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  1. lollipopx3 lollipopx3
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    January 31, 2012 10:20pm UTC
    hauntingly beautiful
    Chapter 11
    "Was that picture really your little brother?" Hunter asked.
    I let out a huff, pressing my chin against my knees.
    "So, people are actually talking about it, huh?" I mumbled, as the sky turned pink.
    Hunter rubbed the back of his neck, giving me a sympathetic smile.
    "Y-yeah." he admitted.
    I let out a sigh, playing with the ends of my brunette hair.
    "It's actually my older brother." I whispered. "It's just an outdated photo of him."
    Hunter gave me a small smile, staring at the sunset.
    "Do you have the picture with you right now?"
    I hesitantly nodded, reaching in my bag to get it out for him.
    I handed him the frame, where half the glass was gone, and the other half was cracked.
    I was in such relief when I noticed that the picture hadn't been scratched.
    Hunter took it from my hands.
    He studied it intently, before turning back to me.
    "He has the same eyes as you." he breathed. "Hazel."
    "Yeah, we inherited it from our mother..." I trailed off.
    I never properly met my birth mother.
    Dad used to tell me haunting stories where she left us once we were born.
    But, since my father had green eyes, I was guessing Cameron's and my eyes were inherited from our mother.
    "So, he's your older brother? Is he in college yet?" Hunter asked, handing me back the picture.
    My throat tightened up, as my palms became sweaty.
    "Yeah, he is." I lied through my teeth.
    I felt bad, lying to Hunter so many times when he was so nice to me.
    "Really? Which one?" Hunter pressed.
    I clicked my tongue, frowning in concentration.
    "Y-you know. The one that's a few states from here..." I wandered off.
    Hunter chuckled, flicking my nose with his index finger.
    I flinched, staring at him irritatedly.
    "A few states from here? What a detailed description." Hunter sarcastically smirked.
    I laughed nervously, glad that we were going off the topic.
    A silence filled the atmosphere.
    We both enjoyed the view of the blazing orange sun setting down for the moment.
    Hunter was sitting so close to me.
    I could hear his slow breathing, as his warm skin radiated agaisnt mine.
    I tried to ignore the burning sensation I got just as our skin brushed.
    I sucked in a deep breath, releasing it all out.
    Why was I acting like this?
    We came from two different worlds.
    We weren't supposed to become close to each other.
    The sky was dark now, as the stars started to appear.
    I looked over my shoulder, as I saw Hunter's eyes closed.
    A light snore came from his nose.
    I watched as his ivory skin glowed in the moonlight.
    The wind gently blew his dark hair in his face.
    Without my permisson, my hand reached out forward.
    My fingers were trembling, as they brushed his hair away from his eyes swiftly.
    I laid my bad down as a pillow, as I positioned myself a good feet away from his body.
    It was pretty chilly on the cliff, but nothing I couldn't handle.
    I sniffled, as I closed my eyes gently.

  2. lollipopx3 lollipopx3
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    January 30, 2012 8:59pm UTC
    hauntingly beautiful
    Chapter 9
    Hayden's Point of View
    I ran my fingers down the portrait of Cameron, as I smiled.
    I studied how bright his eyes shone in that picture, with his front tooth missing.
    "Cameron, I found a friend now." I whispered, staring at the picture.
    The picture of Cameron as a child stared back at me without any movement.
    "His name is Hunter. He's different, Cam. He treats me like a normal person." I gulped.
    Water filled at my eyes at the thought of me talking to a still picture.
    I wish Cameron was here, for real.
    I wish Cameron was here to listen to what I had to say, and be the protective brother I've always wanted.
    "I wish you could meet him, Cam." I finished, taking in a deep breath.
    I stared back at the picture for a few more minutes, just mesmerized by Cameron's angelic innocence.
    "Hayden! Your friend is here to drive you to school!" Ruth called down from the kitchen.
    My heart lept, as I wiped my tears away from my cheeks.
    I stuffed Cameron's picture in my bag, as I scurried downstairs.
    Ruth frowned as she saw my tear stained face, but she decided it was best to not question me.
    "Have a good day at school." she smiled weakly, patting my back.
    I gave her a nod in return, as I stepped outside the house.
    The cold winter air blew my hair in all different directions, as I paced towards Hunter's car.
    I could see him in the driver's seat, nodding his head to the light sound of music.
    I stepped towards the passenger door, climbing inside.
    I avoided eye contact with Hunter.
    I didn't want him to see my red, swollen eyes.
    I would have to wait a while until they returned back to normal.
    "Good morning, Hayden." he said.
    "Good morning." I quickly said, as he started to drive.
    "Is everything okay? You seem a bit jittery." he asked.
    I took in a deep breath, slowing down my pace. "I-I'm fine."
    From the corner of my eye, I could see Hunter frown.
    I just didn't want him to see me so weak.
    I dropped my head down during the entire ride, with my lips moving every now and then to the music that was softly coming out his speakers.
    "Hayden? We're here." he gently announced, tugging my arm lightly.
