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undescribeable. loud. different. funny. obnoxious. curly. smart. bookworm. preformer. author. dancer. actor. mac-and-cheese cooker. foodeater.

(+)  Alexander Ludwig, tea, long car rides, the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S, disney, long books, writing, preforming, hollister, dancing, singing, acting, summer.

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  1. hpfan99 hpfan99
    posted a quote
    September 6, 2012 1:12pm UTC
    *me texting my new friend at 2 am*
    Her: Whuddup?.
    Me: Starring at my celling. Wondering if I should fo outside and watch a blade of grass grow, because it would be much more interesting than my room. ohh, and every one in my family is asleep.
    Her: LOLOLOL.
    Me: ......oooooooh. you think im joking.... yeah, its sad that im not and im unlocking my kitchen door....
    Her: haha shhhhh....
    Me: wanna hear how it went?!
    " Me: *slowly opens door*
    Alarm: allow me to sing you the song of my people
    Alarm: *goes off very loudly and obnoxiously waking my entire family*
    Me: well then, the blade of grass will have to grow without an audience"
    Me: no... that was just my comical approach at making my life seem interesting...
    Her: oh. I have to go...
    guess who never texted me again...
    *true story*

  2. hpfan99 hpfan99
    posted a quote
    July 31, 2012 11:16pm UTC

  3. hpfan99 hpfan99
    posted a quote
    June 24, 2012 2:03pm UTC
    Dont tell me
    that inner beauty is more important than outer beauty, because in this society, it isn't. No one gives you a chance to see if your beautiful on the inside if you aren't on the outside.

  4. hpfan99 hpfan99
    posted a quote
    June 24, 2012 1:35pm UTC
    everything is beautiful,
    But beauty isn't everything

  5. hpfan99 hpfan99
    posted a quote
    January 11, 2012 11:02am UTC
    say bye to 2011.
    honestly, I wont miss it. Drama, lies, jerks, backstabbers. I think we've all been drowned in our own self pitty. life is about living. making yourself heard. We all need to live. dont be afraid to stand up for yourself. Just. Go. For. It. Tell him you love him. Go crazy, have fun, cut loose. We always complain that we wish we were young again, but were only getting older. We'll only be teenagers once. MAKE MEMORIES. dont be safe, be remembered. So this year lets all raise a glass to this new resolution. live wild. live crazy. live free. be yourself.
    Cheers to that.
    - not my format

  6. hpfan99 hpfan99
    posted a quote
    October 25, 2011 7:48pm UTC
    && I wish for just once...
    i was good enough being myslef, not just being that girl you want me to be. ♥

  7. hpfan99 hpfan99
    posted a quote
    September 23, 2011 9:26pm UTC
    Like A Boss;
    Dude, just.... no.

  8. hpfan99 hpfan99
    posted a quote
    September 21, 2011 5:38pm UTC
    The girl you just called fat? She is overdosing on diet pills The girl you just called ugly? She spends hours putting makeup on hoping people will like her. The boy you just tripped? He is abused enough at home. See that man with the ugly scars? He fought for our country. That guy you just made fun of for crying? His mother is dying.Favorite this quote, if you are against bullying. You never know what its like until you walk a mile in their shoes.

  9. hpfan99 hpfan99
    posted a quote
    July 26, 2011 9:50am UTC
    a new friend comes to your house for the first time and you have absolutley nothing to talk about.

  10. hpfan99 hpfan99
    posted a quote
    July 23, 2011 9:21pm UTC
    30 days
    ~chapter 12~
    I stared at her in disbelief. What is wrong with all the people in her life? Why have they been so horrible? I took in a deep breath and prepared myself for her answer to the question I was about to ask.
    “Who, who else beat you?” I asked her.
    A tiny, crystal-like tear started to pour over her bottom eyelid. I watched the single tear, as it slowly made its way down her left cheek, further and further it went, as the faster and faster it got. It finally reached the bottom of her cheek, and disappeared as It fell off her chin and on to my rug. The same pattern began to repeat itself with her right side. A single tear reached down, slowly at first then faster and faster as if it finaly knew what it desired. She raised her hand to wipe it away, but I beat her to it. As soon as my hand brushed her cheek, wiping away the tear, they started pouring down. I held her in a tight embrace, as the tears kept flowing, one by one, hitting my shirt like bullets. She might have heard a faint tapping, as they coldly splashed against my shoulder but not me, what I heard was different. I heard a cracking sound, the sound of my heart breaking.
    Once again, I prepared my self then re-asked the question, only this time in a whisper; “Who else beat you?”
    She lifted her head from my shoulder, looked down at her toes, up at me, then back down at my toes before she finaly replied; “My dad.”

