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PoeticAcid* · 9 years ago
happen you will lose a bunch of friends in high school. the best one you have will stay true, but you will met even better ones.

forever611 · 9 years ago
Yes. Because she's obviously a lousy friend if she's making you decide between the two. The boyfriend (who is NOT making you decide between him and your best friend) would obviously make the better friend out of the two. So therefore, if I were in this position I would have one horrible best friend ...I would choose my boyfriend.

alli_nicoleexx32 · 9 years ago

collapse* · 9 years ago
its a brittish boy band tht no1 will shutup about i only like 2 songs frm them

kyshea16 · 9 years ago
Damn. :(

xoxJackieexox · 9 years ago
fish* haha(:

peytona16 · 1 decade ago
You matter to me. I love you, we can get throw this together... You are an amazing big sis to me.<3

ScumOfTheEarth · 1 decade ago
You absolutely do matter. You can come and talk to me if you want!

wallenbee · 1 decade ago
Of course you matter, darling. You matter to your parents, your boyfriend, your family, your friends, your classmates, your teachers, your aquantinces, even your enemies, you matter to every person here on Witty, and you matter to me. You've made a huge impact on the world, you've changed so many lives. Never feel like you aren't wanted because you are loved by so many. You are very important to so many people out there, never, ever, ever doubt yourself. Stay strong girl and keep your head up, it can't rain forever. Just be strong and smile, you deserve to. You deserve to be happy and you deserve to have an amazing life, so go out there and live it. Never ever let anyone bring you down or make you feel like you aren't important or you aren't worth it, because you are. You are so special, so unique, and so beautiful inside and out, don't ever forget it darling girl.

lolparamore101 · 1 decade ago
No, no you are not! XD

rawr_ima_kitty · 1 decade ago
I'm perfectly okay with it.

escapetheworld · 1 decade ago
its just because it makes us all feel old, because ten years ago, she was on Lizzie McGuire. yahhknow?! :)

xosinaxo412 · 1 decade ago
It's because we all remember when she was Lizzie McGuire and we are not ready to let go of our childhoods<3

krisletangishot58 · 1 decade ago
she has a husband who loves her he is a great guy. ive met him, plus it's her life so she can get pregnant if she wants to.

ShootingStar97_ · 1 decade ago
And happily married.

saraloves · 1 decade ago
we're worked up about it not because we think she's getting pregnant early, but cause we all still imagine her as the cute, corky teenager that we grew up withh , and even though people say 'miley revealed her secret' and zack and cody went to collegee...lizzie mcguire was foreverr, lmao .


SockMonkey423 · 1 decade ago
I guess people haven't forgotten about when she was young on Disney Channel...

ems_xo · 1 decade ago
they arnt worked up because she's pregenet, its because we remember her when she was like 13 and on disney channel and time has gone so fast we cant believe she's old enough to be pregnant ahaaa

Lorcan · 1 decade ago
I thought she was 24?
But anyways it's because most of the people here grew up with shows like Lizzie McGuire, when she was in her mid teens.

kyshea16 · 1 decade ago
The show, lol. I didn't like the movie much.


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