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1-15-12 just chillin, thinking of the next chapter so stay tuned ;) 
Welcome To My Profile!!!

Well im not big for filling these things out because my life is not that interesting, Ill fill it out to humor you anyways (: My name is Delaney, call me Laney, i am thirteen years old, but I usually write from a perspective of a fifteen year old because i just want to be fifteen so badly; and i dont rly know why? :) its okay if you think im weird because, I AM.  well if your wondering what i do in my free time:  I love to dance, it basically occupies my life, MY BESTFRIEND EVER actually HAS a witty! you should check her out; everlastinglaughs her quotes are amazinn ;) i um, i love the movies, the mall is my second home, the beach is my medicine, without it. i would die. I UM i tried surfing for the first time this summer, it was pretty amazing, i suggest you try it also! im in love with this website, and my favorite pass time has to be writing stoires on here, this is just another account i made, to many people from my school found my other one (: Please take the time to read my new story; Chasing Cars. and if you would like you can read my romance i just finished; A million and One. the first chapter is here -->> http://www.wittyprofiles.com/q/4511840 

Thanks For Visiting!




  1. XoXoLaLaLaXoXo XoXoLaLaLaXoXo
    posted a quote
    May 11, 2012 3:38pm UTC
    1D 1shot.
    “Are you ok?” Niall wiped a tear from his eye as he put his limp arm around me.
    “No.” I said between my sobs.
    “It- it will be ok.” he cried harder. The soft hum from the radiator in the left corner of the room soothed my heavy breathing. I collapsed into Niall’s sweatshirt. And we hugged. And we didn’t stop crying, and the rain didn’t stop pouring. The pounding sound of the rain on the window sill was interrupted by Liam barging through the door.
    “I cant do this.” Liam fell to the ground in loud sobs. I folded a crumpled letter in my hands as I saw my black mascara filled tears in the reflection of the mirror in front of me.
    “Give it to me.” Zayn murmured as he came in the same door Liam had slammed. I handed him the wet note. Louis teared up.
    His eyes scanned the letter that I had already memorized:
    Hi dear,
    Listen, before you get mad at me, think about where im coming from.
    The way I read that sentence of the letter when I first found it made me think Harry had cheated on me, or wanted to break up.
    I Love you.
    When I read that, I knew, we were ok.
    Sometimes people are not happy, and they don’t know how to explain why or how they got unhappy, but they just are.
    That’s when I wondered if the next line would be ‘I’m breaking up with you’ it wasn’t.
    We wont see each other a while dear.
    He ran away? No.
    Someday we will meet again, and I promise, I will be happy again.
    What the hell? I asked myself before I braced myself to read the rest of the letter.
    I need you to be there for the boys, I need you to be brave dear, I need you to move on from me and find a true love. I need you to understand that Suicide was the last option for me.
    Suicide? I thought to myself. Is this a joke?
    By the time you read this, I will be gone. Please don’t be sad, if you knew how much I love you, you would understand that this simply was the best way for me, I love you so much babe, I love the boys so much. Clearly I have some things going on in my head, Heaven will take these worries away from me.
    I gulped, only a few sentences were left on the page.
    By the time you read this I will be gone. I took the pills already, and now I’m waiting. I want you to know that I never wanted to do this to you or the boys, but this is the best and only option I had left. I’m so sad. I’m so sick in my mind darling. I love you, I love the boys, I love my family. See you on the other side my love, I’ll be waiting. Xx Harry
    Where is the just kidding? Where is the ‘meet you at dinner’? I turned around and noticed ambulances in front of his home, all the men rushed into the bathroom to take Harry’s lifeless body out of his white bathtub.
    Harry left this world, not letting any of us know what’s wrong, last night he went bowling with his friends, drank a frozen lemonade, and kissed me on my lips. He didn’t let any of us help him, he pretended to be ok, for us. I had to continue on in my life, I had to stay strong because I knew Angel Harry was looking down on me. Now I will wait, I will wait until the day I can see my true love again, up there, in Heaven.

  2. XoXoLaLaLaXoXo XoXoLaLaLaXoXo
    posted a quote
    January 12, 2012 9:13pm UTC
    Chas i n g Cars
    Chapter One.
    Read Preface on my profile before reading this!!
    One Month Earlier.
    Chase and Maddy were sitting in silence as they painted their summer-dented toe nails.
    “Dan and Matt told me there was a fun thing that they like to do when their bored.” Maddy whispered as she continued to brag about her first boyfriend.
    “Oh I bet Dan knows what to do because, Dan is Dan.” Chase coldly said in jealousy.
    “I told you I could set you up with Matt he’s totally into you! Like you guys would be so cu-”
    “Shut up.” Chase said in annoyance. Maddy shot her a death glare. “I mean shut up PLEASE.” she smiled back. “Anyways, what’s so fun?” chase asked, desperate for medicine to cure her boredom.
    “Well its called Chasing Cars…”
    Maddy slowly shared with Chase the rules and fun of the game. The thrill of almost being killed, but not.
    “So then, then the car like comes up to us, and we JUMP in front of it!”
    “Wouldn’t you rather like cliff dive or something?” chase asked, confused in the “fun” of the game Maddy was explaining.
    “no! here’s the thing! The car would stop so it doesn’t hit us, and whoever makes it closer to the car, wins! Simple as that.” Maddy smiled, already positive she would win.
    “ I really don’t think we should-”
    “To bad, we are.” Maddy skipped as she jumped off Chases pink bed and headed for the main road.
    “ugh.” Chase murmured as she unwillingly joined her best friend.
    “Oh oh! Here comes a truck!” Maddy screamed in excitement.
    “Not a good idea!” Chase shouted as she giggled a little.
    “One, Two, THREE!”
    The girls jumped into the road and the truck came to a horrid stop, its breaks screeching as the car flung itself forward, and threw itself back again.
    “oh. My. God.” Chase whispered as she realized maddy had only come within 3 inches of getting hit, her about a foot.
    “THAT WAS AWE-” maddy screamed, her reaction as if she got off the best roller coaster in the world.
    “What the heck are you immature teenagers doing jumping in front of TRUCKS?” the old man hollered as
    He began to get out of his car.
    “RUN CHASE RUN!” Maddy yelped before the man could see the girls faces clearly.
    The girls dashed off the road and headed for their hangout in the woods. Chase soon collapsed on a pile of leaves that lined their “fort” that they made when they were eight.
    “That was amazing.” she whispered.
    “Told, Told you so” Maddy joined her in the pile, catching her breath.
    “What a thrill.”
    "Lets go again." the girls nodded.
    Comment on the quote if you would like to be notified when a new chapters up!
    Feedback is greatly appreciated and I try to follow back :D thanks for reading!
    xnevershoutsalena <--- check her out shes a great writer!!

