 iloveu4ever51
    posted a quote
    April 8, 2013 1:21am EDT
    Dangerous Chapter Twenty Five
    ♦ Lauren's P.O.V ♦
    Aden stood there tongue tied as he glanced at his dad and at me.I stood there too afraid that if I moved someone would attack me.Slowly I bowed my head and tears rolled down.I knew Aden wouldn't chose me he had barely even known me but I had understanded his pity so well.It hurted to see him in pain.It just did.Aden was now in a dilemma and I prayed that he chose well.If it was God's wish then it was.I couldn't fight destiny no matter how hard I try.
    "Chose Aden.Her or me?"The devil said now grinning at me.I felt replused by his smile and wondered what he was doing to Aden mentally.
    "Father but I-"He was cut off.
    "No Aden.Don't do this.Please I'm not worth it.Please..!"I begged with my eyes full of tears.
    "You better listen to that girl son she has some sense instead of running around the otherworld thinking she rules it."The devil said as he glared at me.
    "But Lauren I...."Aden trailed off looking at the ground.
    "Chose now!"The devil demanded.
    "You want me to chose?Then I'll chose you God damm evilness."Aden said breaking free and grabbing my hand.
    "Aden I..."I leaned against him then straightened up.
    "No father don't say anything now.You killed my mom in your revenge and for fun you feast on women.All these times you forced me to be on woman and now this?You want to take the love of my life away from me then you will have to fight."He said standing in front of me.
    "Aden I will fight beside you."I declared bravely standing next to him.
    The devil's face twisted as he seethingly said,"Aww so goody goody love.Too bad your going to die."
    He darted towards us as I punched him.We fought for awhile as the devil glared at me.Quickly Aden grabbed my hand as we dived in the portal.We landed in green fields as Aden landed on me.I opened my eyes to realize we were in Collen which was 10 miles near Abbot Hill.It was going to take a day at the most at foot if we tried but I was tired.I glanced at Aden who was in awe.
    "I can be in the sun.I ....did He forgive me?"He said.
    A shimmery golden-y light came as I saw a man standing there with a smile.I realized it was God who was there.
    Comment for a reminder.
    A/N:Hey guys thank you for first of all reading this but I need to say I might not write stories after this for awhile and it depends.I won't be on too much so I hope you understand.
    OOO seems like Lauren is getting a happy moment.Well not anymore.I'm here and I know everything.Your past and the future so you might as well give in b***h.For all I care is that you vanish forever.Seems like this girl isn't getting a fairytale ending.Don't forget the beast doesn't always hide.Kisses.-S

  5. julia* julia*
    posted a quote
    April 8, 2013 1:27am EDT
    "People think that you're like a car in a body shop.
    You go in,
    they fix you,
    and you're out,
    and you work like you're brand new.
    It doesn't work like that, you know?
    It takes constant fixing."
    Demi Lovato

  6. ElleG ElleG
    posted a quote
    April 8, 2013 1:43am EDT
    every girl
    will meet
    her prince

  7. marie1616 marie1616
    posted a quote
    April 8, 2013 1:44am EDT
    Music gets us through it all.

  8. MamaPanda MamaPanda
    posted a quote
    April 8, 2013 1:53am EDT
    In Sixth Grade Everyone Called Me Their "Mom",
    In Seventh I Became "Panda" && My Bestfriend "Bamboo"
    Two Days Later I Was "MamaPanda"
    && That's Stuck Through Till This Day, In My Friends Phones && On Facebook.
    That's Just My Name Now.

  9. xoxojas xoxojas
    posted a quote
    April 8, 2013 1:57am EDT
    If you truly love someone, it shouldn't matter what your friends think. <3

  10. posted a quote
    December 31, 1969 7:00pm EST
    This quote does not exist.

  11. MamaPanda MamaPanda
    posted a quote
    April 8, 2013 2:01am EDT
    Yes Times Have Changed...
    Definitely Not For The Better.
    && I've Seen The Kids Younger Than Me...
    Its Only Getting Worse.
    Unless We Change It Now.

