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circus of lunatics

playin spin the bottle with death and demise
russian roulette but with a fully loaded barrel
thinking there was a chance to win
games that only the freaks of the circus play
practicing on the tight rope
what some call a normal life
but falling and shattering the mask
nothing to hide behind
broken and afraid
there was a razor used to cut the tightrope
because no life is normal

we are a circus of lunatics
some entertaining pills
others alcohol
we all jump through the rings of fire
following the colourful banners because
that is the only thing that
isnt black and white
some dont mind getting burned in the ring
the burn could let us step out of the act
even if just for a minute
it was heaven
just a chance to catch our breath
step out of the rules and regulations
away from the whips and cattle prods
they treat us like animals
but we dont see anything wrong
because that is how we grew up
following their agenda
doing their tricks

we are the circus of lunatics
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circus of lunaticsplayin spin the bottle with death and demiserussian

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