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carlisius · 9 years ago
I'm sorry

JadenSmithsWife · 9 years ago
ido that too sometimess. :/

AnaCastro196 · 9 years ago
I know exactly what you mean. I've been called ugly and everytime I hear someone laugh, I just automatically think their laughing at me. I wish I could be one of those people that doesn't care about what people think, but I just can't....

So_This_Is_Life · 9 years ago
If you want to talk, I'm here. I have generalized anxiety disorder, so I can relate.

HannahLovesYou123 · 9 years ago
Um okay I know this is EXTREAMLY weird but my period is like 9 days late and I'm scared that I'm pregnant or somethint even though I'm a vergin...lol what do you think? I know its stupid but I've always thought what if some creep knocked me out and put there in me or something or someone used the drugs that make people don't remember anything and then they me...ik I'm crazy but I'm just kinda nervous helllppp

queenmarie · 9 years ago
I would absolutely love to be part of that. :)

ILoveStarWars · 9 years ago
It's okay.
People that aren't "skinny" will always hate on the people who are skinny.
It's rather annoying because if you're naturally skinny then you're known as "fake" or "anorexic"

Hallow · 9 years ago

JimmyIsWeird · 9 years ago
Good for u. Im gonna do that next bday. :)

piranhasmile21 · 9 years ago
I don't know what to say to "FIHLSKNDJLFDSJBSD;JBJ;JSFUOUWE" but If you need someone to vent to, I'm here for you(: Stay Strong gorgeous(:

budcool · 9 years ago
tell a grown up you trust and they will make sure he gets better

smarty1221 · 9 years ago
tell him that you would die without him and that life is full of happiness like when you see your first child

DanceJump · 9 years ago
Talk to me. I have been where you are before and I am again now s2

lalalove471 · 9 years ago
im not ur friend... i dont even know you but i would care

elysey · 9 years ago
if you need anyone to talk to I'm here, and i don't think you are a sl//t or any of that, you are beautiful :)

Samsung · 9 years ago
Yes. I would. We've never talked, but that could easily change. If you need anyone... I'm here. I'll listen.

f4ke · 9 years ago
all the time.

WITTYgirl0330 · 9 years ago
omigod....this is SOSOSOSOSO CUTE!! i like this guy, i think he likes me back, and i want him to ask me out :) ive never had my first kiss but this is sosososo adorable congrats<3

rockstar263 · 9 years ago
your one brave person! I love how you tell whats on your mind and don't care what people think!


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