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He told me he liked me.  A lot.
We went to different schools, but didn't care that we didn't get to see each other often.
We texted all the time.
Then he said that it would never work.  And stopped talking to me for weeks.
Last night, after not saying a word to me for five weeks, he said he was sorry.
He wanted to text me, but said he couldn't out of fear that he wouldn't lose feelings.
He acknowlodged that it was a terrible reason, but he was sorry.
Honestly, I didn't want to forgive him.  He had been the first boy to tell me he liked me, and then he broke my heart.
So, I forgave him.  Those three little words seem like nothing, but they were so hard to type.
I got to walk away knowing I truely forgave him with all of my heart.
And now I am free.
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He told me he liked me. A lot. We went to different schools,

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