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xxnevershoutnever · 5 years ago
this happened to me, & honestly, i would just tell him how you feel. like, you really have nothing to lose. i would just explain basically what you did on here to him. whatever you do, best of luck. xxx keep my updated
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Dylan_Redfern · 5 years ago
hey, i read your post and it really sort of reminded me of myself in a way. basically, if you want to try to "get him back" or whatever, you need to like not show a lot of emotion towards him. because most guys really dont like when girls are all over them all the time. like they need space. if you're gonna seem desperate to be with him, it's not gonna end well and he's just gonna play around with you. you've got to show him that you don't need him. thats just how it is :P like the more someone rejects you, the more you want them.so ye..what i'm sayin is that you've just gotta relax. i mean the fact that he texted you first is good ofcourse. and also if you really like a person and like keep on keeping contact with them, even after 10 months you probably won't get over them. like i went out with this guy for 7 months and it was like "first love" and all that bullshit. then (long story short) 2 years ago i broke up with him, but we could never really get over eachother. like we dated other people but ye. and now a month ago we talked and decided to get back together..thats like 2 years later!! so ye..i dont see why he broke up with you though. i had a guy break up with me after like two months for literally no apparent reason, but there weren't any strong feelings like in your situation so i dont really see why :S did he not give you a reason? x
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