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2lazy2care · 1 decade ago
i love you.

JayJayBling · 1 decade ago
I agree with you. When hunger games and JB came, everyone went mad about
it. Now 1D came, everyone's mad of us!
People have changed a lot. It's not very pleasant.

xoliviaa475 · 1 decade ago
I voted! :)

AshleyNicolee717 · 1 decade ago
I know exactly* how you feel chickaa.

sassmaster* · 1 decade ago
I'm sorry to hear that. If you ever want to talk, let me know. (:

alferwoman · 1 decade ago
same here, only im 13 and hes 15

CallMeKiana · 1 decade ago
crying for no reason whether you're on your period or not .

newyorkluv · 1 decade ago
omg . i do that alot haha but then i crack up after words (:

An'* · 1 decade ago
i adore this. :)

taylorswiftfanxx16 · 1 decade ago
AWH that's so cute mj13 i am jealous :(

jubababy · 1 decade ago
the bottom part is like me with this guy

mj13 · 1 decade ago
my whole group of friends laid down and looked at the stars and he laid next to me and put his arm around me and i rested me head on his shoulder...best night!!!

duckysayssmile · 1 decade ago
at my old school, yes (:
now, every male teacher in my school is ugly as . not to mention old D:

taylorswiftfanxx16 · 1 decade ago
my health teacher is like..the sexiest man aliveee.. but he's married. but he's like 26 and like over 6 foot and he is muscular and has like a little stubble. and he's SO funny and nice AND I'M IN LOVE <3

emilyandthatsall · 1 decade ago
omg I.K.R.

Makayla_XoXo · 1 decade ago
- As Long as she is happpy && He is happy Too , There really isnt anything You can do about that ; Wouldnt want her To be happpy since she is Your Bestfriend . && Yess I Do agree W / You That She shouldnt Of Lied && She should Of definatly shouldnt have Lied the 2nd Time ! Come clean To Her && Telll Her How You Feeel about the whole situation , You Did have Him First . But Yet You Dont want To Ruin Your Friend Ship Over a Boy ! Trust Me There Not Worth It . #This Is Just My Advice :)

xosierraxo163 · 1 decade ago
i don't think that she's a real friend if she'd do that to you .. you probably shouldn't be her friend anymore cause she could just do something like that again

Evallina · 1 decade ago
I know it's probably not going to help you right now, but my advice is;
She should have come to you first about talking to him. If she were a true friend, she would have and wouldn't have seen him again.
If she's one of those friends that never hurts you and is definitely worth holding onto, then try and get past the matter, and talk to her about what you found out. If she's not that good a friend, then I'd hang out with somebody else. If they get together, they're probably going to break up anyway. I mean you did, right?
Good luck with the whole thing. :)

liveandlove98 · 1 decade ago
i feel like this too compared to some of my friends too. but hey, i've heard good things come to those who wait! :) haha

xxLifeIsASongSoSingItxx · 1 decade ago
this happens to me all the time with my best friends :(
if you ever need to talk i'm here for you < 3


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