  11. hpfan99 hpfan99
    posted a quote
    July 19, 2011 10:00pm UTC
    30 days
    ~chapter 11~
    I woke up early that morning. I saw light pouring through my window, as I realized I forgot to shut my shades. I quickly pulled down the string attached to the shades and they whipped down. I side glanced at Brianna, just to notice she was still asleep. I took this time to really study her face. I know this sounds stalker-like, but I just sat there and watched her sleep.
    Her eye-lids fluttered because she was dreaming. Her nose would periodically scrunch up, as if she were smelling something. Her cheeks were naturally a rosy pink, and her lips a glistening red. I counted the freckles that were splattered across nose, but I lost count after 13, because her eye-lids were fluttering again. This time her thin eyebrows turned into a scrunch and her nose flailed again. She looked worried. That’s when I noticed the sweating. She had beads on her forehead, and some that were on the side of her face. I quickly wiped them away with the bottom of my tee-shirt then shook her, waking her up.
    “Hey, beautiful, what’s wrong?” I calmly whispered into her ear.
    “W-what are you talking about?” she asked, turning her body to look at me.
    “Well, well you were… never mind.”
    “Oh, well, I um... I had a bad dream.”
    “I figured, what happened?”
    “Nothing. Just nothing… so what are we having for breakfeast?” she asked, scrambling out of bed and avoiding the question.
    “Brianna,” I started, as I grabbed her shoulder and turned her towards me.
    I brushed her hair behind her ears, and lifted her chin so that her eyes were looking straight into mine. I looked at her as her eyes started tearing up. The colors in her eyes started to blur as I could barley see them anymore behind the fog of tears. She put her arms around my neck and jumped, as I caught her and she put her legs in a criss-cross-apple-sause position around me. As soon as her head hit my shoulders the tears started coming out. She’s a strong girl so they weren’t sobs, just soundless tears, burying themselves in my shirt.
    I set her down and put her on my lap as I sat on my bed. I brushed the tears away from her left eye rim.
    “Sweetie, just tell me, what happened?” I asked, kissing her after every two words. She lifted her head, kissed me long and hard on the lips, and whispered in my ear, “Brandon wasn’t the only person who beat me.”

  12. hpfan99 hpfan99
    posted a quote
    July 14, 2011 4:46pm UTC
    30 days
    ~chapter 10~
    Even thought the sirens were belting and the lights flashing, nothing could draw my attention away from Brianna.
    “… so after he came back from vacation things were, ah, different between us. I tried to get my independency back, but he didn’t like that. He would threaten my friends; tell them he was the only who could really make me happy. I would try and talk to them but they would stop responding. They were all too scared of him, they saw what he was capable of doing, me being the victim. When my dad told me we were moving I was actually ecstatic. I knew that was my perfect escape. I was too scared to break up with him. If this,” she pointed to her scar made by the knife, “was what he would do if I just got him angry, imagine what he would do if I dumped him. Therefore, I never broke up with him. We said we would keep a ‘long distance relationship’. So, I guess you could say that technically were still going out. I was too scared to tell you, I’m so sorry. Please, don’t be mad!” she said, with tiny tears starting to form in the corner of her eyes.
    How could I be mad? If I was mad at anyone it would definitely be Brian. How could he treat someone like that? Especially a poor defenseless girl like Brianna. I hope that the cops give him a one way ticket to jail.
    “Of course I’m not mad Brianna! How could I be mad? You did what you had to… to survive.” I almost chocked on the last part. That’s so horrible. I swear, if I ever saw this dude again I think I might kill him.
    We were at the doctors office for about an hour and a half. I got three stiches on my forehead, and I had many bruised bones. Brianna had cuts that needed bandaging but nothing major. We got back to my house at around 3:50 am. We already called both of our parents form the emergency room. We told them what happened… well the revised, and not necessarily truthful, version. We said that there was a fight at the theatres and that we tried to break it up, they bought it like candy. They also both agreed to let Brianna stay at my house over night.
    I ran upstairs to my room and got a giant tee-shirt and handed it to Brianna for her to wear as a nightgown. I had on red and black plaid pants with an old faded pale tee-shirt. I laid on my bed and waited for her to come out of my bathroom. About thirty seconds later she came out, as I stood up and gave her a hug. She looked up at me and our eyes connected. It was as if she were apart of me. She leaned up on to her toes and gently pressed her lips against mine. It was unlike anything I’ve ever had before. Way better than our first kiss. My stoumach felt like it was jumping out of my belly. I just wanted to jump up and fly.
    We laid down onto my bed next to each other and just stared. We looked at each other for what seemed like forever. I wanted to memorize everjump up and fly. We laid down onto my bed next to each other and just stared. We looked at each other for what seemed like forever. I wanted to memorize ever perfect feature on her face. She traced my eye brows with her thumb, making my stomach tingle. I watched as her eye lids fluttered, then, finally closed as she fell asleep. This is how I wanted to stay forever. I watched her peacefully sleep until I myself fell asleep. All I knew was that I never wanted to wake up.