  3. XoXoLaLaLaXoXo XoXoLaLaLaXoXo
    posted a quote
    January 7, 2012 8:55pm UTC
    Chasing Cars
    The girls were craving more danger, not the small town stuff, like stealing a bracelet, or skipping a homework, but, the kind of thrill, mind twisting danger that the two girls had gotten in everyday since they were 8.
    “I’m bored.” Chase murmured.
    “Let go in the street again.”
    “No, I’m not in the mood.”
    “Oh! I see! Your afraid I will win again!” Maddy spat in Chases face.
    “NO.” Chase defended herself.
    “Then lets see you win for once.” Maddy sang as she dashed towards the road.
    The car inched towards Maddy and Chase.
    “AHH!” they both screamed in excitement.
    “I’m going to win again!” Maddy yelled as the car sped up at about 40 feet away.
    “Maddy the cars not stopping!” Chase screamed as she jumped out of the way.
    “What? I cant hear yo-”
    All in one motion, a yellow Ferrari zoomed past Chase, and continued down main road, not stopping, or even looking back, to see the dead body that its engine roared over.
    hay (: ITS MEE. well im sorta changing this up for this next story, comment on my quotes if you would like to be notified when theres a new chapter, comment on my profile if you have questions/comments for my story(: i hope you all like the little into thingie majiggy i know it does not make alot of sense so far, but it will, i pwomise ;) thanks for reading loves < 3333
    Not My Font.

  4. XoXoLaLaLaXoXo XoXoLaLaLaXoXo
    posted a quote
    January 6, 2012 6:24pm UTC
    A Mi l l ion and One Th i ngs
    Lillys POV
    Lillys POV
    I explained everything to Jake. Every kiss. Every tear. Every feeling I had for Jay. And with every word I said, my feelings for him disappeared slowly. It took about an hour of sitting on that cold bench for me to finish telling Jake everything that happened. He just sat there and listened as he wiped my tears every so often.
    Jay calling
    The phone buzzed. My heart sank, how could I fall for Jay, he was a jerk all along.
    “Let me answer.” he whispered as he reached for my Iphone.
    “oh- okay.” I handed him the sparkly covered phone.
    “ Jay”
    “Jake?” Jay spat in the phone, disgusted that he was still with me.
    “ You need to stop calling.” Jake calmly said into the phone.
    “k” “click” the phone hung up.
    **--**--**--**--** Three weeks Later**--**--**--**--**
    “haha!” I laughed as Jake tickled my stomach.
    “You have a little something on your lip” he smiled.
    “ I do?” my face grew red as he said it.
    “yeah lemme get it.” he said as he placed his soft lips against mine. “got it.” he winked as we wobbled the hammock we were laying on.
    “ I’m happy.” I whispered.
    “I’m happy YOUR happy!” he whispered back into my ear, his breath ran down my neck.
    “Did you hear, about Jay?” I winced as I said his name.
    “About him and Emily?”
    I nodded as I remember reading the “in a relationship” on Jays face book profile.
    “I, I cant believe they would go out again after all of this” I whispered.
    “Well he’s an idiot, but I’m surly happy he is one.” Jake smiled his white teeth at me.
    “Why is that?” I chuckled.
    “ well he’s an idiot to BE with Emily in the first place, he’s an idiot that he did not keep you when he had you, but I’m happy because who knows, if he had you, I wouldn’t.” he pushed his lips against my forehead.
    “Your, you’re the best.” I looked into his eyes.
    “Lill- WOAH!” my grandfather screamed as he looked at me and Jake face to face on the hammock.
    “Oh Jesus.” I began to laugh as I turned around to face him.
    “Sir-” Jake began to say as he got up, but all in one motion the hammock completely flipped over, leaving us on the sand-dusted grass that lined my back yard.
    “HAHAHAHAHA!” we fell back in laughter.
    “I’m sorry sir, I didn’t mean to-”
    “Eh- shut it. Your cool bro!” my grandpa said, trying to act “hip”
    I chuckled into my shirt so he wouldn’t see. My grandfather walked away back into the house.
    “ I owe you one for that Hammock flip.” Jake laughed as we put our heads on the grass.
    “No Jake, you don’t owe me anything.”
    I love you.
    the end < 33333333333
    AH ITS OVER! im sorry the ending is rushed, and i hope you still liked it! Im pleased to say im starting a new story! its called "chasing cars" and im happy to tell you its completely different than this one ;) i would love if you all read it because i think you would enjoy it to!
    Heres a preview:
    Chase and Maddy were best friends from birth. born in the same hospital, only 3 days apart. Their parents brought them together, their both single moms raised them next door to eachother and their bond grew beyond friendship, into sisterhood. The "daredevils" of the town was the nick name the girls gained as they tried new things like jumping off bridges and mountain climbing every day.
    But when A life is lost, and a friend is left alone, how will she manage? How will life continue without her other half? as one daring game goes wrong, Chase is left to wonder if her life can continue on without her bestfriend or if it should end before its ment to.

