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Status: I'm alive and I'm happy.Never let someone control your happiness.I took charge and made my life the best.

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ok so we're starting like this:i write songs =] and if u ask me wat my fav music or singer is well i like them all any music with real meaning is gold but  i have a fav  instrument:guitar and  drums.im also more of a cat person but all animals r cool so*shrugs* dont judge me -thx 4 reading this

"Good luck is a sham.True sucess requires sacrifice."-Nemesis in Mark of Athena

"You're always off better with a really good lie."-Allison DiLaurentis

"We're your friends;We're not your punching bag ."-Aria Montgomery

"You know how I feel about hope.It breeds enternal misery."-Spencer Hastings

"I'm really tired of everyone treating me like I'm made out of glass."-Emily Fields

"I didn't come here to play beauty shop."-Hanna Marin

"I rather have confidence than a beautiful body."-Me

Am currently writing Hidden the sequel to Dangerous and you readers out there I am thinking of making this a trilogy called The Secret Curse Trilogy.Updates on if I will be writing this will be posted.Just leave a comment if you want reminders please thank you for reading my stories.

 People who get reminders on my stories          Stories I have written
Cupycakes                                                                           The Change
TheSkeleton584                                                                   Sick
Zoeboe                                                                                  Dangerous


  1. iloveu4ever51 iloveu4ever51
    posted a quote
    November 1, 2013 12:46am UTC
    Sometimes loving just hurts.

  2. iloveu4ever51 iloveu4ever51
    posted a quote
    November 1, 2013 12:41am UTC
    I miss so many things.Sometimes I wished that I can only live the good memories.