    My eyes snapped up towards the window, as I stared back at the school's building.
    "O-oh. Thanks for the ride." I muttered, quickly getting out of his car.
    As I closed the door shut, I quickly sprinted into the building.
    I walked as fast as I could without running towards the locker, trying to ditch Hunter.
    Suddenly, I felt a hand pull my arm, hard.
    I flinched, as I let out a wince of pain.
    My bag fell upon the floor, as everything scattered around the floor.
    Everything, including my precious picture of Cameron.
    I swallowed down hard, as I bent over to retrieve the picture, first.
    I silently thanked God that the fram wasn't broken or cracked.
    Before I got to touch it, a perfectly manicured hand snatched it out of my sight.
    I stared up at Maddi, who was holding the frame in her hand.
    "Well, well, Hayden. What do we have here?" she asked, holding up the picture.
    I stood up, as I dropped my eyes to the floor.
    "Can I have it back?" I asked pleadingly.
    Maddi snickered, ignoring my completely.
    "Who is this? Your little brother?" she asked.
    She was triggering something inside of me, as I flinched.
    "Just give me it back." I gritted through my teeth.
    Maddi crossed her arms stubbornly. "Does it mean that much to you?"
    I gulped, nodding meakly.
    Maddi smirked evilly, twirling the frame with her finger.
    "Well, since it means so much to you, I guess..."
    Before she got to finish, the frame came crashing down on the floor, as the glass shattered all around.
    "Oops." she sarcastically cried. "Sorry."
    I deleted the last one and put up this one, because i wrote chapter 8 instead of 9.
    so i corrected it (:

  3. lollipopx3 lollipopx3
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    January 23, 2012 8:26pm UTC
    hauntingly beautiful
    Chapter 4
    I nibbled on my turkey sandwich, as I reviewed the notes I took this morning in chemistry.
    The library was pitch quiet, as usual, since I was the only one who stayed in the library during lunch hours.
    I didn't see a point in eating in the lunch room, since I would sit alone, as everyone pointed and whispered things about me.
    Suddenly, the chair across from me scrapped.
    My eyes flickered up cautiously, as Hunter leaned agaisnt the table, giving me a sly grin.
    I was still pretty flushed from our intense moment this morning.
    I could still feel his hand burning on my wrists, as he pressed his body agaisnt mine, forcing me to look up at his blazing blue eyes.
    Immediately, my eyes narrowed away from his.
    "I was looking for you at lunch." he spoke.
    I felt my palms getting sweaty, as I gulped.
    "O-oh." I stuttered, still avoiding the sharp look in his eyes.
    "Why do you come to the library during lunch?" he pressed.
    Because of your idiotic friends.
    "I-I just need to study. I'm falling behind in my classes." I lied.
    It wasn't true, honestly.
    Not that I was trying to brag, but I had a perfect 4.0 GPA.
    But, I needed a good excuse to tell Hunter.
    "I should join you more often. I'm not so good in chemistry, either." he smiled, taking a short glance at my notes.
    I twisted my lips, sighing in defeat.
    "Yeah, you should." I muttered, trying not to sound too sarcastic.
    Suddenly, his hand came in contact with my cheeks, brushing a loose strand of hair behind my ears.
    "Why do you put your hair up all the time?" he said, gesturing towards my messy bun.
    I swallowed, as I I blushed from insecurity.
    "I-I didn't mean it like that!" he suddenly defended, noticing my flushed face.
    I bit my lip, as I shook my head. "No, don't apologize. I understand."
    Hunter shook his dark hair out of his face, smacking himself on the forehead.
    "What I meant was," he paused, "you have really nice hair. I'm just curious to see what it would look like if it was down."
    That didn't help, at all.
    I could feel my cheeks becoming into an unpleasant shade of scarlet red.
    Hunter groaned. "I should shut up now, shouldn't I?"
    A small smile appeared from my face, as I bit my lip down to avoiding it from spreading wider.
    "Yeah." I softly spoke.
    Hunter's rosy lips curved, as his eyes began to light up.
    The warning bell suddenly rang, as my eyes glanced towards the clock.
    I began to gather all of my stuff, pushing myself off the chair.
    "Are you going to class now? Do you want me to walk you?" Hunter offered.
    I shook my head. "No, thanks."
    Hunter frowned, as his eyebrows furrowed together in disappointment.
    The class bell started to ring, as I began to speed walk out of the library.
    My next English class was two floors up from here!
    "I've got to go." I muttered, as I brushed by Hunter swiftly.
    Hunter held my wrists, as he turned me around.
    A familiar burning sensation shot up my spine, as my cheeks turned bright red.
    "Do you think we could hang out after school today?" he smoothly asked.
    I tensed, as my shoulders went stiff and square.
    "M-maybe." I stuttered.
    Hunter gave me a small smile, before releasing my arm.
    "I'll wait for you out at the parking lot." he said.
    I hesitantly nodded, as I began to sprint to class.
    I weaved my way through a crowd of people, as they all turned and gave me dirty looks.