  5. XoXoLaLaLaXoXo XoXoLaLaLaXoXo
    posted a quote
    January 6, 2012 5:44pm UTC
    A Mi l l ion and One Th i ngs
    Lillys POV
    Chapter Eleven
    We entered the small Ice cream shop and Jake grabbed my hand. Jesus here I go again, getting into things, way to fast.
    “What do you like?” he smiled as his fingers intertwined with mine.
    “um, I don’t know,, cookie dough?” I said, slowly pulling away from his grip, in the nicest way possible.
    “no?” I asked, laughing in confusion.
    “no, not cookie dough, your getting, um, oh I know! Your getting monster!”
    “Yep. Its only the best ice cream ever invited.”
    “Monster it is!” I said, finally giving in to his grip on my hand. We licked the large cones as we walked to the bench that his bike was placed upon.
    “Nice ice cream” I laughed as I realized it was dripping all over my bare legs.
    “nice face…” he winked back.
    “whata flirt!” I shouted as we threw our heads back in laughter.
    “well you know-”
    Jay calling my phone rang.
    “its jay..” I said picking it up.
    “ well answer it!”
    “Hello?” I asked confused.
    “ I don’t know what to do.” his voice muffled in the phone.
    “Are you okay?” I asked as more ice-cream dripped on my legs.
    “ no. who are you with?”
    “I’m with Jake.”
    “Jake?” he asked.
    “yeah I met him today!” I said as I smiled at Jake.
    “ Jesus.”
    “God Jay what’s your problem? You cant stand the fact that I’m finally happy?”
    “ I cant stand the fact that I let you slip away from me as Emily played me again.”
    “How is that my fault?” I spat into the phone.
    “I want to be with you again.” he whispered.
    “HA! What do you think I am jay? A little toy that you can bounce back to when your other, better, prettier toy breaks?”
    “I Lo-”
    I hung up the phone. My hands were shaking. My ice-cream was all over me. This day was a mess.
    “Are you okay?” Jakes huge eyes peered at me.
    “ No.” I buried my face into Jays T-shirt. His neck smelled like Abercrombie cologne.
    “I’m not going anywhere.” he assured me as we both dropped our ice creams on the pavement and hugged each other.
    Second to last chapter AH! the last chapters coming soon : , D

  6. XoXoLaLaLaXoXo XoXoLaLaLaXoXo
    posted a quote
    January 5, 2012 3:54pm UTC
    A Mi l l ion and One Th i ngs
    Lillys POV, Jays POV
    Chapter Nine
    Lillys POV
    “Aw crap.” he muttered as I slid on the back of his bicycle.
    “What?” I asked as his eyes looked back at me, creating a smile on both of our faces.
    “Melissa’s calling. I’m doing it now.”
    “Doing wh-” I peered over his shoulder.
    “hay baby” I heard a girl speak on the other end.
    “What’s wrong, come to the party!” I heard her drunkenly say.
    “Mellissa, I think, I don’t think we are working out.”
    “WHAT?!” I heard her scream as my mouth dropped. He’s breaking up with her?!
    “ I just think we should be fr-” click. She hung up on him.
    “What the heck are you doing!?” I shouted in his ear.
    “What do you think I’m doing? I’m putting my foot on the pedals, and taking you from some ice cream.” he smiled as he began to pedal on the sidewalk, as I stared at the moonlit beach to my left.
    Emilys POV
    I intertwined my finders with Jays sweaty palms. Ugh. Only a few more weeks, till I get my Jakey back, Ha Melissa will have to break up with him, and he will be all mine.
    “Why are you smiling so big?” Jay asked noticing my huge smile, as I thought about Jake.
    “I’m just so happy I’m here with you” I lied. “bing, bing, bing” My phone alerted me.
    We- broke up Emily. Come over, I need you, I’m crying so hard.
    - Melissa
    “Jay my mom just texted me, I’m just going to find cell service down there so i can reply” I pointed.
    “your mom?” he asked.
    “yes” I lied again as I ran down the beach. so he would not see my conversation with Melissa.
    What do you mean?
    - Emily
    He broke up with me Emily! I’m crying! Jake broke up with me!
    HE BROKE UP WITH YOU? So, so you cant give him to me anymore? The bets off?
    The bet? The friking bet Emily? This is what its about! I cant “give” you Jake anymore em’ because he doesn’t belong to me.
    - melissa
    Then I guess we cant be friends.
    - emily
    HA! This is what our friendship was? This is why you were nice to me. God, when will you realize no one really likes you, they are all just afraid of you. Jay will find out u played him. Jay loved you. All you did was hurt him over and over again.
    No he wont
    No reply. No reply from Melissa. I ran back to Jay, he seemed so far away. I had to carry on with the date, I guess he wasn’t that bad. I could date him a while longer.
    Jay was on the phone, his dad I assumed, his dad always “checked in” on him when he went to parties.
    I sat down by his side and played with the sand.
    “Are you sure?” he asked, confused.
    “ye-” I couldn’t hear the voice on the other end, it was to soft.
    “But no.” he said again, putting his hands to his head.
    “ok. Thanks, thanks for letting me know” he said shutting his phone.
    “what was that about?” I said trying to cuddle him.
    “ That was melissa.” he pulled away.
    “Wha-” I was cut off
    “ I know what you did Emily.” he said getting up and walking away.

  7. XoXoLaLaLaXoXo XoXoLaLaLaXoXo
    posted a quote
    January 1, 2012 6:36pm UTC
    A Mi l l ion and One Th i ngs
    Lillys POV, Jays POV
    Chapter Nine
    Lillys POV
    “Nice name” I smiled.
    “thanks I like your name too, it reminds me of something… I’m not sure what”
    “hm I don’t know a flower?” I laughed
    “oh, oh yeah that’s it!” he looked up at the stars. “so have you met anyone yet?”
    “you mean like kids our age?” I asked.
    “yeah, any new friends?”
    “eh, I wouldn’t say friends haha.”
    “ oh who who!?” he eagerly asked as he wiped the water off his abs.
    “well I met a boy, Jay.”
    “you, you know him?”
    “ every one knows every one on this beach hun”
    “hun?” I smiled.
    “keep going!”
    “um I met a girl, she’s actually my cousin I think, her names Emily.”
    “mhm, Emily my ex.”
    “oh! that’s nice” I said sarcastically.
    “eh, are you friends with her?”
    “God no” I laughed
    “oh thank God” he winked
    “who else?”
    “a few others, none that stand out.”
    “have you met Melissa?” he asked
    “nope, whose she”
    “my, soon to be-”
    “wife?!” I joked.
    “no haha” he laughed “my ex girlfriend”
    “why soon to be?”
    “because I like someone else now” he grinned at me. My stomach knotted up, my heart shivered. I smiled, this flirt of a boy was the first thing that almost took my mind off Jay. Almost.
    “you look hungry” he said as he reminded my brain I hadn’t eaten any thing all day.
    “I guess I am a little”
    “there’s an awesome ice cream place down the street” he pointed.
    “ we will walk?”
    “bike” he smiled.
    “oh no, I don’t bike.” I laughed.
    “fine you can ride on my back.” he said, grabbing my hand, and pulling me to his bike.
    Jays POV
    “what are you doing” I asked, pulling away from the 3 minute kiss, taking a breath.
    “what do you mean?” her blue eyes shot up at me in the darkness.
    “ you- you aren’t mad at me?”
    “ we all make mistakes” she whispered as she kicked the sand with her foot.
    “I think-”
    “I think I want to kiss you again” she said as she wrapped her small arms around me.
    hate on me :) i know theres to much dialauge in this, sorry to dissapoint! not my font, favorite, comment, follow, whatever. if you read this story and keep up with it, iloveyou. not sure how much longer i will be writing on herree. okay < 333 byee

