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I saw him today. In a coffin, eyes closed, body unmoving. His body has been through so much, he barely resembles himself. But its him, his name is on the guest book. Hes dressed well, matched perfectly. He would have been happy with the outfit. Reality is hard enough to deal with reguarly, but when you have to face the reality that you have lost a friend its even harder. When you have to look at his family and say "I'm sorry for your loss" its hard. To see him laying there, so lifeless its hard. He was my friend, and a light to everyonr he met. His life and fire was contagious. It was something I thought would never be distinguished. I guess everyone has an end in their lives. All we can do is celebrate the life that was lived, how ever short it might have been. Rest in Peace. 
Love you always,
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I saw him today. In a coffin, eyes closed, body unmoving. His

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EmmyLou · 1 decade ago
Totally should say extinguished not distinguished... fml
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jasonderulolover · 1 decade ago
im sorry. i just went through a loss this year. i know what it feels like to lose someone young. i am here to talk <3
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