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One in a Million

*Chapter One Hundred & Eleven*
Amber's POV:

    I was standing before my Mommom and Uncle Ryan again; they looked happy and peaceful. They were dressed fully in white along with my other family members who passed on. My Uncle Eddie hugged his wife, Carol, while standing next to my Aunt PeeWee. Uncle Joe and Aunt Pearl looked happier than ever; they were in love again the way they were before Joe got sick.
   Aunt Louise and Uncle Bernie were next to Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Billy. All of my family that I loved so dearly stood in front of me, telling me it wasn't my time. The gates of Heaven sparkled behind them and a light breeze passed through my ears, almost calling my name.
   "Amber," My Mommom's angelic voice echoed through the air; I missed the sound of her voice so much that it made me cry. "You can't stay here with us. You have to go back."
   "But why? I want to be with you. I miss you so much. I love you." I choked out inbetween my sobs; they all stared at me with caring eyes.
   "You have a family who needs you, Dork." Ryan explained to me; I could barely see him through my tear filled eyes. "We'll always be here. We're not going anywhere. Besides, we're always with you, no matter what."
   I inched closer to them and held my breath. My shaky hand stretched out to touch his face; his usual stubble grazed my finger and my lip started to vibrate. Mommom pulled me in to her chest as I weaped; Ryan hugged us both in his huge body. I haven't felt their hug since I was fifteen years old.
   "Amber, you have to go back now. Lilli needs you. And so does your Mom. Just know we love you more than anything. I am so proud of you, Amber. I always was." Mommom pressed her lips to my cheek and let them linger; I pinched my eyes shut, unable to face this dream. I could feel her mauve lip stick stain on my face just like it did when I was a child; the only difference was I wasn't going to wipe it off this time.
   Ryan pulled me in and choked my neck with his arms; I burried my face in his motocross gear that smelled just like him. "Take good care of you family, Dork. Love ya kid!" He kissed my forehead one last time before I turned to walk away.
   My breathing got heavier and my heart beat louder as I walked over to the fuzzy, white open space. I tossed my head over my shoulder one last time; they were all waving goodbye to me as I blew them all a kiss. It was time to return to reality; it was time to return to my family.
   The room got whiter and brighter as I walked away. Soon all I saw was the inside of my eyelids. I blinked them open and found myself in a hospital bed with a tube down my throat. I started to moan and a nurse came and removed it.
   "Ow," Was all I managed to get out before Liam ran over to me and attacked me with love.

Thanks for reading, Loves! Again, sorry this was kind of boring. It was just another filler! I was missing my Mommom and Uncle today so I figured I'd write a little more about them<3 RIP RYAN PATTERSON AND DIANA PATTERSON <3
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One in a Million *Chapter One Hundred & Eleven* Amber's

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bri241* · 9 years ago
omg i cried too :(
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jessx1223xgal · 9 years ago
I cried </3
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gmarie · 9 years ago
I cried through this... it made me start thinking about my Aunt Edie and my Greatma, and my Bestemor and Bestefar... they all died of old age but I was really close to all of them I guess kinda like you and your Mommom and Uncle Ryan. Anyway, I really liked this chapter even though it had me crying <3
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brispiin* · 9 years ago
OH.MY.GOD! you had me crying while i was reading this.. but it was still really good<3
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