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  *Forever Yours*

 [Part 2]

 Blake and Mat ran towards me and I just watched. Blake reached me first and pulled me into a friendly bear hug. "Hey there buddy ol' pal!" I wish I could stay in his arms forever. But unfortunately he let go and jogged over to the pool yard. Mat came up to me and smiled. He hugged me with one arm and looked at me with a serious face. "Is Grace back there?" I smiled "Yeah she is...why?" He smirked and half smiled. "Reasons." He walked past me and walked on. I slowly followed.
Once I reached the pool yard a open the gate and found everyone having a good time. I put my stuff on a small plastic table next to a lawn chair. Next to the one Grace was reclining in. I handed her a magazine and we started talking about the good times during the school years. Then we started talking about Mat. "Yeah, he asked me if you were here." She looked at me with hope. "Really!? I hope he asks me out. He is to die for!" I smiled at her comment. I was going to reply but I was interrupted by someone picking me up off of my chair. I quickly looked and saw Blake carrying me to the pool.
 "Blake! Please don't! I don't wanna get wet!" Too late. Before I could beg some more I was falling into the icy chlorine water.
"Blake! What the hell?!" He was standing at the edge laughing and reached down to pull me out. I grabbed his hand and pulled him in.
"Ha! Now were even!" I said pulling my self out. He smiled and shook his brown skater hair out of his eyes. "That was a good one, Rein. You got me there." I stuck my tongue out and reached for my towel. From behind Grace's magazine I saw her looking at Mat, hoping he would do the same. After about five minutes, Mat came over and whispered in Grace's ear. She nodded and got up. She tucked her blond hair behind her ear and smiled at me. Her and Mat made their way into the woods behind her house. So there I was. Sitting alone wathing Blake play water basketball with Connor and Ava. Hoping he would do the same.


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*Forever Yours* [Part 2] Blake and Mat ran towards me and I just

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