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Status: Living my dream before I wake up and face reality

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Hey Love! I'm Marissa! I am 15 years young and blow out the candles on March 18th! I am loud, talkitive and I can never stay on a subject for long! I am a little (Maybe a lot) crazy and have weird amounts of energy and get hyper very easily. I love my friends, INCLUDING xoangiexo, and storytime_64! My cousin Peanut1299 is one of the weirdest people I know but her stories are the bomb so check that chick out. I love my babycakes from Australia Zoeasaurus, shes swaggy. I'm weird do not judge me. 
One Direction
5 Seconds of Summer
Justin Levinson
Blink 182
Aaron Carter
Fifth Harmony
Little Mix
Pierce The Veil
Sleeping with Sirens
Demi Lovato
Ed Sheeran
Cher Lloyd
Olly Murs
Jennel Garcia
Hollywood Ending
Jillan Jenson
Ariana Grande
Jonas Brothers
And a ton more

My YouTube loves.
My current story is: I Miss You *Torn Part 2*
Finished Stories: Gotta Be You, Torn, Moments In Time, Summer Love, They Don't Know About Us, Truly Madly Deeply
Partially finished stories: I'll Look After You
  1. 1D_Fanfiction 1D_Fanfiction
    posted a quote
    January 12, 2015 7:30pm UTC
    If you got rock and roll, everything will be alright.

  2. 1D_Fanfiction 1D_Fanfiction
    posted a quote
    December 5, 2014 4:21pm UTC
    Hi guys!
    I know I never come on here anymore, but I am still active on Wattpad. I'm currently working on a few All Time Low stories and I have a nonFanfic in the works (i'm not posting it until i'm completely confident. I'm really loving the story line though). If you're interested in reading them my user is Darkenedangel98 and to everyone who I've made friends with ever that I've kind of neglected ((like OnceUponAStory)) and probably 37958302 other people, I'm ALWAYS on Twitter (@darkenedangel98), Tumblr (freakinweirdbro) and Kik (shilohrider98). Never hesititate to message me. I miss the friends I used to have here. But please check out my Wattpad stories, I'm going to try to update a bunch more often and if enough people ask for some older stories that I haven't updated in forever, I'm always open to starting to write them again. I love you guys and thank you for the support you've all shown me over the past few years <3

  3. 1D_Fanfiction 1D_Fanfiction
    posted a quote
    May 22, 2014 12:50pm UTC
    if you asked me a year ago what my life would be, I would've said I would still be on this website, I would still be writing One Direction stories, still trying to find myself and my life wouldn't be much different. in this past year I have made so many incredible friends, I discovered the place with music where I belong with some great bands who I would do anything for who and who I have made some incredible memories with, and I have discovered what I want to do with my life and I have met some incredible people who can help me on the journey to doing what I love. I have begun to surround myself with everyone I love and do what makes me happy.

  4. 1D_Fanfiction 1D_Fanfiction
    posted a quote
    May 22, 2014 11:20am UTC
    if you asked me a year ago what my life would be, I would've said I would still be on this website, I would still be writing One Direction stories, still trying to find myself and my life wouldn't be much different. in this past year I have made so many incredible friends, I discovered the place with music where I belong with some great bands who I would do anything for who and who I have made some incredible memories with, and I have discovered what I want to do with my life and I have met some incredible people who can help me on the journey to doing what I love. I have begun to surround myself with everyone I love and do what makes me happy.

  5. 1D_Fanfiction 1D_Fanfiction
    posted a quote
    April 1, 2014 5:24pm UTC
    being back on this website is bringing back way too many memories

  6. 1D_Fanfiction 1D_Fanfiction
    posted a quote
    September 18, 2013 4:43pm UTC
    if you told me a year ago what Witty has turned into, i wouldnt have believed you.
    this place USED to be a family
    top quotes were favorited by thousands
    there was no bullying
    quotes werent from tumblr
    it was different. it used to be like home. now look at it.

  7. 1D_Fanfiction 1D_Fanfiction
    posted a quote
    August 12, 2013 9:19pm UTC
    Long Live The Reckless and the Brave

  8. 1D_Fanfiction 1D_Fanfiction
    posted a quote
    August 4, 2013 10:19pm UTC
    Because of a few a/s holes, I am taking a t break from Witty. I know I have said this a few times but some how I keep expecting the old Witty to be here when I get back but it's becoming worse and worse. I do not know how long this break will be, or if I will be coming back. I will still come on once in a while but if anyone wants to keep in touch or want to keep reading my stories, my WattPad is Shilohrider98 and my Kik is the same.
    Bye guys <3

  9. 1D_Fanfiction 1D_Fanfiction
    posted a quote
    August 3, 2013 8:42pm UTC
    5 Seconds of Summer just did a follow spree until they hit 1 million followers. All the boys were so happy and suddenly their account was at 995,000 followers. 5 THOUSAND people unfollowed them. The entire 5SOS family came together and began making fake accounts so the boys wouldn't come back online and be upset. They are almost back at 1 Million. I love the 5SOS family.