  8. XoXoLaLaLaXoXo XoXoLaLaLaXoXo
    posted a quote
    December 18, 2011 12:34pm UTC
    A Mi l l ion and One Th i ngs
    Lillys POV
    Chapter Eight PART TWO:)
    “you got it you got it! He shouted as I stood on the board, gliding towards the sand.
    “ YA!” I screamed jumping off and paddling back to him
    “you have seaweed on your face” he whispered brushing the green strand of seaweed off my frozen face.
    “thanks” I said stepping towards him.
    “wholie crap, your freezing” he said feeling my hand. “I gotta get you out of here” he shouted, putting me on his back, acting like I was dying.
    “Stay calm, it will be okay miss!” he joked as he dragged our surfboards onto the shore.
    “ I think I’m dying!” I overly acted as I pretended to pass out on the sand.
    “ funny funny” he said wrapping his only towel around me.
    “ you know people die from being cold, I just had to save you” he said wrapping his arm around me, then quickly taking it off.
    “well mister, I think I should introduce myself.” I smiled, our face only inches away. “Lilly” I muttered.
    “ I’m Jake” he smiled as he looked back at the dark, shivering sea.
    fav folow comment (:
    Ookay so heres the problem, im not sure if i should write more of the story, idk if like anyones reading it? comment what you think PLEASE!

  9. XoXoLaLaLaXoXo XoXoLaLaLaXoXo
    posted a quote
    December 18, 2011 12:27pm UTC
    A Mi l l ion and One Th i ngs
    Emilys POV, Lillys POV
    Emily’s POV
    I grew pure hatred towards Lilly. I never liked her anyways. I couldn’t turn on Jay, not yet, I had to stick this bet out longer. Jay was a pretty good boyfriend, but Jake, oh Jake he was one babe. Melissa said I couldn’t go out with Jay again for more than one month, I said I could. If I did it, I would win Tom back, and Melissa would break up with him, if we broke up, she could keep Tom, and my new Gucci bag.
    “Its not what it see-” jay whispered closing his cell phone.
    “You, you know what Jay?” I said, acting like I cared.
    “ what?” he said expecting the dreaded 4 words, we are breaking up.
    “I forgive you.” his eyes widened with excitement.
    “wha-” I forcefully pressed my lips against his, needed my Tom back and Mellissa was only giving me him if I stuck this out for 2 more weeks.
    Lillys POV
    Jay never replied, god, I shouldn’t of said what I said. He probably didn’t even feel the same way about the kiss. It had been fifteen minutes since I had sent the text, for all I know, he was making out with Emily some where on the beach, deleting my text message.
    “your home early” my grandfather said peering up from his newspaper
    “ the party ended” I said grabbing the surfboard that was mounted on the wall.
    “what are you doing? That hasn’t been used in decades!”
    “ I’m going surfing.” I said slamming the front door behind me.
    My purple bikini hung on the railing of the porch, air drying. I grabbed it and ran towards the empty half of the beach, the side I knew Jay wouldn’t be.
    “stripping on the public beach?” a guys voice asked as I tied the bathing suit string behind my back.
    “ah!” I shouted turning around.
    “ I saw nothing!” the boy said, looking me, smiling his pearly whites.
    I shook my head, laughing a little.
    “surfing?” he asked, his smile wider.
    “attempting” I replied
    “you mean you have never surfed?” he chuckled.
    “ that’s exactly what I mean smart one” I said, squinting so I could see his face in the darkness, he was cute. Actually, he was adorable.
    “fine fine, stop begging, ill do it.” he said walking closer, the light of the party down the other side of the beach reflecting on his face.
    “excuse me?”
    “Ill teach you, I know u want me to”
    “your pathetic” I grinned
    “just grab your board.” he said running towards the black water, his board in his hand.
    part two on my page!!

  10. XoXoLaLaLaXoXo XoXoLaLaLaXoXo
    posted a quote
    December 12, 2011 10:05pm UTC
    A Mi l l ion and One Th i ngs
    Lilly's POV, Jays's POV, Lillys POV, Jays POV
    Lillys POV
    My hands got damp as we walked towards the lights of the teen party, I didn’t know why I was so nervous, I knew everyone would be nice.
    “Jay?!” a short blonde girl yelled as she ran up to hug him and kiss him on the cheek.
    “Hey you!” Emily said releasing her hand from jays and hugging the girl.
    “Whose this beauty?” the girl asked, hugging me, she was so friendly.
    “I’m Lilly.” I said, speaking powerfully, carrying myself like the best freaking thing in the world, that’s the only way I could fit in with these people.
    “I’m Raina, you will have so much fun” she smiled leading me to the dance floor.
    I walked back from the party alone, Jay and Emily were on top of each other dancing, and I personally got bored. Raina gave me her number, along with a few other guys, apparently I was the ‘hottie’ of the night according to Raina. Raina had nothing to worry about, her boyfriend happened to be the hottest guy I’ve ever seen, ever, and she was one of the most beautiful things that stepped on this earth, everyone was happy, everyone but me.
    “Lilly wear did you go?” Jay had texted my cell phone.
    “Sorry, I got bored”
    “Bored? We were dancing!” he said back, immediately.
    “More like you and Emily were dancing haha”
    “Sorry lil”
    “don’t be sorry silly (:”
    “This party sucks without you”
    “oh stop it, have fun with Emily!” I said, not expecting a reply.
    “How many more things?” he asked
    “Huh?” I typed, assuming he sent it to the wrong person.
    “Do I still owe you a MILLION things? Or did I do more favors for you? (:”
    I smiled at my phone, and typed a thousand words per minute.
    Jays POV
    “Well I guess that kiss a few days ago was pretty good, I would say it was worth 100 points, you only owe me 900,000 now (:” she said. My eyes lit up.
    “That was the best kiss I’ve ever ha”
    “You Kissed Lilly?” Emily said peering over my shoulder, staring at the glowing phone I had in my hand.
    Her fists were clenched in anger as my heart skipped a few beats.
    thanks guys, i hope its not as Fairy-tale-ey as everyone said it was on chapter six, hope i fixed it at least a little bit, tell me what you think ;D
    i love feedback from story writers, or just people who write quotes! all feedback is good feedback (: favorite, follow, and enjoy! thanks guyys!
    this ones for Raina, a true fan, and now friend(: thanks!

