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Oh, so you hate your mom?
                          Why? Is it because she grounded you after you snuck out at night? Or because all of your friends got 200 dollars to shop but she gave you 50? Wait, was it that time where she told you to study but you ignored her and didn't, so she took away your phone for failing the test? I've never said "I hate you," to my mom. It's just wrong. I know some mothers out there are deadbeat and don't care about their children, but still, "I hate you?" Hate is such a strong word. This is the woman who carried you in her for 9 months. Have some respect.

Credit:UnicornHipster <-- follow her she's awesome
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Oh, so you hate your mom? Why? Is it because she grounded you

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ItsAnthony · 1 decade ago
If your mother is a deadbeat and doesn't care about you, I think you can say you hate her. But that's just the opinion of a boy whose mother IS a deadbeat who hates her kid.
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sarahlouisekuhnexx · 1 decade ago
12 months of labour and she will hold it against me for the rest of my life.
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stefthebest27 · 1 decade ago
i love you for saying this
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