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I think I am falling for my best guy friend. he is everything that I am looking for. We talk all the time and mess around with each other and I can be myself around him no matter what. I wanna tell him how I feel but I don't want to ruin our friendship. We are going to prom with different people, but I wish we were going together. Should I tell him how I feel, or let this passover?!
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I think I am falling for my best guy friend. he is everything

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XxBOTDF4LYFExX · 6 years ago
hmm Im thinking you should let it passover for the sake of your friendship buuuut then again what if he feels the same about you? but he doesnt know that you feel the same back so he doesnt even say anything, i hop that wasnt confusing haha but anyways maybe you should have one of his friends or your friends find out how he deeply feels about you before you say how you feel about him so things dont get awkward o: hope that helped lol i give really sh/tty advice D:
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