  13. hpfan99 hpfan99
    posted a quote
    July 11, 2011 10:43pm UTC
    hey, wanna hear a bird joke?

  14. hpfan99 hpfan99
    posted a quote
    July 11, 2011 8:32am UTC
    30 days
    ~Chapter 9~
    The ambulance sirens and flashing lights were starting to give me a headache. I was still starring at Brianna waiting for her to answer my question, or at least say something. Many times, she opened her mouth as if to say something, but she never did.
    The paramedics in the ambulance said that they would take us to the emergency room just to cover up (or stich if needed) all of our deep cuts. Other than that we were fine to go. I glanced over at Brianna and this time we made eye contact. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes ever so gently, and started speaking.
    “ I moved here to Jacksonville, Floirda earlier this summer. Before that I lived, well, a lot further, I used to live in Chicago. That is where I meet… Brandon.” She looked almost scared to say his name, as if by just calling him, he would appear. She swallowed, then as if reading my thoughts, she continued. “ I know it seems weird but he was always there. Always around, you could always see him. We started off as friends, and we were good ones at that. We went from hanging out in only school, to once a month out of school, to every other weekend, to every day. He was madly in love with me, I could tell, but I liked him as just a friend. I rejected when he asked me out, and that kind of ended things. For a while we stopped hanging out, stopped all together talking. I missed him so I thought I needed to love him to get him back, therefore I convinced myself that I did love him. I told him my ‘new feelings’ and we started going out. At first it was just like old times. We would hang out, laugh, just have fun. But then he went to a party one night, and, well…. It all changed. That’s when he started. Started with the drugs and the alcohol, that is. He began to become possessive over me. He wouldn’t ‘allow’ me to hang out with any of my other friend. He also became obsessed with me. According to him we needed to spend every waking second together. If I did anything to disobey his rules, I would get a slap. He convinced me that I deserved it. He had litteraly become my life then. He also would... ah… demand things. He would abuse me and body, and I stood absolutely no chance against him. One week he went on vacation for the whole week. I actually started to get my life back, I would talk to my friends again. That’s when they convinced me, they said I needed to do something. If they looked at my smile, they saw a happy girl, if they looked at my face, they would see the same old Brianna, but if they lifted up my shirt, they could see the bruises.” She weakly took her arm and lifted her shirt up a little. I could then see. She had bruises all over her stoumach. There was one thing in particular that stood out to me, a scar that ran up the length of her stoumach. I traced it with my finger and asked her what it was from.
    “One day I got him angry, while he had a knife in his hand… but anyways back to the story…”