  3. iloveu4ever51 iloveu4ever51
    posted a quote
    July 30, 2013 3:56pm UTC
    Hidden Chapter Eleven
    ♥ Ellie ♥
    Those horrifying texts were haunting all of us and now my mind was trying to calculate it's way out.Jenelle and her friends might know something and her two diaries did show that she knew something.I called Abbey and Savannah for an emergency meeting because we couldn't just sit here and wait for our lives to end."What are we going to do?"Abbey said.
    "Whoever they are going to be killed if we find them."I leaded on with a confident voice.
    "I think we should finish Alli off.She could be doing this as a revenge and faking to be in coma."Savannah suggested.
    "Don't be foolish.Who fakes being in coma for 14 years?"I said.
    "We need to find this person quick and make a deal to shut them up."I noted.
    "Yeah you can say it but I don't think we can actually do it."Abbey annoyingly added.My frustration level grew as I put my hands around her throat.
    "Or maybe you need to be killed you sl!t !"I screamed.
    Abbey whimpered but still didn't complain,"Please I'll do whatever you want."
    I smiled evilly then added,"You better or you know..."With one gesture I took a knife to her throat as she bobbled her head like a doll."Well now that's all settled Abbey you will "use" Mark and get information from the hospital on how Alli's doing and who's seeing her."
    Savannah chimed in,"What do I do Elli?"
    "You keep an eye on Alyssa."I commanded.
    "Right."Savannah added with a final note and left.For some reason I couldn't trust Savannah so when she left I descreetly I casted a spell to see where Alyssa was.She was tucked into a bed with Zach holding her hand.When the view closed up I saw she had scratchs on her body as blood rolled down her head.In a flick of motion I appeared near the house.With a victorious smile I walked towards the house and rang the bell.
    Zach swung the door as I stepped in."Elli there is actually something wrong.Alyssa has some injuries and it's just that I..?"He made me follow him even though I knew his house even if I was blindfolded.In slow motion I walked towards her and grabbed her hand to make it look like I was checking her pulse.Out of nowhere her recent memories came flooding back to me.I came back to reality knowing Alyssa wanted to commit suicide just like I thought."Zach she's suicidal, she was for a long time.I think I need to take her to the mental asylum.I closed my eyes and conjured my car outside as I lifted Alyssa.I admitted her to the mental hospital knowing I had stopped the girls
    Did you miss me?Hmm I think you should know you can't shut the girls up forever.I know what you did and I'll tell them if you don't tell them.And if the police asks for evidence then....
    ♥ M ♥
    I clicked on the link which made me stare at it.A video of all of us hurting Alli was shot as my face turned pale.Whoever this person was knew and they weren't afraid.Could M be out there right now watching me?I shook my shoulders and stood up taller just to let them know I couldn't be broken.With casual steps I walked in the coffee shop to order some soothing tea to calm my jangled nerves.Two cops sat next to me as I spoke up."Hello Officer Dan and Officer Tom."
    "Hello to you too Elli and how are you doing?"Officer Dan said.
    "Good how's work?"I asked.Now I felt someone's hand on my thighs giving me a delicous feeling.I stared at Dan as he smiled to me."Excuse me Officer's I need to go back to work."