  11. XoXoLaLaLaXoXo XoXoLaLaLaXoXo
    posted a quote
    December 12, 2011 10:03pm UTC
    A Mi l l ion and One Th i ngs
    Lilly's POV, Jays's POV, Lillys POV, Jays POV
    I threw my hands on top of his shoulder, the chair wobbled under our weight. What the heck was I doing? He had a girlfriend, I met him last week, this was becoming a fairy tale, and I knew the bad part would come soon.
    “we- we have to stop” he said short of breath.
    “I know” I sat back, my face a tomato, I was beyond embarrassed.
    “ I have a girlfriend” he held his head.
    “Just forget about this, really, forget, were just friends” I smiled at him, pushing through the pain in my heart. Then he hugged me, not an I love you hug or anything, it was just a friend hug. We were just friends.
    “So, there’s like a party this Saturday, you should come.” he whispered, still catching his breath from the kiss.
    “yeah, I would love that” I said, thinking it would be a date, thinking he would break up with Emi-
    “Emily’s going” he said, his face pink.
    “oh, awesome” I said turning to face the door.
    “ I think your Grandmas waking up” we turned to look at her blue eyes resting on us as our hands intertwined with each other, because we were just friends. Friends.
    Saturday// Jays POV
    I cracked my knuckles as I leapt down the flight of stairs, I couldn’t be more nervous. First of all why the heck did I kiss Lilly? We were meant to be friends, that’s it. Secondly, why in the world was I stupid enough to invite her to Riana’s party while Emily would be there too. I shook my head in frustration.
    “knock knock” a fist pounded on my front door, I was home alone again so I decided to open it.
    “Hey baby” Emily said, going on her tippy toes to kiss me. The kiss was dry, like it was part of a script, no meaning.
    “Hey there, I have a question” I said, not realizing it really came out of my mouth.
    “Sure, what?” she said letting herself in. I had to think of another question, not the one I was actually going to ask because I thought I was thinking it, not saying it-
    “Really, what is it, I can tell your thinking of something else to ask” she winked as she placed her sparkly shorts on my couch.
    “um, I was just going t o say what’s your favorite color-”
    “seriously? Favorite color? My god Jay tell me what you were really going to ask me!” she almost yelled.
    I shrunk in embarrassment “How many guys have you kissed Emily.” I said, under my breath.
    “what kind of question is that?” she said touching her lips.
    “Never mind”
    “am I a bad kisser or something? I’ve kissed like 20 guys, I get my practice” she pattered herself on her back.
    “no, your not bad” I said remembering Lilly’s heart felt, meaning full kiss, telling me she wanted to be with me, not that I was her 21st guy to practice on.
    “ready to go?” she said changing subjects.
    “yeah let me call Lilly” I said dialing her number…
    “Hi its Jay, save my number, were coming outside now to walk to the party, be there” I said realizing I sounded mad.
    “are you okay?” she asked, whispering.
    “yes, I want to see you, really badly.” I whispered, Emily did not hear.
    go to my page for the second part PLEASE! IT DID NOT FIT D;

  12. XoXoLaLaLaXoXo XoXoLaLaLaXoXo
    posted a quote
    December 8, 2011 1:51pm UTC
    A Mi l l ion and One Th i ngs
    Lilly's POV
    Chapter Six// PART TWO!
    The doctor walked in the room, his hand holding a clip board. I had Goosebumps on my legs as I sat on Jays lap, there was only one chair in the room and both of our legs were weak. I had not said one word since I spoke to the operator, I wasn’t sure how shaky my voice would sound, I hadn’t even said hello to jay.
    “Lilly?” the male doctor said, his eyes staring into my soul.
    I nodded, I still couldn’t speak.
    “We are going to keep her for the night, she will be okay, we think she has Strep Throat, but I know with our doctors and strong staff, she will be fine within a few days.” he said. I let out a sigh of relief, I felt tears again.
    “Would you like to stay the night with her? I can bring a cot in.” he asked
    “yea-yeah” I whispered.
    “would your boyfriend like to stay too?” he asked looking at me sitting on top of him, holding his hands.
    I shook my head no. “he’s- he’s not my-”
    “Yes, I will be staying the night” he said, his voice sounding like a song. My head shot towards him in confusion.
    “We don’t have two cots, mind sleeping on the chair?” the doctor asked in apology.
    “he’s not staying” I said, but the doctor bolted out of the room when he heard the word “emergency!” coming from down the hallway.
    “what are you doing” I said turning my face to Jay
    “I’m sorry, I’m sorry Lilly, for everything” a tear rolled down his perfect face.
    “Jay don’t be sorry, I, I was being stupid.” I said placing my hand on his tear.
    “ you, you know she cheated on me last year?” he asked
    “no, I didn’t” I said re-arranging my placement on him, making my seat more comfortable.
    “with, my best friend.” he said, shaking his head, trying to get all the memories out.
    “oh Jesus jay, I’m sorry bout that, no one deserves that. I want you to know I was silly, I had a summer crush on yo-”
    “I’m so sorry, ugh I’m so sorry for last week, what the hel-”
    “you belong with someone you love, and you love emily.”
    “the thing is Lilly, I think I might just be in love with you.” he whispered as he
    kissed me perfectly on the mouth, combining our tears together, forgetting about everything.
    i love feedback from story writers, or just people who write quotes! all feedback is good feedback (: favorite, follow, and enjoy! thanks guyys!