    As I took a seat in English just in time, the teacher began her lesson for the day.
    Midway through class, chatter began to fill the room while the teacher was out printing worksheets.
    A few girls who I recognized stormed up to my desk, placing their manicured nails flat out.
    "Hi, Hayden, right?" a fiery red head asked.
    I stared up at her, trying to hide my fear, as I nodded weakly.
    She snickered, tossing her hair over her shoulder.
    She smiled, as her over glossed lips stretched across her face into a fake, and painful smile.
    "Nice you meet you, I'm Maddi.So, we were all just wondering," she pointed to her two followers behind her. "What were you doing with Hunter this morning?"
    I stared at her blankly, before giving her a slight shrug.
    I saw her icy blue eyes twitch, as they became full of envy and rage.
    "Well, whatever it was, I want you to stay away from him. Or, you'll pay the consequences, okay?"
    I removed eye contact with her, as I sulked down in my seat.
    The teacher returned, as she urged the girls to go back to their seats.
    Maddi threw me a smirk, before sitting down with firm posture in her seat.

  4. lollipopx3 lollipopx3
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    January 16, 2012 9:33pm UTC
    hauntingly beautiful
    Chapter 1
    “How was your sleep, darling?" my adoptive mother asked, settling a plate of pancakes in front of me.
    I poked at the pancakes with my fork, watching as they deflated.
    "Fine." I moodily grumbled.
    My adoptive mother frowned, as she twisted her lips, turning to the sink to wash the dishes.
    I gulped, feeling guilty.
    I knew I shouldn't be so cold towards her, since she did get me out of the orphanage a year ago, but it was just a bad habit of mine.
    She tried to enter her way into my life, but it was hard for me to accept and trust her.
    I ate the pancakes silently, as the sweet liquid of the syrup drenched down my throat.
    As soon as it was time to start heading to school, I rinsed off the dishes.
    I started walking to school, as my old beaten up Converse shuffled on the cement.
    I dreaded going to school, since I was, sterotypically, the school's outcast.
    I was declared the schools outcast, just because I was so shy and quiet all the time.
    "Loser coming through." the brunette witch snickered, as I walked by her.
    I cringed, as I tried my best to ignore the giggles that filled the atmosphere.
    I quietly staggered to my lockers, as I dialed my combinations lock.
    I grabbed my books, as I placed them firmly in my hands.
    I began to speed off to class, to avoid anymore confrontation from anyone who had a higher status than me at this school.
    Just as I was about to head to class, a tall, masculine jock bumped his shoulder agaisnt mine.
    My textbooks went flying, as they piled on the floor one by one.
    "Oops, sorry." the jock sarcastically smirked.
    I grunted silently, bending over to pick up the books.
    As I looked back up, I noticed that one of the jocks had turned back to me.
    His eyes stared at me with pity, as I narrowed my eyes away in disgust.
    Being bullied was a daily routine for me, and I didn't need sudden sympathy.
    Especially from one of them.
    I entered class, as I dazed out the window, not paying any attention to what the teacher was saying.
    I had already read ahead in the lesson, so listening was just going to be a waste for me.
    My eyes became heavy, as my breathing grew slow.
    My eyes suddenly shut, as I went off into a nap.
    Immediately after closing my eyes, my father's bloodshot eyes appeared in my dark vision.
    A shriek escaped my lips, as my eyes snapped open.
    The classroom became silent, as everyone's eyes stared at me.
    I face flustered as I stared down at my desk.
    "What a freak." a rude boy snapped from the back of the class.
    I sniffled, feeling my heart calm down slowly.
    "Is there something wrong, Miss Monroe?" my teacher asked, raising an eyebrow.
    I breathed in and out slowly. "May I go to the bathroom?"
    My teacher briefly rolled his eyes. "Take the pass."
    I scurried out of my seat, as I grabbed the pass, shooting out of the door.
    I went in the bathroom, splashing cold water on my face.
    The picture of my fathers angry eyes kept staring back at my reflection through the mirror.
    I grasped the counter of the sink.
    "Everything will be okay." I whispered to myself.
    I stepped out of the bathroom, as I began heading back to class.
    Just as I was about to make a turn at the corner, my head bumped into someone.
    "Crap! Watch where you're going!" the jock that pitied me retorted.
    I stared up at him with fearful eyes, brushing by him swiftly.
    "Are you okay?" he suddenly asked.
    I stopped in my tracks, not bothering to turn around.
    When he figured that I wouldn't reply, he asked again. "I asked, are you okay?"
    I turned back to him, almost scared.
    I nodded.

  5. lollipopx3 lollipopx3
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    January 13, 2012 11:16pm UTC
    Catch Me if You Can
    Chapter 34
    Colby's Point of View
    The rain droplets were falling agaisnt my roof, hard.
    Everytime a raindrop fell upon the roof of my house, a thud would echo through my house.
    I cuddled up in my warm blankets, sipping on a cup of hot chocolate.
    My eyes were glued to the television screen, which were showing some reruns of an old show I used to love.
