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I'm Leah..So yeah, hi(:
Talk to me if you want to talk! ♥ I'm a freshman this year, taking biology, French, and ceramics. 
I like good, meaningful music.
A lot of my quotes are from books and movies..
thats all I really have to say, thanks for coming to my page!
  1. NEM0 NEM0
    posted a quote
    October 12, 2013 6:36pm UTC
    If you overreact when you're on your period just say, "Sorry, I'm ovary-acting." badum-tss.

  2. NEM0 NEM0
    posted a quote
    September 26, 2013 7:47pm UTC
    If your pregame consists of straightening your ponytail and applying a coat of mascara..
    N9NE Athletics is for you.
    This new brand opened seconds ago from one of my closest friends.
    The first piece of clothing is ready to order, and there will be more to come if we can get some support.
    Help us make N9NE become a reality.
    Show your love for your game.♥

  3. NEM0 NEM0
    posted a quote
    September 2, 2013 10:53pm UTC
    I really really need books to read.
    If you leave me a comment of your favorite book ever I promise you i will read it.
    It doesn't matter what genre, as long as it's good!
    Please and thank you!

  4. NEM0 NEM0
    posted a quote
    September 2, 2013 10:45pm UTC
    Don't you dare say suicide is the easy way out, or that it's cowardly.
    To end it all right there, without knowing whats going to happen. Not knowing where you'll end up or if you'll end up anywhere at all. Leaving everything behind to just rot in the dirt. Your thoughts will no longer exist.
    I think that takes bravery. Sick, awful bravery.

  5. NEM0 NEM0
    posted a quote
    August 1, 2013 1:01am UTC
    Little Kid Logic:
    *about to leave a friend's house* Hey maybe if I hide I wont have to go home.

  6. NEM0 NEM0
    posted a quote
    July 22, 2013 10:59pm UTC
    So who else has helped a friend through a tough time in their life, just to be left in the dirt when they don't need you anymore?

  7. NEM0 NEM0
    posted a quote
    July 19, 2013 3:13pm UTC
    If this isn't the summer where I suddenly turn super attractive and get involved in a love triangle with two perfect boys then I give up.

  8. NEM0 NEM0
    posted a quote
    July 18, 2013 9:05pm UTC
    I cut myself for the first time today.
    I had scratched myself before, barely broke the surface of my skin. But today, I really cut myself. My dad was screaming, my mom was crying. It was my fault, all my fault. I was sitting in the bathtub, my head was pounding and I couldn't escape. My body hurt so much but I wasn't in any physical pain. I didn't feel alive. I took my shaving razor and chucked it against the wall, watching the fractures fall to the ground. I took a broken part of the shiny blade and sliced the side of my thigh furiously. Once, twice, then three times. I stared at the gashes, and the weights strangling my chest suddenly released as blood started to trickle out of the wounds. I could breathe again.
    The only grip I had on reality was the tears burning my eyes and the hot red blood sliding down my leg.

  9. NEM0 NEM0
    posted a quote
    July 15, 2013 5:29pm UTC
    I renamed my wifi network today...
    Bill Wi the Science Fi.

  10. NEM0 NEM0
    posted a quote
    July 15, 2013 5:19pm UTC
    It's 2013 why does food still have calories.

  11. NEM0 NEM0
    posted a quote
    July 10, 2013 7:12pm UTC
    The hardest thing for me is letting myself digest food.
    Letting all those calories seep into my bloodstream. Letting my belly inflate and weight increase. The fat and carbs and sodium and sugar infest my insides.
    Its so hard to allow myself to digest food. It's so easy to go into the bathroom and simply shove a finger down my throat. Seeing all my sugary, fatty, calorie enemies flow down the drain. Keeping myself empty and clean.

  12. NEM0 NEM0
    posted a quote
    July 10, 2013 6:49pm UTC
    So I was babysitting today.
    The 7 year girl always plays house, and always pretends to make phone calls with a toy phone.
    So, I brought her my old Motorola flip phone that doesn't work anymore. I remember when I was little I used to love playing with old cell phones, so I expected her to be excited that she could play with a real phone now, not a plastic one.
    After I give the phone to her she looks at me, literally throws the phone on the floor and says,
    "That's stupid. Don't bring me a cell phone to play with unless it's an Iphone."
    Oh my God, It has begun...

  13. NEM0 NEM0
    posted a quote
    July 7, 2013 11:51pm UTC
    What they say: "I broke my Ipod touch, so I just got an Iphone instead of replacing it!"
    What I hear: "I was irresponsible and I cant take care of this 200$ electronic. So I rewarded myself by getting an over 600$ electronic instead. Let's see how long it takes me to break this one too!"

  14. NEM0 NEM0
    posted a quote
    July 5, 2013 7:15pm UTC
    I'm the type of person who can spend an hour slowly painting my nails, but then I can't wait two minutes to let them dry.

  15. NEM0 NEM0
    posted a quote
    July 5, 2013 5:13pm UTC
    December 31, 11:59PM, Year 1999.
    *A woman is giving birth at a hospital*
    Doctor: "Hurry up. I want this child to be able to make a '90's kid' reference."

  16. NEM0 NEM0
    posted a quote
    July 5, 2013 4:59pm UTC
    The fact that we have weight loss ads on witty makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time...

  17. NEM0 NEM0
    posted a quote
    July 5, 2013 4:54pm UTC
    Actually, No. I did not put you in the "friend zone."
    You put me in the "girlfriend zone."

  18. NEM0 NEM0
    posted a quote
    May 25, 2013 8:24pm UTC
    It took me too long to realize that all the things that make me happy, are very small things.
    Happiness is when my dad kisses my forehead in the morning. Happiness is making a stranger smile. It's going to ceramics class, and not caring that my clothes get messy. Happiness is making pancakes at night.
    What makes you happy?

  19. NEM0 NEM0
    posted a quote
    May 2, 2013 2:32pm UTC
    Everyone in my school is on a hardcore lockdown right now, there is a 230 pound guy with dreadlocks with a gun who is wanted by the FBI on the loose somewhere around our school.

  20. NEM0 NEM0
    posted a quote
    April 24, 2013 10:37pm UTC
    What is beautiful?
    Having a big smile?
    The amount of make-up you wear?
    Having a lot of friends?
    The gap between your thighs?
    Having clear skin?
    The grades on your report card?
    Wearing brand name clothes?
    Having self-confidence?
    You know what beautiful is?
    A word.
    It's a word we put too much emphasis on.
    Don't be beautiful, be yourself.


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