  15. hpfan99 hpfan99
    posted a quote
    July 8, 2011 11:32am UTC
    30 days
    ~chapter 8~
    I awkwardly stood there, as Brianna and Brandon battled, with Brandon’s gun resting against my head.
    “So who is this?” He asked, thrusting the gun further into my temple.
    “That’s…. that’s Luke.” Said Brianna looking down at her feet.
    Wait…. What was going on? Who was this guy, and how did he know my Brianna?
    “So, Luke,” he said, spitting out my name like I was a discusting bug, “I bet you didn’t know that your little girlfriend here has a boyfriend, me.”
    “No. Brandon stop!” Brianna screamed as he loaded the gun.
    “Shut up. When you moved here you said we would stay together, I never said we could date other people. What the hell is wrong with you?” Brandon asked her. Before I knew it, and before I could stop it, he raised his fist and it connected with her face. She fell down on to the sticky, movie theatre ground, while uttering a whimper.
    “Dude, what do you think your doing? Get your hands off of her!” I said through gritted teeth.
    “Im sorry, what did you just say to me?” asked Brandon, as he pulled his gun away from my temple and placed it firmly against my chest. I have absolutely no idea where this courage came from, but I drew my fist back and hit him hard in the nose. He fell to the ground as he fired his gun. Luckily, it didn’t hit me but it was about two inches to the left. What happened next was all a blur. Brianna got up off the ground and stood next to me as one of Brandon’s “gang memebers” charged at us. I raised my fist and punched him, but he didn’t fall. Instead, he took back his leg and kicked my stomach. I flew back a little in the air and landed hard on my back with a thump. Brianna then lifted back her leg and kicked him in an area where most guys don’t enjoy being kicked. Meanwhile, it looked as if I broke Brandon’s nose. He was holding it while it was gushing out blood, still firing his gun at the ceiling. I got up from the ground, as another gang member charged at me. It was the one who was pointing his gun at the inosent guy watching the movie. He got the other members to pin me down and he pointed the gun at my chest. I saw my life flash before my eyes. I could faintly hear Brianna In the back round screaming and desperately trying to get them off of me. Right when the gun was aobut to go off, someone burst through the door. It was a police officer. I guess some one heard the gunshots and called the cops. Thank god! I was about to die. He came in and got them all off of me and demanded to know the story. Me and Brianna told him everything that happened. I guess he had some trouble with them before, because he belived us without question. We watched as he loaded them into the cop car, and the ambulance he called for us pulled in. They loaded us bouth into the same car and I stared at Brianna.
    “Brianna…. What the hell happened back there?” I asked, as her face turned pale for the second time that night.

  16. hpfan99 hpfan99
    posted a quote
    July 7, 2011 4:55pm UTC
    30 days
    ~chapter 7~
    I woke up with my head on my desk, a pencil in my right hand, and four completely filled out papers on the ground beneath me. I glanced over at my clock, the florescent letters read 10:47. Gross, why was I up so early? I jumped off the chair and slipped into my soft bed. I was practicly asleep when an evil thought slowly crept into my head, 28 days left. Slowly, but surley, an knot started forming in my stomach. I felt as if the wind had been knocked out of me. I struggled for breath, thinking of the horrid thoughts. Well, the only thing I can do is make the most of the short life I have left. I crept out of my bed and walked over to my list of 30 things to do in 30 days. I grabbed a thick black marker and crossed out number two, learn to surf, indicating that I finished that one. As I was putting down the marker I got a text from Brianna. It said; “Hey Luke (:”
    “Hey Brianna(:, want to do something tonight?” I asked her
    “Sure, what do you want to do?” she replyed
    “um… how about we go to the movies…. At midnight?”
    I know, I know, this may sound lame, but I’ve never been to a midnight movie before, therefore it was on my list. It’s not that my mom hasn’t allowed me, I’ve just never had the opportunity.
    “Sure, pick me up at 11:30?”
    “see you then!”
    I slid down the stairs and confirmed the plans with mom. I took a nap, ate, watched tv, and before I knew it, it was time for our date. I picked Brianna up at her house. She looked beautiful, as always. When I told her how she looked gorgeous, she simply shook her head no as her cheeks turned a light shade of scarlet. I hated how she was so insecure of herself, why couldn’t she just believe that she was beautiful?
    “So what movie are we going to see?” her raspy voice asked, interrupting my thoughts.
    “Up to you sweetie.” I replied with a smile, because I could see her blushing out of the corner of my eye.
    “well, I guess we’ll see when we get there then.” She said, flashing her pearly white teeth.
    We ended up seeing this chick flick about a guy and girl who fall in love but they are forbidden to be together and blah blah blah. But hey, who was I to complain, I got almost three full hours alone with Brianna, I was enjoying myself! But then, about halfway through the movie something, uh, not so great happened. The door burst open with a violent clang. Out walked a group of about 5 people, all of them boys. You could distinctly tell which one was the leader. He had shaggy black hair that reached a little lower than the tip of his ear, with icy blue eyes half hidden underneath. The next thing I knew they were making there way straight towards us.
    “We need to leave, now.” Whispered Brianna, with emphasis on the now.
    “Why, there not bothering us!” I whispered back.
    “Yes, but they will.”
    I was about to ask her what she meant, as the “leader” came up to us.
    “Well, well, what do we have here?” he asked.
    “Brandon, please leave. Now. This isn’t a good idea.” Brianna said through gritted teeth.
    “Hey! Some of us are trying to watch a movie here!” A guy screamed from behind.
    “Shut up!” muttered one of Brandon’s gang members, as he pulled out a gun and pointed it straight at the man’s head, who instantly raised up his arms as if he were surrendering.
    Brianna stood up and glared at Brandon, and I stood protectively in front of her.
    “Listen,” I exclaimed, “we don’t want any trouble.”
    “I suggest you stay out of this.” Said Brandon, lifting up his shirt, revealing a gun in his belt.
    “Brandon, please leave, for me. Don’t hurt him! You don’t want to do that!” she said as he lifted his gun, and rested it against my temple.
    “Now, now. That’s no way to talk to your boyfriend, is it?” Brandon asked her, and she instantly turned pale. Wait….. girlfriend?