    "Well it was nice seeing you Elli."Officer Dan said as Officer Tom just stared at his coffee.Being around the cops gave me a creep as I wished James was here.That fool thought the S team helped orignzations which was half true since we did offer money to many Suicide Prevention programs but the S team was really about controlling the world.I dressed up quickly and made myself vanish to the FBI awards handed in Italy.When I arrived the sights and smell was always flowing around like crazy but I loved Italy.Most of the times I didn't bring my weapons but this time I brought them since I had a bad feeling.You would think FBI agent's stay hidden don't they?If you decide to leave then they manipulate your mind to forget some things but not all.I was in charge luckily.
    "Welcome agents from all of the world we're here at the 36th annual award cermony."Danielle said.
    Alix from the band Ghost Town also spoke up,"Remember folks after this we can have the FBI agent party of the year."
    "That's right Alix but this time no parties at the graveyard."Danielle joked.
    "Not this time but maybe next time.After all even the dead want to crash a party if they can."Alix joked back as the crowd laughed.
    "We will have Amy Lee and Harmony presenting the Best Female of the Year award."Danielle finished as a huge applause thundered across the stage until Amy walked in.Her black gown skirted around her as she had black leather gloves on.Next to her Harmony wore a green gown as she flashed a smile.In her hand she had a white paper that made us lean towards the edge in anticipation.
    Amy spoke up,"First of all thank you for having us it's a great honor.And now the nominees of Best Female Agent of the Year awards are:Ellie Whiteld,Audrey Hastings,Hannah Morrow and Agnes Ilenne."
    Harmony added,"The Best Female Agent award goes to.....Ellie Whiteld!
    I got up to the stage as everyone roared and cheered.Alli was nothing and I was everything."Thank you everyone for giving me this award.I can't believe I was even nominated for this but I was.I hope to be the best I can be and serve for the better good."Fire broke out and everyone screamed for a weapon to smack a lurking villian but no one could find anything with the thick layer of carbon monoxide.I manage to make it outside as the whole thing blew up in fire and ash.I looked at my phone to see a text message.
    You'll be in jail for what you've done and congrats on getting the Worst Female Agent award.Cheers!
    ♥ M ♥
    A/N: Another ending with thousands of questions.Is M good or bad?What about Alyssa?Will she remember anything?I guess we'll have to wait until the next chapter and until next time thanks for reading.

  4. iloveu4ever51 iloveu4ever51
    posted a quote
    July 29, 2013 11:23pm UTC
    "I love you."Ember whispered,frowning at the strange echo she thought she'd heard.Until she realized that Barrow had whispered the same words in her ear within the same breath she'd spoken them.
    From Rise

  5. iloveu4ever51 iloveu4ever51
    posted a quote
    July 29, 2013 10:30pm UTC
    "Caution does not bespeak cowardice."-Cian from Rise

  6. iloveu4ever51 iloveu4ever51
    posted a quote
    July 29, 2013 10:22pm UTC
    "Fears holsd more sway than honor."-Jerome from Rise

  7. iloveu4ever51 iloveu4ever51
    posted a quote
    July 29, 2013 10:17pm UTC
    "The road to he// is paved with good intentions."-Saint Bernad of Clairvaux