    There was a soft knocking coming from my front door, but I figured it was just the rain.
    After a minute of ignoring the knocking, it suddenly grew loud.
    I groaned in irritation, throwing my plushy covers off of me.
    I slipped on my fluffy bunny slippers, paddling my way towards the front door.
    I swung it open, but I frowned when no one was there.
    I turned around to close the door, but did a double take when I saw a dampened note on the doorsteps.
    I bit my lower lip eagerly, picking up the note that was becoming soaked from the rain.
    I quickly hurried inside to avoid a cold, ripping open the edges of the letter carefully.
    The letter inside the envelope was a bit wet, but the scrawny handwriting was legible.
    Come to the beach.
    I gulped, knowing who exactly it might be, even though no one had signed the note.
    I didn't hesitate to shove my feet into a pair of sneakers.
    I sprinted out the door, even though I was still wearing my plaid pajama bottoms and an oversized hoodie.
    The rain was pouring down harder, as I ran faster to the beach.
    Through my blurred vision, I could see a figure trailing through the beach.
    A small smile appeared on my face, as I began to jog towards the sand.
    Come on, he had to remember me.
    Even though the figure was halfway down the beach, and I was only at the front, I could instantly see his beautiful brown hair.
    A small smile appeared on my quivering lips.
    "Harry!" I shouted.
    The figure turned around, and stopped in his tracks.
    Even though Harry was so far away, I could see his grin.
    I began to ran further down the beach, right towards him.
    I slowed down, and stopped directly in front of him.
    I left some space between us, since things were still complicated between us.
    Harry's rosy pink lips curved into a smile.
    His warm hand reached towards my face, rubbing the temples of my cheeks.
    His fingers left burns on my face, as I stared up at this seafoam green eyes.
    Oh, I missed those eyes so much.
    "You've changed so much during the past year." Harry whispered. "You're so much more beautiful."
    I let out a sigh of relief.
    I had chopped my brown hair just past my shoulders, but that was about it.
    "I'm sorry I didn't recognize you the first time I saw you. I was looking for you, though." he muttered, almost sounding ashamed.
    I shook my head. "Don't apologize."
    Harry moved a tiny bit closer to me, trailing his fingers down to the ends of my hair.
    The rain was dampening my hair, as my clothes stuck onto my skin.
    I swallowed, because the coldness I was feeling didn't affect me right now.
    Only Harry did.
    It was only Harry who ever could've affected me.
    Harry leaned close towards me, as his lips brushed against the top of my head.
    He left his chin on my head, pulling me closer for a tight embrace.
    Tears began to flow out of my eyes.
    I felt so safe in his arms, so warm.
    "I never got to tell you how much I love you." he breathed.
    "I love you, so much, Harry. It hurts." I chuckled quietly.
    Harry's lips smiled, as he gave me a long, yet simple kiss.
    "I will never leave you, ever again, Colby. I love you too much."
    The End.
    Hope you enjoyed that. No sequel, sorry! I don't have much to write about Colby and Harry anymore. And, I'm not good at the whole 'family' and 'marriage' thing, so I won't go into that.
    I'm starting a new story soon, so hope you liked this one!
    I love you, all! :)

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    January 1, 1970 12:00am UTC
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  8. lollipopx3 lollipopx3
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    January 12, 2012 9:36pm UTC
    Catch Me if You Can
    Chapter 33
    Harry's Point of View:
    As soon as I parked my car at the beach's parking lot, I was immediately surrounded by all of my old friends.
    A grin swept across my face, as they all greeted me with hugs.
    My eyes scanned over through the crowd, trying to find the girl who was the reason why I came back for.
    I sighed in defeat, not spotting Colby's dark brown locks through the group of people.
    Did she even know I was coming back today?
    "Harry! Come join the party!" Gerald called, handing me a beer.
    I chuckled, as I immediately chugged the can of fresh beer.
    Everyone began to clear up the parking lot, heading their way over to the bonfire in the center of the beach.
    As I weaved my way through the crowd of people, I couldn't help but notice a shiny, silver necklace laying on the floor.
    I stopped in my tracks, bending over to pick it up.
    The silver chain sparkled in my hand, along with the small heart that dangled in the center.
    I turned around, as I spot a girl sprinting away from the beach.
    I bit my lip, as I began chasing after her.
    I held onto the necklace tightly, as I finally caught up with her after a block down.
    "Excuse me, miss." I breathed.
    The girl's chocolate brown eyes sparkled, as a bit of hope lit up in her eyes.
    "Yes?" she asked, her voice breaking.
    I frowned, wanting to ask what was wrong, but instead, I handed the girl her necklace.
    "You dropped your necklace." I said, as our hands brushed.
    A familiar spark of electricty stung through my hand, as she quickly snatched her hand away.
    I watched as her shoulder lenght, brown hair blew in her face, making her look like a goddess.
    "T-thanks." she uttered, loosing the spark of hope in her eyes.
    I had invited her to come along to the party with me, but she kindly rejected my offer.
    I shrugged, before Colby's face appeared into my mind, again.
