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Truth or Lie
Chapter 43
Part 2
We end up just driving around a bit after the coffee and decided after a while that we should go back home to see what Zach and the girls are doing.
 Just as we park in front of the house the front door flies open and I can see the deadly glares from the girls and Zach’s cheeky grin from behind them, Matt and Jeremy unknowingly jumped out of the car before seeing them at the door.
“Everyone for themselves!!!” I scream out the window as I speed off and around the block and park just sitting there trying to think of what to do now and just as I was about to drive off to get a coffee my phone rings and being me I answer without checking the ID.
“Yellow!” I answer the phone
“Hey chicky babe” two girls squeal into the phone AKA Laura and Meagan
“Who is this chicky babe you speak of?” I ask trying to speak in an English accent
“Zoeeeeeee!!” they whine not believing me for a second
“Whaaaaaat!” I whine back
“We wanna go hang at the park!” They whisper into the phone
“Why are you whispering?” I ask whispering back
“Because we don’t want the boys to hear” They whisper chuckling.
“Alright I’ll be there in a sec” I say hanging up, and within two seconds my phones buzzing and once again being me I don’t look at the ID and think it's the girls calling again.
“Guys seriously i'm comming to pick you up in a second” I answer
“Hey Zoe it’s Ashley” I girl answers and I recognize the voice but not the name
“Uh sorry?” I say confused
“You called me about your family” she explains
“And I found a lot of information” She finishes before i could start.
“Ok” I said not really sure what else to say
“I’m really sorry but your parents died two years ago in a car accident” she tells me slowly her voice full of pity
“Oh” is all I get out
“But there is good news” she says she pauses
“You have a brother, a twin to me exact,” she says
“Sorry what?” I ask taken back
“Zoe you have a twin brother, Kade, you were put up for adoption and when you were taken home you were split up and went with different families. He’s also been looking for you” she says and after she says he was looking for me too those words just ran through my mind ‘he’s been looking for you’  'his names Kade'.....

~~~~~~~~Authors Note~~~~~~~~
Hey guys hope u liked it!
So Kade the long lost TWIN brother i wonder what he's gonna be like....
i'm posting the next chapter now :)
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Truth or Lie Chapter 43 Part 2 We end up just driving around

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Brainy_Barbie · 1 decade ago
Please make kade hot then i can become ur sister that would be awesome ;)
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ZoeBoe · 1 decade ago
soz chicky babe but nobody's dating Kade :p
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Brainy_Barbie · 1 decade ago
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lovenfun1226 · 1 decade ago
ohmygosh sooo good!!! love it
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ZoeBoe · 1 decade ago
Thank you!!
do u want me to notify you??
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slowandshaky* · 1 decade ago
Is that Comic Sans.
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ZoeBoe · 1 decade ago
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