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my mom just told me she hated me. My dad doesn't care about me. I just lost my bestfriend. I'm sitting in my room debating death. You can't regret when your dead, right?
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my mom just told me she hated me. My dad doesn't care about

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ForgiveMe · 1 decade ago
How would you feel if a person you care about killed themselves ? Think about it & then think that if you killed yourself someone at least someone would be depressed.. now do you want to do that to anyone ? beside that if you need to talk I'm here (:
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CharliesTheName · 1 decade ago
Don't do that, please. Your mom might say that she 'hates' you. But she knows that she really loves you. I see that your mom isn't your blood mother but that just shows how much she loves you. Of the millions of motherless children in the world, she chose you because she had the feeling that you're capable of so much. She spent years raising you to be the best that there is. She committed so many years of her own life that she could've been doing anything else, but she chose you over that because she loves you and wants to see you conquer everything one step at a time.
And your dad, on the other hand, of course cares about you. he's your father.
I would keep going on about your best friend but I'm looking at your profile and you're saying that you'll do it and I'm just begging you please don't. i don't know what I would do. I don't even know you but I would feel like I could've done so much more. You're gonna make me cry, man. Don't do this.
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happygirl22 · 1 decade ago
PLease don't do it. I know we've never talked, but I care about everyone. If you need to chat, chat me. Think positive. Do not do it. You will regret it
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LostUntilTheEnd · 1 decade ago
Please don't commit. I promise things will get better, It just takes time. So many people care for you, It might not seem like it but they do. I've been in a similar situation but don't commit. And If you think no one wants you or loves you just know that I do. You may not know me But I do and I want you to live. Yeah you're right you cant regret it but that doesn't mean you should do it. Please don't commit suicide. Just stay strong and you'll get through this. I'm here for you no matter what.
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MaddyWaddy · 1 decade ago
Please don't! You're worth more than that. Yeah you can't regret anything when you're dead but you're gonna wish you could, so you could tell yourself I shouldn't of done this. If you ever need ANYTHING I'll be here for you, I'm promise. I'll care. Just please don't kill yourself
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