    I bit my lip anxiously, eager to see her.
    "Um, would you happen to know a Colby around here?" I asked.
    The girl sucked in a deep breath, as I saw moisture forming in her eyes.
    My eyes widened in panic, as I saw her devasted state.
    Had I said something wrong to her?
    "No, I don't know anyone named Colby." her soft voice spoke.
    I lost hope, as I nodded understandingly.
    "Thanks, anyway, I'll see you sometime." I muttered.
    I turned around and began to walk back towards the bonfire.
    But, before I turned around the corner, I spun back around to stare at the girl.
    She was still walking, extremely slowly.
    Her head was down, as her white dress blew behind her gently.
    How come she looked so... familiar?
    I shook away my thoughts, as I spotted Gerald sipping some alcohol from a red party cup.
    He wondered where I had went, and I explained to him how I had returned a necklace to that girl with the white dress.
    As soon as I finished explaining, Gerald's eyes went scanning around the beach.
    His eyes grew frightened by the second.
    Soon, Gerald let out a groan, slapping his forehead.
    I frowned, giving him a weak smile.
    "Man, what's wrong?" I asked.
    Gerald shook his head, muttering, "Darn, Colby."
    My eyes shot towards him, as I rubbed the back of my neck casually.
    "W-what about... Colby?" I asked.
    Gerald gave me a glare, before shutting his eyes tightly.
    "That girl you just gave the necklace to, that's Colby." he firmly stated.
    My eyes bulged out, as I became lost of words.
    How could that have been Colby?
    How come she didn't say anything to me?
    She looked so different since the last time I saw her.
    I slapped myself mentally. She probably thinks I'm an idiot now!
    But... did she remember me?

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    January 1, 1970 12:00am UTC
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  10. lollipopx3 lollipopx3
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    January 10, 2012 7:36pm UTC
    Catch Me if You Can
    Chapter 31
    I sat at an old log, staring at the fire that was blazing before my eyes.
    There was a bonfire party at the beach tonight.
    When Addison had informed me about the party tonight, I was planning on not going, just because it had brought me back too many memories of Harry.
    But, Addison had also told me that she had something installed for me, a surprise.
    So far, she was too busy dancing with Alex than to accompany me.
    I raised the red cup that was in my hand to my mouth, letting the flat beer go down my throat.
    I winced at the taste, but forced myself to gulp it down.
    It was almost midnight now, and I hadn't done anything at the party accept for sit by the fire.
    I got up, and tossed my empty cup to the nearest trash can.
    I began to slip on my sandals, as I wandered my way over to the opposite side of the beach.
    On the opposite side was a massive hill of rocks.
    I bit back a smile, remembering when I first came here with Harry.
    I carefully climbed up the rocks, holding on to them for protection.
    Just as I was about to get to the top of the hill, my foot slipped from the rock below me.
    I felt myself flying backwards, as I landed on the sand.
    Luckily, the peak of the hill wasn't too far from the ground.
    I wasn't badly injured, with the exception of the gauze I had on my knee.
    I had scrapped it while falling down.
    It stung, but it barely hurt, so I ignored it.
    I sucked in a deep breath, as I tried again to climb up the rocks.
    Without Harry with me, it felt almost impossible to reach to the top.
    After a while, I had finally managed to get on the top without hurting myself any more.
    The winds were stronger at the top, as my hair flew in different directions.
    I wrapped my cardigan around me tighter, trying to get rid of my goosebumps.
    From the top of the pile of rocks, I could see the entire view of the beach.
    I took in a deep breath, as I took a sharp charm from my bracelet.
    I carved into the rocks my initals, along with Harry's.
    Around it, I created a heart.
    I smiled, as I climbed back down.
    "Colby! Where the heck were you?!" Addison asked, her eyes impatient and frantic.
    I had just gotten back to where the lively bonfire party was, and Addison came rushing towards me.
    "I was just walking around." I shrugged.
    Addison huffed, as she pulled my arm.
    "Come on, he's almost here!" she squealed.
    I frowned. "Whose almost here?"
    Addison's eyes widened, as she paused.
    She looked like she had just told me something she shouldn't have.
    "N-no one." she buffered, faking a laugh.
    I rolled my eyes, as Addison led me towards Gerald.
    Addison whispered something in Gerald's ear, causing him to stare at me with sympathy.
    I groaned with irritation.
    Why was it that I was always the one left out in their little conversations?
    "Everybody, he's here!" Jason hollered, as everyone started to hush down.
    "Gerald, what's going on?!" I snapped.
    "Just wait." Gerald grinned.
    Soon, a car pulled up towards the parking lot of the beach.
    I saw a figure come out of the shadows, as everyone ran up to give him a welcoming hug.
    I was left alone at the beach, wondering who the person was.
    "It's so good to see you, again!" Dani suddenly perked, jumping into the male's arms.

  11. XoXoLaLaLaXoXo XoXoLaLaLaXoXo
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    January 7, 2012 8:55pm UTC
    Chasing Cars
    The girls were craving more danger, not the small town stuff, like stealing a bracelet, or skipping a homework, but, the kind of thrill, mind twisting danger that the two girls had gotten in everyday since they were 8.