  10. 1D_Fanfiction 1D_Fanfiction
    posted a quote
    July 26, 2013 7:40pm UTC
    Hello There
    Angel From My Nightmare

  11. 1D_Fanfiction 1D_Fanfiction
    posted a quote
    July 23, 2013 1:59pm UTC
    Happy 3 Years One Direction!
    I remeber the first time I listened to What Makes You Beautiful, my cousin had made a music video to it when she got the link off someone from the UK's Twitter. I fell in love with it almost instantly.
    One song led to another and thats when I offically joined the fandom. I have made so many friends that have helped me more than I can explain. It is so crazy to look back and see the boys making video diaries, not even knowing if they would make it to the next week, and now they have taken the world by storm. I will never forget these boys.

  12. 1D_Fanfiction 1D_Fanfiction
    posted a quote
    July 19, 2013 2:45pm UTC
    My cousin and I are making a YouTube video
    We need topics and questions to talk about! What are some current events or questions we should talk about?

  13. 1D_Fanfiction 1D_Fanfiction
    posted a quote
    July 16, 2013 8:08pm UTC
    Happy 17th Keaton Stromberg
    You have come so far from the little 15 year old standing on stage in front of thousands with your brother and his best friend. From the moment you auditioned I knew you guys were going to make it big. I can't wait to see you in a few weeks(:

  14. 1D_Fanfiction 1D_Fanfiction
    posted a quote
    July 16, 2013 1:28am UTC
    Happy birthday Luke Hemmings
    Baby I love you to pieces. I may not have been in the fandom from the very start but I still see you as a 15 year old nugget singing covers with a horrible quality camara and bright pink speakers behind you. Never change bud.

  15. 1D_Fanfiction 1D_Fanfiction
    posted a quote
    July 14, 2013 9:46am UTC
    R.I.P Cory Monteith
    I was never a fan of Glee but no one deserves to wake up in the morning and hear their idol is dead.
    Hearing this news has brought all of the fandoms together to support Gleeks and it is absolutly incredible. I think its finally hit people that one day, your idol will be gone and that will be your fandom mourning.

  16. 1D_Fanfiction 1D_Fanfiction
    posted a quote
    July 12, 2013 10:46pm UTC
    I update it more often because I can do it from my phone and I have more stories to work on and I may update some that I haven't worked on in a while *cough cough watch out for Look After you cough*
    Here's the link- http://www.wattpad.com/user/shilohrider98

  17. 1D_Fanfiction 1D_Fanfiction
    posted a quote
    July 12, 2013 10:40pm UTC
    Hey, We're Taking On The World
    Chapter Three Part 4
    *Two Days Later*
    Weasel and I are going mental. In the past 4 hours we have filmed 4 full YouTube videos. One for MouseNWeasel, One for TheMazzi_Mazz, one for Caspar_Lee and a final one for CharlieIsSoCoolLike. This is the first time there had been silence all day. At least between Weasel, Charlie, Mazz, Caspar and me. Well then again Charlie was on the quieter side to begin with. I played on my phone, mostly texting Ashton and sometimes Calum while the other 4 worked hard on editing.
    Mouse: Isn't it like 3 AM out there?! Why are you still up?
    Ashton: Why sleep when I can be talking to such a beautiful girl?(;
    Mouse: Are you trying to make me crazy for you?
    Ashton: It depends, is it working?
    Mouse: Go to bed GrassHopper
    Ashton: Grass Hopper? I am older than you, young one
    Mouse: Fine, Go to bed yah freak! Better?
    Ashton: Much (: Good night beautiful! X
    Mouse: Goodnight Ash x
    "Mouse is smiling at her phone. Editing times over" Weasel said slamming her laptop shut
    "Ah Story time!" Mazz shouted as the three boys shut their laptops and we all sat in a circle.
    "Mouse what's the drinking rule in your house?" Mazz asked
    "We can't drink the wine, We can't leave the house and all phones and computers have to be locked up with a key that is hidden where we can't get it if we are drunk" I recited my parents conditions for when alcohol was present around Weasel and me.
    "I can live with that. Everyone phones away, it's story time" Mazz collected everyone's phones and locked it up downstairs and brought up a bottle of flavored vodka. The bottle made it around the circle once before the talking started.
    "Aw look the family is together again!" Weasel said, slinging her arm around Caspar and Charlie's shoulders.
    "No, the family is almost together again!" Mazz corrected her, "We are missing the Janoskian boys and Shane!" Whenever we were at VidCon we made our own little family. It was me and Weasel, Mazzi,Caspar,Charlie, The Brooks brothers James and Daniel from the Janoskians ,and Shane Dawson from ShaneDawsonTV. Occasionally Greg from Onision would join our games and stories but usually he had his own friends so we didn't count him.
    The night consisted of endless laughs and it didn't take long for us to finish the bottle of Vodka. At around 3 in the morning we all went off to bed, getting ready for the adventure to California for VidCon.
    Authors Note-
    YAY CHAPTER! I will probably have a chapter of this up on WattPad tonight BUT IT WILL PROBABLY NOT BE ON HERE UNTIL SUNDAY NIGHT
    I am going to Rhode Island with my best friend for some festival thingy and we are staying with her Aunt so I am unsure if I will even hav e WiFi but I can only post this story on Witty on my laptop so I can edit it.
    I NEED A HUGE FAVOR FROM YOU GUYS! I need some ideas for this and I Miss You! The more I hear from you the more I can write!
    ONE MORE THING.- Please Please go follow Madi28! Her story Fate is really good and she's new on this website with writing so go check her out and read her story! She's a sweetheart!