  13. XoXoLaLaLaXoXo XoXoLaLaLaXoXo
    posted a quote
    December 8, 2011 1:49pm UTC
    A Mi l l ion and One Th i ngs
    Lilly's POV/ Jays POV/ Lilly's POV
    Chapter Six// PART ONE
    I’ve finally accepted the fact that Jay and Emily were going out. What else could I do about it? I desperately wanted to prove that Emily was the crazy jerk that she appeared to look like, but she was the nicest person I’ve ever met, another reason for her and Jay to be together. I’ve slept over Emily’s house twice, forcefully. I didn’t dread it, but every time I saw her beautiful face, I imagined Jays lips touching hers, and I automatically was in pain again. I had just gotten home when my grandmother was having a coughing fit.
    “are you okay?” I said tapping her back.
    “oh my darling, got a frog in my throat! I- I- need something to drink!” she screamed
    I walked into the welcoming kitchen and got a glass of water for her. When I returned, she was lying on the couch, lifeless, she had passed out.
    I bolted around the house looking for my grandfather, he was no where to be seen, the truck was pulled out of the driveway. My hands shook as I pounded the number I’ve never called before, 911.
    I sat next to her, tapping her every few seconds, she was not waking up. I saw the lights of the ambulance shining through the glass window. About 7 men rushed in, put her on a bed, and instructed me to follow them.
    I sat in the back of the ambulance, tears strolling down my face. The police man began to shut the back door of the car when I heard a voice…
    “WAIT!” jay dove his slim body through the door. “I’m coming” he said hugging me tightly.
    I was shaking so much, I didn’t have enough energy to tell him to leave, to tell him to get away from me. I couldn’t loose her. I couldn’t.
    Jays POV
    I pounded my head on the side of the truck, I didn’t care I continued to leap in, I had to find out what was wrong. Lilly hadn’t spoken to me since the day we met, the day I hurt her, the day she hurt me. My eyes glanced up at Lilly, her pale yellow shirt was soaked with her tears, it was up over her face as she wiped them away with it, her bra fully showing, I felt overwhelmed with sadness as I saw her get hurt over and over again. I lifted my blue, dry shirt over my head and placed it over hers, making sure no policeman could see what I saw.
    “something dry to use” I said as she looked up at me, her eyes browner than ever.
    “I- I- I” she collapsed into my arms as I held her up.
    The ride to the hospital was long, it had to of been only five minutes away, but it seemed way more than that. I still didn’t know what was wrong with Martha, I hoped she would be okay. We spoke not a word as I held her trembling hand and walked her into the white room. Martha laid on the bed, her check was moving up and down, very fast, she would be okay. She would be okay.
    this story started as just a fun thing to do, YOU are the one that made it special. Thankyou all so much for reading and following, i promise if you keep on loving, only more will comee(:
    *Follow* Favorite* I LOVE FEEDBACK* thanks girlies<3*

  14. XoXoLaLaLaXoXo XoXoLaLaLaXoXo
    posted a quote
    December 6, 2011 2:47pm UTC
    A Mi l l ion and One Th i ngs
    Lilly's POV
    Chapter five part two
    I slid into the back of my grandfathers truck. The drive to Elizabeth’s house was only about 4 minutes, she lived on the beachfront just like us. The house was huge, there were three cars in the drive way, all of them BMW’s I knew this girl had to be filthy rich. My uncle I assumed ran out of the house, hugging my grandparents.
    “Little Lil?” Rodger asked
    “hi!” I said pretending I remembered him.
    “my you have grown, let me get the rascal outside to meet you.”
    “haha okay” I said stuffing my phone in my pocket.
    “EM!” he yelled, the front door was wide open.
    “Em?” my grandmother asked, “her name is Elizabeth, correct?”
    “Oh no Martha, that was my ex wife” he laughed.
    “Oh my dear!” she said, apologizing by blowing him a kiss.
    “Her names Emily, Martha I told u this last night” my grandfather tapped her shoulder.
    A thin blonde girl pranced out of the house, her hair in curls, she looked like some celebrity even though you could tell she just rolled out of bed. With out makeup, she glowed.
    “Hey, you’re the girl from the beach!” she said.
    “Emily?” I whispered, my heart stung.
    “Were cousins! Ah! Yay! i was so sad when you had to leave last night, you seemed so sad. but dont worry we have the whole summer to talk about it!” she said, hugging me. Her shirt smelled familiar, as she pulled away I could see it was a big V-neck, about three sizes to large for her body.
    There was one wet circle on the shirt, one that never had seemed to dry, the one that I left on jays shirt last night.
    In front of me stood my cousin, my “summer friend”, a girl wearing someone I love’s t-shirt,
    A girl with a piece that I longed for from Jay, wrapped around her chest.
    i love feedback from story writers, or just people who write quotes! all feedback is good feedback (: favorite, follow, and enjoy! thanks guyys!

  15. XoXoLaLaLaXoXo XoXoLaLaLaXoXo
    posted a quote
    December 6, 2011 2:42pm UTC
    A Mi l l ion and One Th i ngs
    Lilly's POV
    Chapter five
    I slept till 2pm the next day. There was no other reason to physically get out of bed. I heard my grandmothers quiet footsteps inching towards my bedroom.
    “your one crazy sleeper!” she said picking up all the pink sheets that laid on my floor.
    “I guess I had a few bad dreams last night.” I said pressing my fingers along my head, trying to relieve the pain.
    “Headache?” she asked
    “a little one” I said wincing in pain
    “well I have a surprise for you!” my grandma said with a grin from ear to ear.
    “what is it?!” I said, acting like I was truly happy.
    “ remember uncle Rodger?” My grandmother asked, assuming my answer would be a yes
    “no, sorry…” I said, slightly confused
    “Oh my of course you don’t, you met him when you were one! He is your fathers brother and he lives right down the street! We are going to visit him today, you can meet his lovely daughter! I think she’s almost the same age as you.”
    “hey, I never knew I had a cousin, my age!” I said almost happily, maybe I could have someone to hang out with this summer.
    “her name is Elizabeth I believe” she said moving her hands towards her head, trying to think.
    “ okay well ill get dressed.” I said searching for my Hollister shorts and blue Abercrombie tank top.
    I almost slipped down the steep steps of the old house, I caught myself with the ancient railing. My grandfather stood on the front porch, holding my cell phone, his glasses on his face, his eyes squinted, reading the texts. I ran out.
    “What are you doing?!” I said snatching it from his hand. Oh my god that was mean. I thought to myself
    “sorry Hun, a boy came by earlier, he said he found this on the beach from last night? He told me he put his number in it incase you needed it. I was just trying to get the sand out of the edges.”
    “a boy?” I said, thinking of Jay
    “yep.” he said returning inside the house.
    I looked through my contacts, finally stopping on the one titled “jay.. The jerk”
    Oh look at him, trying to apologize. I snapped my phone shut, ignoring how much I wanted to text him.