    “I’m bored.” Chase murmured.
    “Let go in the street again.”
    “No, I’m not in the mood.”
    “Oh! I see! Your afraid I will win again!” Maddy spat in Chases face.
    “NO.” Chase defended herself.
    “Then lets see you win for once.” Maddy sang as she dashed towards the road.
    The car inched towards Maddy and Chase.
    “AHH!” they both screamed in excitement.
    “I’m going to win again!” Maddy yelled as the car sped up at about 40 feet away.
    “Maddy the cars not stopping!” Chase screamed as she jumped out of the way.
    “What? I cant hear yo-”
    All in one motion, a yellow Ferrari zoomed past Chase, and continued down main road, not stopping, or even looking back, to see the dead body that its engine roared over.
    hay (: ITS MEE. well im sorta changing this up for this next story, comment on my quotes if you would like to be notified when theres a new chapter, comment on my profile if you have questions/comments for my story(: i hope you all like the little into thingie majiggy i know it does not make alot of sense so far, but it will, i pwomise ;) thanks for reading loves < 3333
    Not My Font.

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  15. lollipopx3 lollipopx3
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    January 8, 2012 4:10pm UTC
    Catch Me if You Can
    Chapter 30
    One Year Later:
    I dipped my toes in the ocean water, as the light summer breeze tossed my hair back.
    I stepped further in the ocean water, until the water reached to my bare knees.
    "Be careful!" a masucline voice said behind me.
    My heart picked up its pace.
    Had he returned? Was he really here? Was it really...
    There was no one behind me.
    Over to my left, I saw a middle aged man helping a little girl out of the water.
    My hopes died down, as I began dragging my wet legs out of the water.
    How stupid was I to think that Harry had come back?
    He left me here, and I needed to get that across my mind.
    After he left, we barely kept in contact.
    We were both too busy, and with different time zones, it was impossible to call each other.
    My drenched feet left dampened footprints as I trailed through the sand.
    "Colby, you ready to go to the mall? Gerald's already in the car." Addison said, handing me my bag.
    I nodded, as we jogged over to Gerald's car, climbing inside.
    We began driving, as the radio softly played through the speakers.
    "Just a heads up, guys, but I'm not going to go to any girly stores." Gerald said, peering at Addison and I through the rearview mirror.
    Addison rolled her eyes, as I stared out the window.
    "But, I really wanted to go get this new bikini at Victoria's Secret!" Addison teased.
    "Addison, please. I'm just going to go off by myself and find some girls to hang with while you do that." Gerald smirked.
    "Are you forgetting about Lyssa? Your girlfriend?" Addison challenged.
    I smiled at that one. "Why can't I have normal friends?" I interjected.
    Gerald chuckled, as he pulled up to the mall's parking lot.
    "If we were normal, then your life would be boring."
    After we all shopped for a while, we eventually got hungry.
    We all had bags in out hands, but Addison had the most.
    When Addison shopped, she didn't know when to stop.
    She had at least ten bags with her, and she even had to beg Gerald to help her carry some.
    We were now sitting in the food court, sipping at our favorite vanilla and chocolate swirled milkshakes.
    "Oh my gosh, those guys are so cute." Addison drooled, staring at a two guys a couple of tables ahead of us.
    "Are you forgetting about Alex? Your boyfriend?" Gerald asked, teasing her from earlier today.
    Addison shot him a death glare, before beaming.
    "Oh my gosh, the blonde one just looked at you, Colby! He's so cute!" Addison gushed.
    I shrugged my shoulders, not bothering to look.
    I saw Addison frown from the corner of my eyes.
    "Well, you should introduce yourself to him." she suggested.
    "No, I'm not interested." I said, giving her a weak smile.
    Addison sighed, pushing her milkshake away.
    "Come on! You haven't been interested in anyone since Harry-"
    Gerald shot her a warning glance, as Addison clamped a hand over her mouth.
    My heart dropped at the mention of Harry's name.
    "S-sorry. I didn't mean it like that." she assured, biting her lip.
    I shook my head. "No, it's fine, really."
    The tensions were quiet and awkward now.
    "I went to prom with that one guy. I think his name was Nick, right?" I smiled, trying to lighten up the mood.
    Gerald smirked, as he ruffled his hair.
    "Colby, his name was Nate."
    I frowned, before nodding in agreement. "Oh, right. Nate."
    Addison smirked, before drumming her fingers on the table.
    She muttered something under her breath, something along the lines of, "Oh, Harry."

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    January 5, 2012 7:20pm UTC
    Catch Me if You Can
    Chapter 28
    I watched as Harry held the last tennis ball in his hand.
    He adjusted his aim, as the ball released from his palms, shooting swiftly in a cup.
    "We have a winner!" the teenage boy announced.
    "Which one do you want?" Harry asked lowly, with his low breath trickling on my ear.