  18. 1D_Fanfiction 1D_Fanfiction
    posted a quote
    July 12, 2013 10:38pm UTC
    Hey, We're Taking On The World
    Chapter Three Part 3
    "Is there a reason my friend Emma, Mouse I mean, looks like she's going.. In my best Boston accent... Beat yah sorry a**?" Weasel began laughing at his attempt
    "Uh..uhm.." The girl struggled over her words
    "Since I'm going to live with her for a few days, I would rather not have her be in a horrid mood especially because I'm the one who has to break it to her that Casper Lee and Charlie and joining me later in the week"
    "Why do the Brits always stay at our house?" Weasel whined and Mazz laughed.
    "Bye ladies. Remember, Peace Love and Rubber Gloves" he said quoting his famous line and the girls walked away.
    "Hey Mazz" I said walking into his open arms for a hug. We met him 4 or 5 years ago at Weasel and my first trip to VidCon. It was Mazz's first year being invited and Weasel and I just went to see all the YouTubers. The three of us met in the hotel and were friends quickly. Weasel decided to drive home and I had no complaints. I was tired. I kept thinking back to those girls.
    @MouseMNW: Laughing at those ratchet b****es who tried threatening Weasel and me at the airport
    @MouseMNW: For the record guys, @Luke5SOS and @Ashton5SOS are OUR FRIENDS! Nothing more! Please stop making assumptions!
    @MouseMNW: Oh and what the f**k is a 'Sauser'? It sounds like a disease or some s**t.
    There was a ton of traffic so I began dozing off to the sound of Mazz on the phone explaining airports to Caspar and Charlie. After a little bit I checked my phone to see I got a tweet.
    @5SOS: @MouseMNW someone actually used the term 5Sausers?! -Mike
    @MouseMNW: @5SOS it was weird man. She was 12 and threatening me&W for being friends with you
    @5SOS: @MouseMNW Ignore dem mean girls Mousey you fab -Cal x
    My love for this band is insane. They are hilarious.
    "Mouse what the h*ll are you laughing at?" Weasel asked and I read the tweets out loud and even Mazz couldn't stop laughing.

