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Truth or Lie
Chapter 42 Part 1

“But I wanna watch spongebob!!” Zach whines for the hundredth time crossing his arms.
“Well we’re watching Paranormal Activity” Jeremy tells him in his authority voice as he puts the DVD in.
“Suck on that!” I exclaim grinning, in answer he flicks me the bird and jumps onto my bed next to Matt and squishes into the hundred pillows i have on the bed which puts me beside him.
When we’d all bolted into the house after I had been kicked out of the shopping centre and come home, we’d all decided that we’re gonna have a movie marathon/sleepover thingo.
So Matt and I had obviously got the bed and Jeremy had dibs on one of the beanbags and Laura and Meagan got the other one because their pretty small and can fit on one together and were a lot faster than Zach running up the stairs.
“Zaaaaaaach” I whined at him
“Zoooooooooooee” he whined back just to be annoying, glaring at him I stood there with my hands on my hips making my lips into a straight line.
“Come on man” Matt says from behind him
“Let me cuddle with my girl” he says, I smile to myself when I hear him call me his girl
“Agh you owe me one, you owe me” Zach answers shuffling over giving me room to hop in between the two and snuggle up to Matt.
“Love you Zachy” I say sweetly
“Can you repeat that?” Zach asks like he didn’t hear
“Don’t push it” I tell him as I sniggle into Matt a bit more.
~~~~~~~~~~~~A While Later~~~~~~~~~~~~
“HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!!” I scream as the little girl is picked up off her bed but absolutely fudging NOTHING!
“CAN YOU FEEL ANY FUDGING THING” I scream at the TV griping onto Matt’s T-shirt
"HOLY SHIP!" i scream again
“YOUR. BEING. LIFTED. FUDGING. UP!” I scream at the girl.
“Zoe calm down” Zach laughs at me poking my ribs but I just flip him off and slapped his hand away, he knows in movies like this (Horror Movies) I always yell at the people when they hear a noise and go look like their freaking stupid, do they actually want to die, like seriously.
“AAAAHHHHHH” Meagan and Laura squeal hugging each other
“OHH their gonna die, Wa Wa” Jeremy say pretending to cry.
“Your an idiot” I tell him
“Why thank you Milady” he replies
“Guys shut up this is the good bit” Zach says sitting up a little.
"How the hell can you guys watch this movie?!" i ask bewildered.
"We just can" Zach says to engrossed in the movie
"It's alright babe i'll protect you" Matt says pulling me into him.
"Hhmmmmm" i sigh
“You smell nice” I whisper to Matt
“Thx" he says with a chuckle.

~~~~~~~~Authors Note~~~~~~~~
Hey girlies and boys (If ur a boy an read this please comment!)
Anyways i'm sorry it's taken a while to post i've had school and what not, you know all the tests and assignments due but i have writen some on a word document so i'm posting atleast 2 or 3 so i hope u like them :D
Love ya byeeeeeeeeee 
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Truth or Lie Chapter 42 Part 1 “But I wanna watch spongebob!!”

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