  8. iloveu4ever51 iloveu4ever51
    posted a quote
    July 24, 2013 10:35pm UTC
    Hidden Chapter Ten
    ♥ Alyssa ♥
    A blue fog swirled around as I stumbled my way to freedom.Blood was matted on my forehead as sweat poured on my back.Someone wanted me dead.Where could I go?Whispers floated to me as I crumped to my knees.It felt like poison was filling me as a major headache pounded on me.Time was running out and I couldn't do anything.A screen filled the air as Alli's face popped up."Alyssa listen to me.Fight! Fight back!"Alli screamed."Fight Alyssa you can't lose.You can't-"My breath started fading away as I could feel myself leaving.
    Something inside of me told that they were important but who could help me?Avery did train a lot to become the lead FBI agent.Sadly it caused a huge rift between Jenelle and Avery since they were both wanting to be the lead FBI agent.I dialed Avery's number and it went straight to voicemail. I called Jenelle and after couple of moments she picked it up,"Hey what's up?'
    "Jenelle I've been having weird dreams.I seriously need to meet up with you.Can I have a sleepover at your house?"I asked.
    She sighed and wearily said,"I'm in Paris."
    "Why?"I asked.
    "My mom thinks I've gone crazy but a lot has happened.Need to explain some things to you."Jenelle said." I'm coming over don't tell anyone."She added and hung up.Sometimes I didn't get Jenelle and it seems like something rattled her badly.If something happened to Jenelle then it was bad.A whirlwind appeared as I coughed.Jenelle looking very normal like stepped towards me and I hugged her.
    "How did you do that?"I asked.
    "It's magic and so many things have happened."Jenelle replied.In her arm she had to navy color notebooks as we plopped ourselves on my bed.
    "You start."I said.
    "I was jogging and I found these two diaries in my way.When I opened it I realized it was about a girl name Jenny who had a boyfriend name Hunter."Jenelle said."Jenny was suicidal and in the end it had an entry of her knowing something.I think someone was out to hurt her to like us."
    "Whoa whoa whoa who would try to hurt us?"I asked.
    "Have you been getting texts from a person called M?"Jenelle nervously replied.
    "No but I have been getting creepy dreams."I told her.Jenelle showed her blackberry that had text messages from M.
    "No we can't let this end us.Jenny died but we can't."I said.
    "What about your dreams?"Jenelle said.I quickly told a summary of my dream as her face remained calm but I knew she was analyzing the situation."We need to find out about Alli and Jenny.Maybe something in the past will help us.I'll look for M in Paris and can you help look up info on Alli and Jenny?"
    "Sure but when am I seeing you again?"I asked.
    "I'll leave a message."She said and vanished in a whirlwind.
    "What's up honey?"Dad asked.
    I spoke up,"Dad do you know anyone name Jenny or Alli?"
    Dad's face froze then he released his breath."I don't anyone the name of Jenny or Alli."
    "Oh okay thanks dad."I said and he left in a weird motion.Something about my dad was suspicious so I decided to follow him.
    Mom spoke up,"I didn't do anything okay? That's was 14 years ago.Alli's in coma and you can't do anything about it got it?You're mine and Alyssa was just an accident."
    "How can you say that?"Dad said as I felt tears on my face."Listen to me we can't do anything about this.Elli controls her dreams and we can't do anything.How are you with her?"
    "Just like you aren't.I know you lied about knowing Alli.What are you going to do about that when she figures that out?"Mom shouted back as an eeire silence fell across the hall.I walked away as I tried muffling my tears.Mom's words echoed in my mind and I realized I was just an accident.She never loved me.Even dad doesn't love me.
    I called Jenelle and told her everything.For a moment it was silent then she said,"We need more leads.Maybe it's just a concidence that she that.One thing can't prove anything at all."
    I straightened up and noticed she was right.I needed couple more to prove mom was guilty.Maybe dad did love me but was forced to lie.
    Without thinking I took a shower and decided to check any hospitals nearby if they have a patient name Allison.Once mom and dad left I grabbed my phone and called the nearest hospital.The voice said,"Hello this is Mayflower Hospital how may I help you?"
    I gulped nervously then in wheezing voice said,"Is there an Allison at your hospital?"
    The nurse replied,"Why yes of course we have a patient name Allison McCall."With a fast reflex I grabbed a car and drove to the Mayflower Hospital.Luckily no one caught me as I tried to calmly walk in.None of the nurses glanced at me as I headed towards the front desk.
    "Hello can I see Allison McCall?"I asked.The nurse nodded then handed a sign in sheet.I opened to the page and saw dad's neat signature every Saturday.I signed in and walked towards her room trying to look confident.When I strolled in I saw a pale women with soft brown hair as she looked completely relaxed.Next to her stood my dad who was clutching her hand like it was the end of his life."Tell me why.Tell me everything.Who was she?What was her story?"I replied in a monotone voice.As he told me the story my sorrow turned to rage.I didn't know how cruel my dad and my mom were but were they like this now?Could they be sending me the dreams and giving threatening text messages to Jenelle?How could he?"You are not my father.How could you lie to me? You are a monster that has replaced my dad.When you find some dignity to do right to the wrong you have done then find me."
    Before I left his eyes were pleading with me as Alli's hand tightened around his hands.I jumped in the car and drove around manically until I crashed the car purposely.Any normal person would hide if they thought it was a kidnapper but I trudged to the voice hoping they think I was an animal and shot me.A figure came and then I saw Zach."What are you doing here Alyssa?Are you okay?"He asked.My world seemed to be tilted as gray clouds swarmed to me.I could feel Zach catching me.
    A/N:Heartbreaking isn't it? Alyssa's whole life changed but is Jace really being M?How did Zach find her there?Are these girls being paranoid or is history repeating itself?Until next time we'll find out the answers to our questions.