  19. 1D_Fanfiction 1D_Fanfiction
    posted a quote
    July 12, 2013 10:35pm UTC
    Hey, We're Taking On The World
    Chapter Three Part 2
    "It's normally a 'You're Mouse and Weasel" I pushed up my sunglasses so she could see my emerald green eyes.
    "Oh my gosh you are them!" She squealed making my head pound.
    "Yes we are now can I please have my coffee? To be completely honest I will probably run someone off the road without it. I need to get to the airport" Don't get me wrong, I would take a bullet for a fan. They are like family, but at 4:45 in the morning, anyone who screams in a hearing distance of me makes me crazy.
    "Can we take a quick picture? I love you guys!" The girl begged and I looked at Weasel who was trying not to doze off.
    "I really need to leave right now but give me your Twitter and I'll take you out for lunch or coffee or something to make up for my rude behavior and you can take however many pictures you want" I said taking my coffee and the girl nodded eagerly. I shot her a smile and drove off. It only took about 10 minutes to get there but by the time we did I already finished my oversized coffee. I had to pee like crazy. I parked and the two of us ran inside so I could pee. You really don't realize how many people are in this airport until you try weaving through them with temper issues while trying to not pee in your pants. After I emptied my bladder, Weasel and I sat on the bench in front of the International Flights door. There was a group of young girls crowed in a circle, whispering staring and pointing.
    "10 bucks says their fans of ours" I challenged Weasel
    "I say they are here for That stupid Brit" Weasel and I shook on it and waited for Mazz. After around 20 minutes of waiting and a ton of messages, Mazzi still wasn't out. The only brunette from that group of spying girls finally walked over to me with the others following close behind.
    "Are you guys MouseNWeasel?" She asked chomping her gum
    "You think we have time to run? She seems like a b-" I cut Weasel off with an elbow to her gut making her moan in pain.
    "Yes we are" I faked a smile. Remember. It's 5 AM. I'm in an airport surrounded by people who barely speak English. I'm confused with a headache.
    "What's happening between you two, Luke and Ashton?" She demanded and I sighed
    "We are friends. What's your deal?" I asked and I could see Weasel staring down these girls.
    "Stay away from them. They are ours. We are the only TRUE Sausers. We will ruin you if you go near them again.Stay away from Mazzi too. He's Ambers" the girl blew a kiss to her blonde minion
    "Honey what are you,10? Get real" I had no patience for haters ever
    "Actually I am 12"
    "Emmy are these b***es bothering you?" Mazz said walking up behind the pack of girls. All the color from their faces drained and they were starstruck.
    "H-Hi Mazz" the leaderof them stuttered
    "What's your name Love?" He asked sickening sweetly
    "Regina" She smiled. Figures. She acts like someone out of Mean Girls.

  20. 1D_Fanfiction 1D_Fanfiction
    posted a quote
    July 12, 2013 10:25pm UTC
    Hey, We're Taking On The World
    Chapter Three
    *2 Months Later*
    Having my phone start to ring at 4:30 AM is not okay. Ever. Especially when it's an unknown English number.
    "What. Do. You. Want." I murmured between clenched teeth. Ever since I started talking to Ashton and Weasels been talking to Luke, we have developed insomnia. With our family past we are both destined to have it at some point or another and it's hitting hard now. Tonight was the first night in almost two months that I'm actually sleeping and of course my dang phone rings.
    "Ey someone's feisty this morning" a mans voice said with a thick accent. I knew this voice and I've missed it dearly.
    "Mazz?" I asked and there was a soft chuckle from the other side
    "Yes dear?"
    "Bro it's 4:30 AM. This better be important"
    "Well I am currently sitting with your mom on a plane..."
    "But she only works on planes...to.. Mazzi are you-?"
    "Yes and I need a huge favor"
    "What do you want?"
    "Well Me,Caspar and Charlie have been talking to your parents about VidCon and we sorta forgot to tell you but we are all flying out and staying with you until we leave for it"
    "That's great now why are you calling me at 4 in the morning?"
    "Well... I kind of forgot to book a taxi and"
    "You need me to pick you up don't you?"
    I sighed. "Give me like half an hour and I'll be there" I hung up with him and grabbed the squirt bottle from beside my bed and began spraying Weasel.
    "You have 10 seconds to explain why you are waking me" She grumbled into her pillow
    "Picking up Mazzi from the airport. Lets go" I threw a sweatshirt,leggings and a SnapBack on and covered my sleep deprived eyes with my Ray-Bans. I looked over at Weasel who was doing the same. I waited by the door for her and sent out a tweet
    @MouseMNW: Going to pick up my dearest @TheMazzi_Mazz from the airport. Yay 4:30 AM surprise adventures -_-
    "Weasel let's go!" I called down the hallway, "I need to go get a coffee from Dunkin Doughnuts. Hurry up!"
    "I'm coming I'm coming" she said as she padded down the hall. We got into the car and I handed my phone to Weasel in case Mazz called. It's far too early to be yelled at by a Boston cop for talking on the phone.
    "Ash tweeted you" She said before reading off the tweet, "@Ashton5SOS: @MouseMNW I would hate to see your road rage right now babe (;" she paused "HE CALLED YOU BABE?!"
    "He calls everyone that" I rolled my eyes while pulling into a Dunkin Doughnuts drive through to order my coffee. I pulled up to the window and the girl working looked at me oddly.
    "Has anyone ever told you that you look like Mouse from MouseNWeasel from YouTube?" This girl must be knew. Everyone at this place knew me already and I guess fans went in looking for me all the time. Not my fault I'm a coffee addict.


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