  17. hpfan99 hpfan99
    posted a quote
    July 5, 2011 1:50pm UTC
    30 days
    ~chapter 6~
    I laid in my bed and stared at the celling. I began to think about what me and Brianna thought were talking about. Write her a story? What would she want to know about me? im not that exciting. I figured I probably couldn't sleeo untill I atleast started the story, so I slowly made my way out of my bed and over to my desk. I picked up my pencil and smoothed out a peice of paper. When I picked it up i realized something, I had absolutley no idea what i was going to write. I stared at that page for minutes at a time, getting absolutley no closer to finishing my "story".
    I decided to give it a try. I touched my pencil down to the paper ever so lightly, and in my neatest writting, printed the date. As soon as I finished something miraculous happened. It was almost as if my paper sent me a vision, a vision of what to write. As soon as my pencil touched the paper, I felt like it would never some back up. The words flowed through my body and onto the paper like magic. I started writting about my friends, my family, my life. everything. Well, almost everything, everything except the disease that was kiling me.
    I mean, she was my girlfriend, She should know about my deadline. The only thing was what if she didnt understand... What if she didn't want me anymore. What if she wanted a real futre, We couldn't get married, we couldn't have kids, we couldnt to anything, because I was going to die. 29 days left.
    I finally decided that she needed to know, just not right now. I took the pencil in my shaking hand, smoothed out the paper, and wrote about it. I told her about it all. About my death, about everything. But that day, I made myself a proise. No matter when I finish the story, I will not give it to her untill I've deceased. I will give to my mother a day or two before my expected date, and tell her not to read it, but to give it to Brianna after I die.

  18. hpfan99 hpfan99
    posted a quote
    June 30, 2011 2:54pm UTC
    30 days
    ~chapter 5~
    We just laid there. The stillness and quiteness of the moment just fit in. We were laying on the blanket, with the sun beating down on our skin, watching the clouds shift different places and shapes. The empty picnic basket laid on my left, and Brianna’s beautiful body laid on my right, with her smooth fingers interlocked in mine. She took another bite of her apple which made a loud crunch sound, disrupting the stillness of the moment.
    “Hey look,” She started, “That cloud looks just like a bunny!"
    "No! it looks like..... like..... like an alien!" I exclamied.
    "No way! look it destinctly has big bunny ears!" she said, pointing at the cloud now.
    "No! Thoose are the aliens anteni!"
    "hah, no. nice try though. You can even see the little bunny paws!"
    "Nope. Deffinitly an alien!"
    "No way! How do you even know what an alien looks like?
    "I have my ways." I said, adding a wink.
    For a second she turned over and just stared at me. Her lily-pad green eyes beared deep into my soul. She opened her mouth like she had something to say, but then closed it again as fast as it had been opened. She opened her mouth another time, but this time words acctualy came out.
    "Tell me about you Luke." Bri said in a soft, yet subtle voice.
    "Well, what do you want to know?"
    "Everything." she whispered.
    "It will take you a while to tell you everything!" I stated.
    "Then write it down." She exclaimed.
    "'Just write it down? Write you down my entire life story?"
    "Yeah, except no cheating! no typing, no texting, just plain out old fasion writting, pencil and paper. Write me a story Luke. Take a million words, put them all together into your choice of combination, and by the end it will all be a description of you. Your life, your past, your present, your futre, you."
    And with that she looked at me again, except this time i knew what she was thinking. I leaned in, and so did she, and at the exact moment, our lips connected and everything washed away. Every emotion i ever felt; anger, hate, regret, everything except love washed away. All feelings for everyone and everything blew away with the wind. And for a moment, i wasn't The bald Luke, i wasnt the cancer striken Luke, I wasn't the boy who everyone pittied. No, for that one solid moment I was Brianna's Luke, and i never want that Luke to go away.