  9. iloveu4ever51 iloveu4ever51
    posted a quote
    July 22, 2013 4:36pm UTC
    Hidden Chapter Nine
    ♥ Jenelle ♥
    My head felt like it was burning on fire as my eyes creaked.I glanced at my leg to see it was wrapped in a cast as I winced.The nurse looked at me and gave me a friendly smile.Slowly I took a deep breath and took in the horrible smell of antispetics as the nurse laughed."Well you're awake now and how are you feeling?"the nurse asked me.
    "Uh as good as you can feel wearing a cast."I joked as he laughed.
    "Well how old are you anyways?"He said trying to maintain conversation.
    "I'm 14 you?"I replied.
    "I'm 16 and I'm helping the doctor around."He said.
    "Cool I guess this is the weirdest way of getting to know you since I'm in a cast."I said.The door flung open and spoiled the happy mood you can have in a hospital.My mom who looked like she was going to slap the nurse sat next to me.
    "How are you feeling Jenelle?"My mom asked.I wondered if she was actually asking me in concern or was the money rising for me to be able to stay here?
    "I'm good mom I believe it'll take just a couple weeks for me to get better."I added.
    "Couple weeks!?"My mom said shocked then added,"But your tennis match is in 2 weeks and college scouts are coming."
    "Mom I can't do that now.Not with my injury."I said.
    "We'll discuss this later while I get your papers so you can leave."My mom briskly said then walked out like no one can stop her.It was true though since her becoming head FBI agent always put a strain on me.
    .The guy nurse spoke up,"Man that is one tough mom and college scouts are looking for you now?"
    "Well my mom has some contact with the college scouts so I can try to get an early scholarship."I informed.
    He whistled then said,"Well I'm Leon and you my friend need to be free."
    "I guess."I said checking my hair to see if it was perfect.
    "So you want me to drop by later at your house?"He asked.
    "Sure."I scrawled my address on a peice of paper.He smiled as I hobbled towards the restroom to change.
    My mom had met me and stared at the ground while I knew I was making her feel ashamed so I walked past her to act like I wasn't her daughter.Sometimes it felt natural but other times I wish my mother acknowledged me even during the bad times not just when I win a tennis match.We got in the car in silence as mom turned around."I can't you believe you did this.You better fix up your problem or else I'm facing the consquences for you."My mom cruelly said as I blinked back tears.
    "But mom please try to understand me someone's trying to-"I was cut off as she picked off her phone motioning me to shut up.My blackberry phone beeped that said I had one new text message.
    Poor Jenelle mommy's upset.
    But I'm on my way to bet
    That you're going to die
    If you stop lying.
    ♥ M ♥
    I looked around wondering if this was a prank or if it was real.Whoever this person was they couldn't stop me from finding the truth.My mom hung up and turned around to give me a bone chilling look.Did she know?When I heard my mom tapping away on the computer I got up and pressed a button.My room whirled for a minute then switched to all blue and purple.Thousands of books were lying around as I walked towards the center and waved my hands.I waved in a certain manner as a large book that had dust on it floated in front of me.I turned to the page to heal my injury at a faster rate so no one would notice me walking the next day.I spoke up,"Alla Ez Mariz"
    "Jenelle!"Someone shouted my name.
    My room turned to normal as I opened my notebook to look very casual.My desk was piled with tons of homework as I started organizing it."Come in."I said.
    Leon walked in."Whatcha doing?"
    "How did you get here so fast?"I asked.
    "Let me show you."He started making a circle using his finger as a whirlwind formed and moved him to another side of my room.
    My eyes widened as I said,"You have powers too?"
    "Shouldn't be surprising since I know you do too."He said.
    I smiled then said,"Wanna go get some ice cream?"
    "Sure he said."We walked out not caring what my mom said as we headed towards an ice cream shop.As we walked towards the ice cream shop Leon informed me of his powers and how he was training with a guy name Alex.
    I spoke up after he finished his story,"Can I join you?"
    "Sure who's your mentor?"He asked.
    "Uh well I kinda teached myself."I awkwardly added.
    He widened his eyes then said,"What! That's incredible!"
    "I ...uh thanks."I felt myself blush as some familar noise caught my attention.
    "Again the noise came and this time it was louder.I couldn't bear it as someone grabbed my arm.There stood my mom who wore a black pencil skirt,black high heels and a professional navy blazer.Her face had pure anger as her grip went into my skin.Leon who was next to me froze in fear and surprise as I couldn't help it but give a little whine."Let's go Jenelle."My mom said.She commanded and dragged me off.Leon looked helpless as I tried walking normal so no one saw me."You're going to a rehab in Paris,France."She said in a monotone voice.
    "What!"I shouted.
    "Don't use that tone with me Jenelle.I saw your diary and your artbook.What I saw will be a disgrace to me.You can't talk to anyone or tell anyone where you will be.If you come back then we'll have plans of your college but right now I am ashamed you are my daughter."My mom said. Beside everything else were two extra navy color notebooks.In a flash I realized those were Jenny's notebooks and my mom thought Leon was Hunter.My phone beeped again meaning that I had a new text message.
    I told mommy Jenelle.
    You're crazy antics are nothing but lies.
    You think you can get away.
    But don't try to hide.
    Paris has another one of me.
    Watch out since you just might be vanishing.
    ♥ M ♥
    A/N:Sorry for taking so long I always end up wanting to get the chapters perfect so hopefully you like this.History is making a repeat and is Elli(Jenelle's mom) going crazy or is someone or something pushing her?

