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hauntingly beautiful

Chapter 11

"Was that picture really your little brother?" Hunter asked.
I let out a huff, pressing my chin against my knees.
"So, people are actually talking about it, huh?" I mumbled, as the sky turned pink.
Hunter rubbed the back of his neck, giving me a sympathetic smile.
"Y-yeah." he admitted.
I let out a sigh, playing with the ends of my brunette hair.
"It's actually my older brother." I whispered. "It's just an outdated photo of him."
Hunter gave me a small smile, staring at the sunset.
"Do you have the picture with you right now?"
I hesitantly nodded, reaching in my bag to get it out for him.
I handed him the frame, where half the glass was gone, and the other half was cracked.
I was in such relief when I noticed that the picture hadn't been scratched.
Hunter took it from my hands.
He studied it intently, before turning back to me.
"He has the same eyes as you." he breathed. "Hazel."
"Yeah, we inherited it from our mother..." I trailed off.
I never properly met my birth mother.
Dad used to tell me haunting stories where she left us once we were born.
But, since my father had green eyes, I was guessing Cameron's and my eyes were inherited from our mother.
"So, he's your older brother? Is he in college yet?" Hunter asked, handing me back the picture.
My throat tightened up, as my palms became sweaty.
"Yeah, he is." I lied through my teeth.
I felt bad, lying to Hunter so many times when he was so nice to me.
"Really? Which one?" Hunter pressed.
I clicked my tongue, frowning in concentration.
"Y-you know. The one that's a few states from here..." I wandered off.
Hunter chuckled, flicking my nose with his index finger.
I flinched, staring at him irritatedly.
"A few states from here? What a detailed description." Hunter sarcastically smirked.
I laughed nervously, glad that we were going off the topic.
A silence filled the atmosphere.
We both enjoyed the view of the blazing orange sun setting down for the moment.
Hunter was sitting so close to me.
I could hear his slow breathing, as his warm skin radiated agaisnt mine.
I tried to ignore the burning sensation I got just as our skin brushed.
I sucked in a deep breath, releasing it all out.
Why was I acting like this?
We came from two different worlds.
We weren't supposed to become close to each other.
The sky was dark now, as the stars started to appear.
I looked over my shoulder, as I saw Hunter's eyes closed.
A light snore came from his nose.
I watched as his ivory skin glowed in the moonlight.
The wind gently blew his dark hair in his face.
Without my permisson, my hand reached out forward.
My fingers were trembling, as they brushed his hair away from his eyes swiftly.
I laid my bad down as a pillow, as I positioned myself a good feet away from his body.
It was pretty chilly on the cliff, but nothing I couldn't handle.
I sniffled, as I closed my eyes gently.

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hauntingly beautiful Chapter 11 "Was that picture really

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xbrianna97x · 9 years ago
LOVE THIS. but make Hayden tell him about her past !!!!!!!
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christiezer · 9 years ago
have her tell him the truth, i dont like her lying all the time
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notAlable · 9 years ago
uploads more D: o..e pleeze
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Jvcheerbabe · 9 years ago
LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <333
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Meika23 · 9 years ago
morre pleasee:)
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Crazyalyssa23 · 9 years ago
This story has me hooked! Its amazing!!(:
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fluffyfan1 · 9 years ago
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funnybunny1234 · 9 years ago
i don't like how shes lying to him..i think she needs to just tell him the truth
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JeessicaLynn · 9 years ago
omg there sleeping together hahahhaa. lol jk i love this story by the way.
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masher33 · 9 years ago
Why doesn't she just tell him that her brother's dead, I mean it should be pretty local if he was killed. The news feeds off of that
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sierrayeahh · 9 years ago
oaskldgjiowe please have hayden tell him about her past soon, that chapter will be the besst!
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ncisrox13 · 9 years ago
Hey can u notify me when the new chapters are up? It's really good :)

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Issannaxoxo · 9 years ago
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Hailey818 · 9 years ago
Its so good . I just started reading today because a friend told me about it. I really wish she would tell him so they could move past it.And ugh maddi chick so want to punch her in the face!
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MeeAndYoou · 9 years ago
So cute :')
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shuvosumonaaritra · 9 years ago
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xLover_Girlx · 9 years ago
I love this story so much omgggg. Please keep writing! You're amazing! <3
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emilyandthatsall · 9 years ago
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chocolate_monsterx3 · 9 years ago
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Hopelessromantic12 · 9 years ago
OH my goodness, I cannot wait until the next chapter. And the next one. And the one after that. And the one after that...
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