  19. hpfan99 hpfan99
    posted a quote
    June 29, 2011 10:19am UTC
    30 days
    ~chapter 4~
    I woke up the next morning at about 11:30. My first insticts were to roll over and go back to sleep, but then i remmebered, if i only have 29 days left, why waste it sleeping? I turned over and checked my phone. I felt a smile start to spread across my face, and my cheeks turned red; it said i had one new message from Brianna.
    "hey, want to go on a picnic today? If so, you can pick me up at 12:30, i know the perfect place to go."
    i replyed; "Of course, I'd love to! Be there at 12:30."
    I ran across the hall, and down the staircase tto my kitchen. I ran my hands across the cool marble table, then jumped up and kneeled on it to reach the highest cabinet. I didnt really need to to kneel to reach it anymore, it was just an old childhood habit.
    I grabbed down the cereal, ate a quick bowl, then jumped in the shower to freshen up for our picnic.
    Before I knew it, 12:30 came around the corner. I jumped into my car, and headed to briannas house, she texted me her adress. I rang her doorbell, and heard her beautiful voice screaming, "one minute!".
    I stood on her porch and waited, just playing with the cheap flowers i picked up at Wallgreens on my way here. As soon as she walked out of the door , my breath was instintley taken away. She was wearing a flowery bright skirt from Hollister with a plain with shirt tucked in underneath and tan colored flip flops with a purple flower on the right one. Her blond curly hair was pulled back off her face, in an up-down do. She looked absolutley stunning.
    "You look great!" I said, most likley making a fool of myself.
    "Thanks, so do you! So you ready to get going?" she replyed
    "Yeah, sure. Oh, and these are for you." I said handing her my flowers.
    "Aw, thank you so much!" she said smiling. Her smile was so cute. She had only one dimple on her right cheek, and the freckles on her nose all smushed together. She grabbed my hand, squeezed it, and we headed off to the park.

  20. hpfan99 hpfan99
    posted a quote
    June 27, 2011 10:05pm UTC
    30 days
    ~chapter 3~
    I sat up in my bed and looked over at my clock. 2:51 it read, in neon green letters. Still, i hadn't gotten a wink of sleep. Part of me was thinking of the horrible, devastating news that i had heard earlier, and part of me was still thinking about Bri. I glanced down at my arm, which had her number written on it in purple sharpie. I had already entered the number into my phone, of course, but i still didnt erase it form my arm. The way her letters seemed so soft and they came to a curl at the end.
    On another subject, i started thinking about the news i got again. I started to panic. Knowing the date i die? Its horrible. I cant even describe it. All the pain i went through with the Chemo, (imagine a flu times 3,00 then you can imagine Chemo) not to mention all of the money, and all the hell it caused me and my mom. All of that for nothing. I was a fighter. A fighter. I thought maybe I even had a chance at winning, boy was i wrong.
    I decided to text Bri, I knew it was late but atleast she'd get it in the morning and have my number. I said "hey, its Luke, form the beach."
    I didn't tell Brianna about my death yet, she already knew i had cancer i didnt want to scare her to bad. Interrupting my thoughts, my phone viberated on my chest, making my heart skip a beat. I completly forgot i put it there. The light from my screen almost blinded my tired eyes. I peeked through my squinted eyes and saw the name "bri(:" pop up. wow, i thought, she responded. I quickly pressed veiw now and read her text. She said, "oh hey luke (: whats up?".
    I replyed, "well, nothing much, i mean what can i do at 3 in the morning?:p" i asked her
    "Good point, hey what are you doing up this late?" she replyed
    "Ehh, thinking aobut things, what about you?"
    "Well what could you be thinking about?"
    "Long story... im tired i think ill head off to bed now, goodnight. text you in the morning."
    I guess it was a touchy subject? i really wanted to know what she was thinking about. Whatever, this has been too long of a day. I guess if she was going to bed, it would be a good idea for me too do the same.


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