  10. iloveu4ever51 iloveu4ever51
    posted a quote
    July 13, 2013 9:54pm UTC
    "Try not to become a man of sucess but a man of value."-Albert Einstein

  11. iloveu4ever51 iloveu4ever51
    posted a quote
    July 13, 2013 3:34pm UTC
    "The more difficulties one has to encounter,within and without,the more significant and the higher in inspiration his life will be."-Horace Bushnell

  12. iloveu4ever51 iloveu4ever51
    posted a quote
    July 13, 2013 3:27pm UTC
    "Remember wear what you want to wear and say what you want to say.Just walk out there and own it because no one will notice if you are not wearing the latest trends.What matters is that you have confidence."-Me

  13. iloveu4ever51 iloveu4ever51
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    July 13, 2013 3:25pm UTC
    "What I've learned is that it doesn't matter if you're good at the thing you love doing.What matters is the passion and fun you have creating it."-Me

  14. iloveu4ever51 iloveu4ever51
    posted a quote
    July 13, 2013 3:23pm UTC
    "Honestly people shouldn't look at magazines to dress themselves.Fashion is art and anyone can create art.You can use the magazines as helping guide to create your outfits but the real thing is that can you dress in things you like and show it off with confidence?"-Me

  15. iloveu4ever51 iloveu4ever51
    posted a quote
    July 12, 2013 1:26am UTC
    Hidden Chapter Eight
    ♥ Calista ♥
    The wolves gleaming teeth gave a chill down my spine as I tried backing away.My hands were covered in fresh brown dirt that surpringly felt relaxing.Their fur was matted with sweat as I saw in their golden eyes that I was done for.Time seemed to stop as my defenses weakened when I saw one of the wolves jump on me.Then in a flash I tried fighting back as much as I can but it was useless.My body had cuts all over as my blood seeped through my pale dress.My hair was standing in different strands as I could hear them talk.
    Let's take her to the leader.
    No we must finish her.
    We can't! She has the Irish blood which means she is our ruler.
    Well then.
    Now I started to wonder if I was hallucinating but maybe it's just me.Out of nowhere the wolf came to me and nudged me.I patted it and let it know that I was no new danger.They all bowed to me as I smiled.With amble feet I grabbed my belonging and left as they gave me an acknowledging look.I know,I know it's weird but I think maybe taming the wolves were my thing or something.
    As my vision started going in circles I felt to the ground and gave into the glorious slumber.
    I couldn't open my eyes but I swear something wet was running down my thighs.I felt like I was on fire but it felt sooo good.My chest opened as my breathing quickened with an uneven pace.It was a thrill and I didn't know how I felt.I heard a guy speak up in the distant.
    "Hey man look at this girls thighs they're juicy."The guy chuckled as I felt someone was picking me up.
    I felt a searing hot touch as I felt someone licking me from the inside.My eyes opened up as I punched the guy.
    He laughed then said,"Oh! That hurts!"
    "Well you know what you shouldn't touch a girl when she's unconcious."I spat out.
    "Hey man your 18 I like your body so I can do whatever I want."The guy said laughingly.
    "I'm 14 you know that right?"I said.
    "Sh!** we had no idea but we're still keeping you darling."He put a tape around me and took me to an old dump of a cabin.If he wanted to kill me then couldn't he have atleast made it pretty?Well then I guess death sure has an ugly face.
    "If you're going to kill me then just do it."I said boringly.
    "Oh no we're gonna use you in ever way."The guy said.
    "What's your name?"I asked.
    "Blake honey."He said dripping the words as he tied me.
    He took his black shirt off and showed off his 6 packs.The golden tan on him accentuated his eyelashes which were amazing.Something inside of me shuddered.Slowly he took his shorts off and took my shirt off too.I struggled under his grip as he rubbed me in all the wrong places.Just then he laughed and walked away.I was left there feeling stupid and useless.Just like mom guys only wanted to use me not love me.
    I started crying not caring my makeup was being ruined as he padded back in.
    "Hey darling what's wrong?"He asked softly in an drawl.
    "Everything."I sputtered as he let me go to put my shirt on.I knew there was no chance of me escaping since everything was locked.His eyes held sorrow as I held his gaze.
    "Tell me slowly and whatever you want."He said genty.
    "I can't! You can't know! You freaking almost tried r*ping me!"I screamed.
    When I was done my face was red as he walked away.My eyes began to be drowsy as he sat next to me brushing my hair away.Slowly and gently I felt a little peice of my heart being filled up with something I can't explain.
    Was it possible to like your kidnapper/r*pist?
    A/N:Another chapter and sorry for making it short.I think this might be a filler chapter since more things are coming up.Night has come now but will Abbey be safe? What about Jenelle and her life being on the line? Alyssa and Avery are out of the danger zone but will their hearts be out of the danger zone too?It's all Hidden and secrets will only be revealed in time.

