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Not Your Everyday Love Story

Chapter 8- Surprise!

"Bye Dave" I said into the phone. We'd been talking for 3 hours about everything. How we first met, our first kiss, our first fight, all that good stuff. About half way through the phone call I started to remember. "Bye Sky. I love you so much, feel better babe!" he said, with the cutest voice ever. "I love you too David." I said. We hung up and I gave John the phone. "if I knew you'd take that long I wouldn't have offered to pay!" He said as he laughed a little. "Sorry John.. It's just that- when I was talking to him I felt no pain. Like nothing happened at all." I said quietly. "Don't worry about it, I was just joking. I'm gonna go get something to eat, do you want something?" he said as he grabbed his wallet. "You know you don't have to stay here John. You can go home." I said with a straight face. "Are you sure you'll be okay?" he said, concerned. "I'll be fine! I'm just really tired, I think I should take a nap." "Alright, well I'll see you later then!" he said as he walked out. I closed my eyes to sleep.
--- 5 Days Later ---
Today, I'm going home! I'm so excited to finally get out of this hospital. The doctor said I don't even have to go through rehab because I've had so much progress on my own.

"C'mon Mom! Drive faster! I want to be home!" I yelled to her. "Skylar, chill out! You'll be there in one minute!" She said as she turned onto our street."FINALLY!" I yelled as we pulled into the driveway. I jumped out before my mom even parked the car. I sprinted to the front steps and stopped once I reached them. "It was right her mom.. This is were Derek hit m." I said with a worried voice. She walked over to me and patted my back, "It's okay baby. Let's get you inside." As I open the door and step inside all my friends and family yelled "WELCOME HOME SKYLAR!!" The house was decorated with 'Welcome Home' balloons and confetti. There was a huge table of food and a bunch of presents. "Aw, you guys are the best! I love you!" I said, so touched by their care. John, who was  in the front of the crowd yelled "GROUP HUG!" Everyone ran over to me and joined in on the huge hug. My sister whispered in my ear "Go check out your room!" My sister's name is Delia, she is 14. I smiled at her and ran up the stairs. She followed shortly behind me.

I swung open the door to see David sitting on my bed. I ran over and jumped into his arms. "Why are you here?!" I said. "You don't want me here?" He said jokingly. "No, of course I do!" I said as I gave him a kiss. "When Delia called me and told me about her plan to redo your room and throw a party I thought I couldn't miss it." He said as he smiled at Delia. "Oh my gosh! Delia this was your idea?! I love you!" I said as I ran over to her, picked her up and hugged her. My room was painted hot pink, my favorite color. It had all new furniture, which were either black or white. My bed spread was black with pink and white circles. My walls were filled with pictures of me and David, me and Delia, and me and my friends. "I seriously have the best family and boyfriend ever!" I squealed as I pulled Delia and David in, yet another hug. "Well let's get back to the party!" Delia yelled as she grabbed my hand and started to run.


sorry this chapter is boring, next one something big will happen!
would you want a website for the story where I would
put up pictures and bios of the characters? let me know(:


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Not Your Everyday Love Story Chapter 8- Surprise! "Bye

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Tiana_g6969 · 8 years ago
thats okay you just left me at a bad part and I kept checking to see if you posted and yeahh.... but im glad you started your story back up
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summertimex023 · 8 years ago
I know ): I'm sorry!! things came up and I just put the story off. to be honest I don't think I would've continued if someone didn't post on my profile. sorry again ! hope you all enjoy
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Tiana_g6969 · 8 years ago
you haven't posted in legit forever. I thought you werent ever gonna post again
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