    Shivers sent down my spine, as I pointed to the big, lime green frog with wide cartoon eyes.
    The teenage boy handed me the stuffed toy, as I clutched it in my hands securely.
    "Thanks." Harry nodded to the boy, as we walked off.
    It was almost mid night now, and the fireworks would start to explode by now.
    Harry tugged my arm, as he guided me out of the boardwalk.
    We headed to the beach, the exact same spot where we first met.
    "H-Harry? Why are we here? It's freezing." I shuddered, holding on to my new plushed frog for warmth.
    "I know, but it's really nice here." Harry smiled, staring out at the dark waves.
    I bit my lip, as we took a seat on the cool sand.
    "Thanks for the frog, by the way." I blushed, tucking some hair behind my ears.
    Harry grinned. "Why did you pick the frog?"
    I smiled to myself, as I ruffled the head of the frog.
    "It reminds me of you." I admitted.
    Harry's face went blank, as he shook his head. "You mean that toy frog reminds you of me?"
    I laughed, throwing my head back at the wind.
    "I didn't mean it like that." I paused. "It's just that its... cute."
    Harry went silent, as I turned my face away.
    My face was burning up, as I hid behind my mass amount of hair.
    Why did I just say that? Was I going insane?
    I suddenly felt a pair of warm fingers come in contact with my cheek, turning it to face Harry's gentle face.
    "I think you're really cute, too." he said with all seriousness.
    My eyes widened, as my heart began to leap away from my chest.
    "But." he sighed. "I don't want to get attached to you."
    His hands dropped away from my face, as I swallowed the gulp that was forming in my throat.
    "W-what?" I stuttered.
    How stupid was I? Just admitting to Harry that he was cute, and ultimately getting rejected on.
    Harry removed his sea green eyes from mine, and stared out at the ocean waves.
    "I really like you, Colby." he whispered.
    I stared up at him with surprise, but I didn't say anything.
    "I've been liking you, actually. I've liked you ever since I saw you walking on the shore earlier this summer. There was just something about you that I really found interesting."
    I dug my fingernails in my palms to prevent myself from crying.
    If he was telling me all of this, then why didn't he want to get attached to me?
    "Do you remember how I told you I needed to tell you something earlier tonight?" Harry asked.
    I bit my lip, and nodded.
    "Well, that was one of them. There's something else." Harry sadly smiled.
    I frowned. "Tell me."
    Harry sucked in a deep breath, before opening his mouth to speak.
    "I'm moving."
    My heart dropped to my gut.
    I knew immediately that those two words were going to haunt me for eternity.
    Harry was moving, leaving me behind.
    "You're moving?" I breathed. "I've barely been here for a few months and you're already leaving?"
    The tears flowed down my cheeks by now.
    How pathetic was I? So weak and vulnerable.
    Harry wiped a tear from my cheek, as he gave me a small smile.
    "I'm sorry, Colby. I would stay, if I could. But, my dad got a new job with a great pay... in Florida."
    I shut my eyes tightly, pinching myself to wake up from his horrible nightmare.
    "F-Florida? That's so far away." I quivered.
    "That's why I didn't want to get too close to you. I didn't want to get attached, because I knew I would get my heartbroken. But, I couldn't resists, Colby. You're just... everything I've ever wanted in a girl."
    (Too long, need to continue on next chapter.) :)

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    January 1, 1970 12:00am UTC
    This quote does not exist.

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    Catch Me if You Can
    Chapter 27
    It was mid August now, and everything had been going perfectly fine.
    The weather was starting to cool down, but it was still warm enough to swim during the afternoon.
    The sad thing was that school was going to begin in just two weeks.
    Addison had already dragged Gerald and I to the mall several times, buying everything she wanted for the start of school.
    I haven't seen Harry much for the past week.
    We were suppose to go to the movies and hang around the beach yesterday, but he had to cancel for some family emergency.
    The only time we spoke was through the phone, and those didn't last too long.
    I was beginning to worry if Harry had been trying to ignore me, but Gerald and Addison assured me he wasn't.
    It seemed as if they knew something about Harry that I didn't.
    It was now a Thursday night, and I had just finished up washing the dishes.
    My phone vibrated agaisnt the kitchen counter, as I rinsed the soap off of my hands.
    I headed over to my phone, as Harry's name lit up on the screen.
    My heart began to beat faster, as I quickly pressed the green answer button.
    "Hello?" I asked casually, trying not to seem to eager to hear his angelic voice.
    "Hi, Colby." Harry said through the phone.
    "Hey Harry, what's up?" I asked, leaning my back against the counter.
    I heard a distant pause, before Harry spoke up again.
    "I know it's pretty late now, but could you meet me at the beach in fifteen minutes?"
    I bit my lip, not liking the urgent sound in his voice.
    "I've got to go now, but be at the beach at nine-thirty, okay?" he clarified.
    I gulped, but nodded. "Alright, I'll see you later."
    Harry hung up quickly, just as I groaned.
    My dad suddenly appeared into the kitchen, grabbing a beer out of the fridge.