  16. XoXoLaLaLaXoXo XoXoLaLaLaXoXo
    posted a quote
    December 5, 2011 7:09pm UTC
    A Mi l l ion and One Th i ngs
    JaysPOV/ Lill's POV/ Jays POV
    Chapter four
    Jays POV
    A volcano exploded inside of me. It started in my toes, the lava went up through my legs, slid down my arms, and finally burned a hole in my heart. The lava traveled up through my neck, into my nose, and right through my brain until it came pouring out of my ears. I had to sit down. My legs bent without me having to think, I collapsed onto the sand. It was to good to be true, I moved way to fast, she never liked me anyway, she was simply being a nice stranger that forgive me for hitting her head.
    My eyes glanced up at the round moon, the same moon that hit her face so perfectly seemed to haunt me now. I’ve never been so hurt in my life, a tear of mine met perfectly with Lilly’s, I hadn’t only hurt myself, I hurt her also.
    “jay? Jay!” a voice called me from behind. Oh thank god, Lilly is back, we had to talk about what happened. My head snapped around.
    “ugh.” I murmured as I looked at Emily, my ex girlfriend who lived right by me, in front of the vast beach.
    “your crying.” she said as she reached down to wipe my pale face.
    “Emily please stop, we broke up last summer” I said, sick of her excuses to talk to me.
    “I shouldn’t of cheated on you baby…” she said leaning towards my face.
    “well you did” I said back, trying to back away, it did not work.
    Her soft skin slithered across my body, i was officialy pinned down on the sand, her lips inching towards me.
    "Stop Emily, its over" i started to push back. "I, im in love with someone els-"
    Her lips smashed against mine, she released in my arms, bringing back so many fond memories from last summer, i wanted to push back, tell her to go away, i was hurt to much. I just let her kiss me.
    Lillys POV
    i turned back to jay, he was lying against the sand, head up to the clouds. How foolish could i have been? i just let the possible love of my life slip through my fingers, he was going to wash away, just like the footsteps i left in the damp sand.
    I slid into bed, my eyes red, my head pounding. the cut along my forehead began to bleed again, letting out all my sorrows. My breathing stopped. everything in the room became wide, everything became pink and purple, the room was crashing in on me. I slid my flipflops on and stumbled out onto the front porch of the house. how long had it been? and hour? 10 minutes? i didnt care, i had to apologize to Jay, i had to enbrace him, and tell him i wanted nothing more than to spend the summer in his arms. my grandparents were sleeping, it was a short walk to the beach.
    My vision was all messed up until i saw Jay. Jay looked larger than usual, he looked like two bodies. i shook my head, i was to far away to see clearly, it was probably still my vision.
    "Jay!" i said running in closer, ready to cry in his arms, tell him about Connor, and apologize.
    His head turned toward mine. so did the girls. His shirt was in a ball next to him, revealing his stone hard abs, his neck was held so perfectly by the girls tiny hands. Her blue fingernails traced the outline of his muscular back, his face expressionless, hers full of emotion. what the heck? i knew i would be hurt, i would just be "one of jays girls" my mind was right.
    there came the tears again, the first day of this vacation, and ive cried enough for a month. "jay." i whispered. his face shot me a unknown glance, he couldent make out who i was.
    "hold, hold up" he said pushing the girl off of him.
    "Lil-Lilly?" he said realizing i was standing there.
    "Lilly, im Emily, Jays girlfriend." the girl in the abercrombie bikini top and shorts said waving from the sand.
    " nice to, nice to meet you." i said, turning my back to them and finally starting my drama-free summer with my grandparents.
    "Lilly!" Jay shot up. I could hear his footsteps behind me as i opend my front door. I grabbed the handle and slammed it shut, keeping all the evil out. I could see Jays silouette in the reflection of the window, his hands were over his head as he paced on my porch. "Im so sorry"
    Jay (5 minutes earlier)
    I was so hurt, i couldent fight back, i fell into the hole again, the deep hole of Emily, full of crap. i knew what i was getting myself into, but maybe she changed, maybe she could take my mind off Lilly, she was awefuly good at that. She pulled my shirt over my head, the button of her abercrombie shorts stabbed into my stomach, i winced in pain, but continued kissing her. She cheated on me, shes better now, she cheated on me, she changed, she cheated on me, i can always forgive, she cheated on me, lilly, she cheated on me, i missed her, she cheated on me.
    "Lilly?" i whispered as i saw a body next to us.
    "Jay?" Lillys wet face murmered as i stopped kissing Emily.
    Oh God, Lilly.
    i love feedback from story writers, or just people who write quotes! all feedback is good feedback (: favorite, follow, and enjoy! thanks guyys!

  17. XoXoLaLaLaXoXo XoXoLaLaLaXoXo
    posted a quote
    December 5, 2011 11:58am UTC
    A Mi l l ion and One Th i ngs
    Lilly's POV
    Chapter Three
    I slowly closed the door behind me, I watched as Jay slowly walked down the sidewalk, entering his forest green home.
    “oh my dear! Whose the fine gentle man?” my grandmother said as she peered her head around and watched him close his door.
    “Just a boy I met” I smiled.
    “well you seem a lot happier, time for dinner, you enjoy lobster correct?” she asked formally
    “sure.” I replied in monotone, my mind still on Jay
    Dinner went by slowly, the conversations kept going, and all I could think about was jay, I had never felt this way before in my lifetime, I’ve dated more than one guy, I’ve been asked out before, but this guy, he had me running miles, wanting him more than I wanted life itself. I shook my head. I met him today! What’s wrong with me ?
    “Done with dinner?” My grandpa asked
    “yes, I’m going to take a night walk on the beach, need to work off the lobster!” I said, hoping that Jay would mysteriously meet me there. I robotically began picking up my empty plate and bringing it into the sea blue kitchen.
    The shining moon brightened the pale beach sand. My legs grew Goosebumps as my pink painted toe nails splashed in the water. I heard breathing behind me. I spun around, already in self defense mode and whacked my hand along the mans face, thinking he was attempting to kill me.
    “Jesus!” The blackened face yelled. “that’s a nice hello” he laughed, a familiar laugh, jays laugh.
    “I’m so sorry!” I through my arms around his warm neck.
    “I, I met you today Lilly, hey, i dont even know your last name, butI feel like I’ve known you forever” he whispered in my ears.
    Memories flashed through my head, The same stupid pick up line that my ex used on me, the same whisper, same hug. Connor hurt me to much for me to do this again with someone else. I fell for Connors idiotic lies, am I falling for jays? Is he trying to fool me just like the 5 month relationship I was in before? Does he just want me for the kisses, and the excuse to call me his girlfriend? Does he want to use me to show off to his friends? I was falling for jay, the same way I fell for Connor, I had to turn this around, I couldn’t be hurt again.
    “forever, I want to call you my best friend, I want to spend the summer with you.” he pressed his lips to my ear.
    “no Jay” I said staring at his glimmering eyes.
    “I cant let you hurt me.” I whispered into his white V-neck shirt.
    I ran away, back to the house, leaving jay stranded on the sand, with a teardrop from my eye, stained on his perfect shirt.
    i love feedback from story writers, or just people who write quotes! all feedback is good feedback (: favorite, follow, and enjoy! thanks guyys!