  12. sheviee98 sheviee98
    posted a quote
    April 8, 2013 2:14am EDT
    I'm not fat

  13. absent * absent *
    posted a quote
    April 8, 2013 2:31am EDT
    These are kinda fun :D
    A. Put your music player on shuffle
    B.) Press forward for each question.
    C.) Use the song title as the answer to the question.
    D.) NO CHEATING!!!
    1.) How am I feeling today?
    Caught Like A Fly by Falling In Reverse
    2.) Where will I get married?
    Crushcrushcrush (live) by Paramore
    3.) What is my best friend's theme song?
    Feeling Sorry (Acoustic) by Paramore
    4.)What is school like?
    This by Ed Sheeran
    5.) What is the best thing about you?
    Heart Attack by One Direction
    6.) How is today going to be?
    We Are Who We Are by Little Mix
    7.) What is in store for this weekend?
    A Party Song (The Walk Of Shame) by All Time Low
    8.) What song describes your parents?
    Lego House by Ed Sheeran
    9.) How is my life going?
    Falling Asleep On A Stranger by Pierce The Veil
    10.) What song will they play at my funeral?
    I'm not okay (I promise) by My Chemical Romance
    11.) How does the world see me?
    Conspiracy by Paramore
    12.) What do my friends really think of me?
    Riot! By Cher Lloyd
    13) Who absolutly loves me?
    Yeah Boy And Doll Face by Pierce The Veil
    14.) How can I make myself happy?
    When It Rains by Paramore
    15.) What should I do with my life?
    My Number One by Paramore
    16.) Will I ever have children?
    Hello Cold World by Paramore
    17.) What is some good advice?
    Bad Influence by P!nk
    18.) What do I think my current theme song is?
    Decoy (live) by Paramore
    19.) What does everyone else think my current theme song is?
    Ignorance (acoustic) by Paramore
    20.)What type of men do you like?
    My Heart Is Broken by Evanescence
    21.) Will you get married?
    Haunted by Evanescence
    22.) What should I do with my love life?
    Sink or Swim by Falling In Reverse
    23.) Where will you live?
    Never Go Back by Evanescence
    24.) What will your dying words be?
    London Beckoned Songs About Money Written By Machines by Panic! At The Disco
    25.) What is your situation at school?
    Atlantis by Ellie Goulding
    26.) Who is your crush?
    It's All Your Fault by P!nk
    27.) How do you react to rejection?
    Lose Yourself by Eminem
    28.) How will high school be?
    Same Love (feat. Mary Lambert) by Macklemore
    29.) Life Story?
    Return The Favour by All Time Low
    30.) What was your last relationship like?
    The Piano Knows Something I Don't by Panic! At The Disco
    31.) What was your best relationship like?
    Cassie by Flyleaf
    32.) What you want to do right now?
    Summer Love by One Direction
    33.)What happened to your life?
    U.N.I by Ed Sheeran
    34.) Song to play at your wedding?
    Fences by Paramore
    nmq, credit to caoimhs289, I just changed the answers to my own

  14. Ethanol Ethanol
    posted a quote
    April 8, 2013 2:40am EDT
    "You speak another language? Teach me all the swear words!"

  15. posted a quote
    December 31, 1969 7:00pm EST
    This quote does not exist.

  16. heartini heartini
    posted a quote
    April 8, 2013 2:56am EDT
    "Love is a decision, it is a judgment, it is a promise. If love were only a feeling, there would be no basis for the promise to love each other forever. A feeling comes and it may go. How can I judge that it will stay forever, when my act does not involve judgment and decision."

  17. EmilyxLovesxU EmilyxLovesxU
    posted a quote
    April 8, 2013 2:58am EDT
    I knew he didn't love me,
    but I loved him anyway.

  18. EmilyxLovesxU EmilyxLovesxU
    posted a quote
    April 8, 2013 3:08am EDT
    We talked today,
    For the first time in weeks
    And I thought
    Maybe someday
    We could be Friends again?
    Then I stopped being an idiot
    And realised
    I could never again
    Be just friends
    with you...

  19. heartini heartini
    posted a quote
    April 8, 2013 3:13am EDT
    "i'm a little bit naked, but that's okay." :)

  20. posted a quote
    December 31, 1969 7:00pm EST
    This quote does not exist.

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