  16. iloveu4ever51 iloveu4ever51
    posted a quote
    July 11, 2013 4:23pm UTC
    Hidden Chapter Seven
    ♥ Avery ♥
    My eyes opened up slowly almost like they had huge rocks on top of them as I took notice of the pure blinding white walls in the hospital.No wonder people became blind then again I'm sure the doctors here are lazy and the nurses are sl***.I lifted myself up slowly to make sure I didn't fall on the floor since that would sure make a great news cover.Imagine it! 14 year old girl screams at doctor then trips.I'm pretty sure everyone would be laughing till they die and I'll be stuck with an annoying a** old person.Don't get me wrong old people can fun but sometimes they just make you want to choke yourself.
    A doctor walked in with a clipboard as he smiled when he saw me.
    "Good morning Avery."He flashed his strikingly white teeth.
    "Do you honestly think anyone gets a good morning waking up to a pure white hospital?"I sassily said.
    "Well you are released today to go with your Aunt Lily."The doctor replied in a lightheart tone which made me hate him even more.
    "Actually can I stay at my friends house Jenelle?"I asked sweetly knowing the doctor was scared of me ever since I practically choked him.
    "Yes of course for however long you want to."He said and before leaving he added,"You're clothes are in the restroom.Change then please come meet me in the office.I'll let them you're invited."
    I leaned in closely to him and said,"I don't get invited and stop this fake nice crap since I know you're a fake phony kinda of doctor."
    The doctors eyes widened as he scurried off like a little rat.When he left I quickly shut the door and dressed in my light pink skinny jeans,black boots and leather jacket with a white tee underneath.I walked out to the office and sat down as I gave the doctor the glare.
    "Listen here I want you to make an appointment next week."The doctor said in a stern voice.
    'Why?"I asked a little bored.
    "In our MRI scan we saw a chemical imbalance so we just need to see if your okay."The doctor replied.
    I left without a word because I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of him making me freaked out.I'm Avery and I'm awesome.With lightening speed I checked my text messages which were from different people as I called Kevin.
    "Hey how's my favorite b****doing so far?"I said in a casual voice.
    "Forget that what happened to you? You going crazy on the doctor is all over."Kevin eclaimed.
    "I can't tell you over the phone wanna make it a date in 15 minutes at Subway?"I asked.
    "Deal and see you in 15 minutes."Kevin chirped and hung up.
    For some reason I felt a little nervous as I stepped in Subway and sat down.As the minutes ticked by I straightened my hair and my clothes.Just then Kevin walked who smelled like he doused himself in cologne.
    I laughed then said,"Did you put on cologne?"
    "Yeah why wouldn't I?My best friend got out of the hospital so it's something special."He cheerfully said.
    I dryily added,"Yeah well it's not everyday where you have a friend who tries choking a teacher."
    "Very true anyways what did you need to tell me?"Kevin asked.
    I leaned in closely and said,"My mom died so I saw Abbey's mom feeling up the doctor when he told me."
    Kevin's eyes widened then said,"Sh** Avery where are you going to stay?"
    That's what I liked about Kevin.He wasn't the type to say oh I'm sorry he's more like hey are you okay? I'll give you some time but I still care for you.
    "I'm staying at Jenelle's house."I informed as he nodded.
    "And there's more I'm thinking?"Kevin said.
    I smiled since he knew me so well."Yeah there saying I might have a chemical imbalance."
    "What!"Kevin exclaimed then added,"Are you taking a test or something?"
    "Yeah."I said.Sometimes I felt like my strength was withering but Kevin always cheered me up.
    I hugged him goodbye and packed my stuff to go to Jenelle's house.As I arrived at her house her mom looked extremely worried so she motioned me to the side.When she hung up she turned towards me.
    "Jenelle's in the hospital."She said quietly.
    I gasped as she hurried out the door.I followed her and sat down in my car.Somehow Jenelle never got hurt but this was weird.She was super careful and nice to everyone most of the time.I didn't know what to do except the fact that Jenelle was hurt.
    The familar scene of the hospital zoomed by as I darted in her room.Her usual healthy flushed face was paler then the sheets as the heart monitor beeped in uneasy pace.Her eyelashes fluttered vividly as she was fighting something for her life.The same doctor came by and gave me a wary look.
    "She has been in a car accident and we are doing our best ma'am so can you please sit outside?"He said in a polite manner which I knew was fake.
    Knowing Jenelle's mom who always looked like she was going to a country club sat outside quietly.Elli was very quiet which made me wonder if she had slipped into coma or something.
    Couple of burly officers walked in flashing their belts and outfit as I kept my gaurd.They seemed like they were walking to me so I tried to keep my eyes cool as Elli looked panick stricken.
    "Are you Avery?"One of them asked.
    "Yes I am."I said trying to be polite.
    "We need to take you to the station for some questions."Another cop said that had a doughnut in his hand.
    I glanced at Elli and she nodded to me.
    Somehow these cops know something and I intend to find out.
    A/N:Hi guys I'm sorry I take so long but I just want the perfect chapter and I'm trying to see if I can make them longer.I'd love any feedback and thanks to my awesome readers for waiting so long and reading my stories even if they aren't at my best.=]