  18. XoXoLaLaLaXoXo XoXoLaLaLaXoXo
    posted a quote
    December 4, 2011 6:31pm UTC
    A Mi l l ion and One Th i ngs
    Jay's POV
    Chapter two
    I walked her to the front door of the old Victorian house. My blond hair had gotten into my eyes, I lost sight of my vision and promptly fell on top of Lilly.
    “Oh jeez, didn’t know we were that close yet” she said, winking, as we laid on the hard rock sidewalk in front of her house.
    “I’m sorry I tripped!” I shouted backing off of her.
    “I didn’t say I didn’t like it.” she whispered, thinking I couldn’t hear her, I could.
    Was this girl really falling for me? This idiot 15 year old boy that was born and raised in the smallest town in Maine? The door of the house opened, revealing an old man with grey hair.
    “I see you’ve made a friend already” he winked as he stared at us lying beside each other on the pavement.
    “oh gramps!” she yelled, making sure he could hear her. “this is Jay” she said hopping off of me and standing on the front step.
    “My dear, what’s on your head?” he reached for her cut.
    “I um,”
    “I hit her with my surfboard, silly me, she seems to be fine, I made sure she was okay hello sir, I’m Jay Rodgers” I reached for a handshake. Our hands met, his grip, firm and rough.
    “ Don’t hurt my granddaughter anymore kid, I have to keep her in one piece!“ he laughed, trying to be-friend me. “well dinners ready” he said, suggesting that I leave.
    “ Goodbye sir, bye Lilly” I said waving. I walked down the sidewalk towards my dark green house.
    “um grandpa? Give us a minute” I her say, it seemed like a whisper as I walked away. The door shut behind her. “Jay!” she yelled. I turned around to see her glowing face, it looked beautiful, even with the deep gash in it.
    “ yea whats up?” I said smiling.
    “ Um, well I thought I would tell you that you only owe me a million things now.” Her deep brown eyes met mine.
    “a million things?” I said back confused.
    “down there, on the beach, you said you owed me a million and one things, now you only owe me a million” she said, being all serious.
    “Why only a million now?”
    “Because I was lucky enough to meet you, I needed a friend, you gave me one.” she said walking away, no goodbye, no nothing, she just pranced into the house.
    leaving me to wonder what was in store for the rest of the summer.
    Sorry its shorrt! i love feedback from story writers, or just people who write quotes! all feedback is good feedback (: favorite, follow, and enjoy! thanks guyys!

  19. XoXoLaLaLaXoXo XoXoLaLaLaXoXo
    posted a quote
    December 4, 2011 12:22pm UTC
    A Million And One Things
    Lilly’s POV
    I walked along the narrow boardwalk towards the ocean. The wind blew my long brown hair across my face. 6 Whole weeks alone. Grandma, Grandpa, and me for six whole weeks. My life was inching towards a living hell. My friends were probably living it up back at home in NYC, with their boyfriends, and the city full of summer fashions that I got to miss out on. The most fun I would have on this ‘vacation’ would be reading a book on the beach, or finally catching a big wave on my surf board.
    I brushed the hair out of my face, my mascara down my face, what was wrong with me? I was crying? Its not like I missed my parents that sent me off to this that much, they were having more fun on their 16th year, 6 week anniversary in Las Vegas. I should have been able to stay with Grace, Elle, or maybe even Bridget, but no, I was sent to a 6 week stay in Maine with gram and gramps.
    “yeah gram?” I said turning around to face her
    “oh dear. Have you been crying?” she asked reaching for my un tanned face.
    “no salt water really does a job to my eyes!” I laughed
    "good,good!”she said back. Stroking her hand against my flowing hair. “Come inside darling, I'm starting dinner."
    "In a minute, I'm just going to take a quick walk along the beach, to find some new shells."
    "okay sweetie, no swimming, without me or gramp around."
    "okay" i waved, starting my journey along the beach.
    My toes sunk into the wet sand, the beach was almost empty as it neared 5 o'clock.A few surfers slid along the waves, the sun hung low in the sky, my favorite time of day. i sat down on the dry white sand, and just closed my eyes and listened to the waves.
    "woosh, woo-"
    "WATCH OUT!"
    i opened my eyes to see a wave coming towards me, a surfer screaming on top of it. i tried to dodge the huge wave, it was impossible. the tip of the yellow board knocked my head, i fell into the watery mess of sand and sea salt, and everything went black.
    "wake up, wake up" a wet hand touched my face. i opened my eyes slowly and looked around, blood was everywhere." i killed you, i bet this is like heaven and i bet your dead" the boy said, still holding my head.
    "I'm fine, really, i am." i said wiping the blood off the large cut on my forehead.
    "i owe you a million and one things." he whispered in my ear.
    "hmm... i could think of plenty of things you could do for me i mean you hit me with the bored" i laughed
    "no, I'm really sorry, so so so sorry." he said with a glimmer of a tear in his eyes.
    "oh shut up! I've gotten hurt worse" i hugged the stranger that i didn't even know, i just knew he was in desperate need of a hug.
    "I'm, I'm, Jay" he said, embracing me even more. this stranger, jay, seemed like he had known me for years.
    "I'm Lilly" i smiled, pulling him away, slowly.
    "let me take you home, live around here?"
    "I'm, staying at my grandparents for a while, 13 Beach side road, up that way" i pointed.
    "why hello neighbor" he grabbed my hand pulling me up to walk me home, this summer couldn't be ALL that bad...
    folllowww, comment, love the feedback (: thankss guys!


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