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Being Good Enough

  1. xbehindtheseeyesx xbehindtheseeyesx
    posted a quote
    August 5, 2012 9:08pm UTC
    Plot twist: this format gets old...

  2. xbehindtheseeyesx xbehindtheseeyesx
    posted a quote
    April 18, 2012 8:55pm UTC
    Chapter 2
    Present Day
    My father once told me;
    Never be afraid. Anyone who is afraid all of the time should be dead. Any one who is afraid all of the time has completly forgotten the purpose to life; to live.
    Therefore; i wasnt afraid. I was not afraid of those terrorists who had taken my fathers life; I simply hated them. If I could, i would go and strangle each and every one of them. Watch the light of life leave their eyes just as they had killed my father.
    It's almost a shame that they died that day along with the the planes.
    They deserved a far more terrible death; for they had cost the lives of hundreds.
    I don't even know how they did that. Do they have no concince? It's horrible enough to just take the lives of the people on the planes, or those in the towers, but what about the families? They were completly torn apart. A life without a loved one is no life at all.
    As mentioned, I'm not afraid. I was at the time, yes, but then again I was only six. I believe that everyone in the city of New York-heck- I think everyone in the world was terrified, wondering when the terrorisits would strike next.
    Many believe that I was too young to remember now the exact details, but that's jus something i could never forgett. For years, I would wake up sweating, shaking and screaming, sometimes even crying form nightmares of what went down that warm september day, but i would have to swollow it up and hide away my emotions. Even as a six year old, I had to learn incredible strength and maturity far beyound my years in order to be there to support my mother. Following my father's death, my mother completly fell apart.
    I can't blame her. Or atleast i couldn't at the time.
    My mother had to pick up a second job, both waitressing, to attempt to support our small family. I begun work at the age of nine, being the paper girl for my small yet densely crowded community. I hopped from job to job, trying to pool my money with my mothers to provide with simple things such as rent money and food on the table.
    Once again, I was not afraid, but fear is very different form self pitty. My father never told me not to pitty myslef, he never had time to. That was something I had to learn myself. Do you truely believe that it was easy growing up without my father? But I had to forgett all of that. Dismiss my pain and sufering... there's no room for that in a life where you need to support yourself.
    I was not afraid of those terrorists who had taken my fathers life; I simply hated them.

  3. xbehindtheseeyesx xbehindtheseeyesx
    posted a quote
    April 17, 2012 8:35pm UTC
    Chapter 1
    september 11, 2001
    I was sitting in my classroom when it happened.
    My school's principal burst into my first grade classroom. Her black mascara was leaking down her face in long streaks that almost reached her chin. She fiantly whispered something into my teachers ear.
    The two of them just stood there, sobbing silently in eachothers company.
    Before I knew it, us children were being rushed from the building and into our homes.
    My mother was watching the news alone in the living room. She wouldn't let me in, she wouldn't tell me what was going on. I was afraid. Afraid of the un-known, afraid of the mourning, afraid of the confusion.
    All I knew was the fear.
    The fear, and the tears.
    My father never came home that night. He didn't came home the next night, or the next one, or the one after that.
    My mother fell asleep on the couch that night, leaving the television on. My scrawny, seven year old body, leapt gracefuly yet silently down the stairs, and took a peak at the television screen.
    What i saw was devastating. Two large airplanes came flying towards the ground at a remarkable speed. The pilots seemed to have no reign over thier machiens as they spun and tipped out of controll. They were about to crash on the ground when another object came into veiw.
    Two resolute twins stood firmly, side by side, grazing the bright morning sky. I recognized those buildings, one of which held my fathers place of work. The two skyscrapers, known as the twin towers, were hit, and knocked down, by the planes.
    I watched the video of chaos breaking through.
    Fires broke out along with panic amungst the innocent bystanders.
    I watched in terror, suddenly realizing why my father never returned home form work today.
    I walked over from my hiding spot on the stairs and silently turned off the television. Not caring if my mother saw me or not, i sat on the ground at her feet and wept. I wept for the towers and my father.

  4. xbehindtheseeyesx xbehindtheseeyesx
    posted a quote
    March 25, 2012 12:51pm UTC
    miror, miror
    Who's the dumbest
    girl of all
    the one who lovedyou
    from thestart
    just to haveyou
    play with her heart.

  5. xbehindtheseeyesx xbehindtheseeyesx
    posted a quote
    February 7, 2012 7:58pm UTC
    I'm trying poetry.... please read((:
    ~this is my first poem, i know its probably bad, bear with me witty. Its describing a sunset from a cabin by a lake~
    The sun painted the sky shades of pink as it began to fall from the sky and into the deep depths of the earth. I could feel the darkness begin to consume myself along with the cabin, as the last streaks of pink began to fade from the sky. The red hot reflection of the sun nestled itself between the lake and the horizon. The last bits of sunlight abandoned the lake, spreading back as far as the eye can see, giving the lake an eerie glow as if it were on fire. I watched the moons reflection slowly replace the sun's on the claming water, just feet away from were I sat. The lulling, consistant lapping of the gentle waves hugging the shore put me in a trance. I watched, mesmerized, as the small sailboats rocked up and down ever so slightly in unison with the water around it. I managed to divert my eyes from the majestic scene and caught my glance creeping towards the stars. Those tiny balls of light illuminated the night, providing a peaceful glow on the land beneath. I felt comphorted. I felt amazed. But overall, i felt happy, extatic even, that while the world was crumbling into pain, suffering, and hunger, it's beauty was never sacrificed, never abandoned us. The beauty was here to stay. And for some peculiar reason, that gave me hope.
    how'd ya like it? i warned you it was baddd..... feed backk?!??! thankssss((((:

  6. xbehindtheseeyesx xbehindtheseeyesx
    posted a quote
    January 11, 2012 10:59am UTC
    Hello wittians...
    if you've been reading my story; behind these eyes, thank you for your patience! I apolligize for having not written in a really long time): I have pneumonia and have been home sick all week! if your still reading I love you and I hope to have the next chapter up soon. thanks guys, i love you<3

  7. xbehindtheseeyesx xbehindtheseeyesx
    posted a quote
    December 18, 2011 6:47pm UTC
    offical shout out:
    im creating a fan shout out now,
    and you deserve it, thank you

    format by: h0peful


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