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Hello Loves:) Kaitlyn is the name,but i pefer Katie* The world became a better place on November 7, 1995:) 16 years young* I love my family and friends<3 I don't know where I would be without them! I'm a sophmore at BAHS* Some things to know about me: I Love acting,dancing,&singing:) I play softball, and I'm involved in my school musical every year<3 I have one best friend (Cassey:) but many close ones:) Some are Brea, Becca,Destiny &Taylor* I love animals I have 5 dogs,1 cat, and a fish:) I love being involved in school activites:) I am currently class Secretary:) My favorite season is SUMMER! I live in PA:) I love dressing up & wearing heels<3 I am a zebra addict!I hope to one day make my dream a reality<3 I enjoy life the best way I know how:) I am mostly a very positive person:) When I first meet someone I give them a chance. I never judge a book by its cover:) & love music<3 (its my life) So dont be afraid to talk i dont bite:P

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