  17. iloveu4ever51 iloveu4ever51
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    July 5, 2013 10:08pm UTC
    Hidden Chapter Six
    ♥ Alyssa ♥
    When dad had left the house I sat eating cookies with silence ringing around me.I nibbled on the cookies as I finished my homework.My frustration level grew as I couldn't get the stupid math problem.I was in Honors Alegbra 1 with Jenelle and sometimes I seriously wonder how I got in the class.I pushed the homework away and decided to go the Abbot Hill Mental Asylum since that's where my older sister worked.Mom usually made it like she was single even though she has two daughters.I don't think anyone knows of me having a sister but she was awesome.April was the perfect student and the perfect sister but sometimes I felt useless next to her.
    I got in my "car" and drove to the asylum.Everytime I did something dangerous I felt amazing.I use to have weight issues when I was younger but I realized I can replace my love of sweets with doing something dangerous.I arrived safely and checked in to see my sister.April was going to get married to her perfect boyfriend and I wondered if anyone even wanted to be friends with me.
    The cold air hit me as I took a deep breath in with the smell of medicine in the air.When I came here the first time I had started coughing but by now I'm use to it.Nurses looked up and smiled at me and the doctors seem to be at a meeting or something.I marched in to my sister's office and saw her staring at a patient's file.
    "What's up sis?"I asked.Normally I acted tough and casual around my sister hoping she didn't see my evny of her easy going life.She had practically lived with grandma in her whole teen years so mom never had hit her ever.I don't know why I couldn't but then again maybe it's just fate.
    "A lot by looking at this patient's file."She said as I ate a grape.The patient had brown hair with blue sparkling eyes that made me wonder how she got here.
    "How did she get here?"I asked.
    "No one knows honestly.From these files I heard she got in here when she was 18 and she has no family.One day she went in shock and a girl name Anna called the hospital when saw the door was open."My sister said.
    Something about the name Anna seemed familar I just couldn't put my finger on it.
    "What's the patient's name?"I asked again.
    "Julie.Julie McCall."My sister said grimly.
    I sat there for awhile and left not wanting to bother my sister when she was in deep concentration.As I walked out a shadow appeared and for a moment I held my breath.April's boyfriend appeared and who's name was Zachary but I called him Zach for short.
    "Hey Zach."I said casually.
    My sister was 19 so she was interning for medical researches but sometimes I didn't even get how she got time to date.Then again it's my sister who's model perfect and never loses her gaurd on anything.
    "What are you doing around here?"Zach asked in a brittish accent.
    "Just seeing my sister now if you excuse me I gotta run."I said quickly feeling a bit jittery.
    "Wait!"He called out.
    I turned around and stared at him."Let me drop you off."
    "But I-"I was cut off.
    "It's dark now we don't want someone kidnapping you don't we?"He said with a grin.
    "Yup."I said weakly as I sat down in his car.
    We talked casually for awhile until he had to go.I peered in his window to say thanks when he got out.His white shirt showed his muscles and the short he wore were showing off his glorious tan.I looked up in his face and into his black midnight eyes that had a mysterious edge.My heart beated faster until he leaned in and whispered.
    "Goodnight love."He said and walked off leaving me breathless.
    I was in a graveyard on a typical night.Something inside of me screamed out in fear but I tried calming down.A black fog stretched across the sky as I walked towards a place that had chanting.There stood Julie who had a black dress on as her eyes were full of tears.I couldn't walk any further as howling filled the night and it seemed like ghosts sprung up to dance.It was like a party in the graveyard but it was a party that I knew I wasn't invited to.
    Dark one in the night.
    Stand up and give me a fight.
    I'll give you what you want and sell
    But you have to tell
    A secret that was kept
    But now opened up and set
    Destiny shall reveal what I want the most
    Tell me the truth
    The truth of my past.
    Screams echoed as a girl with blue hair crackled.Another 10 year old was screaming out some lines.
    That you'll stick around
    Stay on my side of town
    Now I'm covered in blood and I'm feeding of your pretty little lies!
    I wondered if this was a dream or what but it seemed like the girls were fading as a dark being appeared.
    "Julie your past will be revealed only on a certain consquence."
    "What is it?"She said.
    "You must go in coma for the rest of your life."
    I watched as Julie walk and nod to their agreement as I screamed.
    Julie had a curse.A curse that I had to break.
    A/N:I can't believe it's already chapter six and readers out there I'm thinking of taking a break after I finish Hidden.I'd love any feedback and the second part of the lines are from the song called You're So Creepy by Ghost Town.I give thanks to my friend TheSkeleton584 for helping me thanks =]

  18. iloveu4ever51 iloveu4ever51
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    July 4, 2013 2:17pm UTC
    "When has being dishonest ever helped me,or you,.... or anyone?"-Spencer Hastings

  19. iloveu4ever51 iloveu4ever51
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    July 4, 2013 2:14pm UTC
    "Careful what you say around her.It may come back to haunt you."-Mrs.DiLaurentis

  20. iloveu4ever51 iloveu4ever51
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    July 4, 2013 2:12pm UTC
    "A cat plays with the mouse for hours before she actually eats it.Once it's dead, the fun's over."-Spencer Hastings


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