    "What's wrong, kiddo? Turn that frown upside down." my dad winked.
    I faked a gag, as a smile appeared on my face.
    My dad's dry and sour humor was amusing to me.
    "Dad, I'm going to head out to the beach, okay?" I smiled sweetly, already stuffing my phone in my pockets of my black hoodie.
    "Did you finish the dishes?" he raised an eyebrow.
    "Yes." I chuckled, giving him a peck on the cheek.
    It was ten o'clock, and I was wondering if Harry was going to show up.
    I've been waiting at the beach for him for thirty minutes already.
    I kept checking over at my phone, wondering if I should call him or not.
    The sky was almost pitch black, and it didn't help that it was so windy tonight.
    Suddenly, a finger jabbed against my shoulder, as I spun around.
    Harry gave me a grin, but I noticed dark circles forming under his sea green eyes.
    "Sorry I'm late." he apologized.
    I shrugged like it was no big deal. "Psh, you aren't that late. I was thinking that you were going to cancel on me, again."
    Harry's face turned dark and blank, as my heart dropped to my gut.
    Had I really just said that out loud?
    I bit my lip. "Uh, I didn't mean it like that, Harry. S-sorry."
    Harry shook his head, as his brown locks sprang away from his face.
    "It's no problem. It's my fault, anyway."
    We spent a moment staring at each other intently before I looked away.
    "So, uh, what's so important that you had to call me out this late?" I asked.
    Harry let out a sigh, before surprising me.
    He took my hand, interwining our fingers.
    "I'll tell you later. For now, I just want to have fun."

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    Catch Me if You Can
    Chapter 23
    The sky was dark now, and the moon was visable.
    Everyone had went back inside the yacht, since it was getting colder.
    I sat on a plushy white couch, as people started bringing out empty bottles.
    "Truth or dare, anyone?" a petite girl asked, waving up an empty beer bottle.
    Immediately, people dashed to the floor, forming a crooked circle.
    I stayed on the couch, not wanting to join their game.
    My eyes shot across the room, staring directly at Harry.
    Harry was leaning on the armrest of the chair, looking saddened.
    I pursed my lips, wondering why I had rejected his kiss.
    I really liked Harry, there's no doubt in that.
    But, I was scared. Scared to get hurt, again.
    "Harry? Colby? You guys coming to play?" Lyssa asked sweetly.
    Harry's head jerked up, as if he was in his own world before Lyssa spoke.
    "Uh... s-sure. I'll play." Harry hesitantly said, stumbling down to join the others in a circle.
    Lyssa frowned at Harry, but smiled when she turned towards me.
    "Well, Colby? Are you going to play?" she asked.
    I really didn't want to be the person that ruins the fun at Lyssa's party.
    I smiled back, as Lyssa patted an empty spot beside her.
    I slid into the spot, as the petite girl went first.
    It landed on Addison, and she was dared kiss Alex, which she gladly did.
    My heart sank each time the bottle went by me.
    I didn't want to play, since everyone was basically daring the other to kiss someone.
    After a few more turns, Gerald began to spin the bottle.
    I could feel it spinning slower, as it approached me.
    I bit my lower lip, as Lyssa gave me a gentle smile.
    "I-I think I left my purse on the deck." I lied.
    I got up, and sprinted out of the screen doors, collapsing on one of the sun chairs.
    I pressed my knees up to my chest, breathing in slowly.
    Why did I have to be such a loser?
    What kind of idiot is afraid to play truth or dare?
    I mentally smacked myself, as I buried my head in my knees.
    The wind outside of tossing my brown hair in all different directions, as shivers sent up my spine from the chilliness.
    I felt weight being pressed down on the edge of my sunchair.
    I lifted my head up, hoping it was Harry, but it wasn't.
    It was Gerald.
    Gerald gave me a small smile, but he looked worried.
    "Did you find your purse yet, Colby?" he asked teasingly.
    A small smile broke across my face, as I nodded. "Sure did, Gerald."
    Gerald lightly chuckled, as the wind blew his dark hair away from his face.
    "So, may I ask why you left the game right when the bottle was about to land on you?" Gerald asked.
    I sighed. "I-I don't know."
    "Is it Harry?" Gerald raised my eyebrow.
    My eyes immediately perked up, as my face flustered.
    "What makes you think that?!" I snapped.
    Gerald shrugged sarcastically. "I don't know, maybe it's the way you both look depressed after almost kissing on the deck earlier today."
    My eyes widened, as I pushed Gerald off of the sunchair.
    He fell off the edge, landing on his butt.
    I glared at Gerald, as he tried to control his laughter.
    "That's what you get for spying!" I cried.
    Gerald raised his hands up in surrender. "Hey, hey! Lyssa was the one who told me about it!"
    I groaned, as I crossed my arms stubbornly. "Ugh! You guys are exactly alike."
    Gerald stared drreamily at the sky. "That's why I love her."
    I rolled my eyes playfully. "You're so cheesy."
    Gerald stuck his tongue out at me. "Everyone needs a little cheese in their life."


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