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GeorgieBooLovesYou · 9 years ago
You repeated house twice, plus, I'm offended. Maybe my problems aren't as big as those, but hey? I do my part to make their problems better. Did you know I'm part of the schools social justice club? Any tomorrow and friday I'm volunteering my time to help set up a fundraiser to give families rice? Yet I'm still depressed, I'm still a cutter, my friends are close to none, I'm fat, I'm a trans* teen living in a place that doesn't even know what that means, other then I'm a "freak" (Guess that isn't a big problem compared to the rest of the world!), I'm single, my grades are slipping.... Yeah, those aren't "big" problems con paired to the rest of the world, but their still problems that could make or break a person.

musicluver5328 · 9 years ago
PASS IT ON!!!!!!!!!!

ChikinNewdleMallerzz · 9 years ago

24601* · 9 years ago
it toke me a second to get it but then im lik "LOL!!!"

MusicIsLifexoxo · 9 years ago
an actual original quote; THANK YOU

♪♫Losτ Sταrs♫♪* · 9 years ago
Lolol! :D

ghost town girl* · 9 years ago
XD hahahahahahhaha!!!!!

singwithsoul25 · 9 years ago
how do u make tht heart?


singwithsoul25 · 1 decade ago
I do girl!

Alexandra_babe · 1 decade ago
i will randomly think "i know you can read minds!! and i can to so you better watch your thoughts!! you nasty!"
then i look around to see whos face expression changes to my thoughts ^.^


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