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aperreault1 · 8 years ago
that is so true, i had to move and i had to leave my boyfriend!!!!</3 but now i have another<3

Bri Jolly* · 8 years ago
its a kilt, sicko!!!

albaniangurl123 · 8 years ago

Possibilities42 · 8 years ago
Im blonde and I find blonde jokes halarious! So post as many as you would like - they make my day!! :D

pigglywiggly · 8 years ago
This is highly offensive.

jk i'm not blonde xD

DinosAteMe · 8 years ago
blonde jokes are retarded, and mean. not funny.

IzzyC123 · 8 years ago
im blonde!!! Jk jk, im not even blonde and i find blonde jokes really funny lol

Blackberry101 · 8 years ago
What if you can see Florida? o.O

xxhixhaterxx · 8 years ago
wanna talk?(:

wiggle123 · 8 years ago
i get it

katie_nicole111 · 8 years ago
thanks everyone! : )

Kart123 · 8 years ago
Happy B-Day! I hope u have a better day! I fu need 2 talk 2 anyone, u can talk 2 me

annabananaaa11 · 8 years ago
happy birthday!

beingstronggx3 · 8 years ago
happy birthday(:


gabbyindafruitcup · 8 years ago
just ask him like where he mvoed from adn other questions like that. just make it seem casual at first! good luck <3

punkyally99 · 8 years ago
you go girl!

LovingYouToday · 8 years ago
You guys don't need us to encourage you.. All we have to do is click a button. Thats not called encouragement. If this is what you guys want to do, go out and do it! The worse that can happen is you won't be able to do it, and you will find something else you guys want to do! So go for it! And tell me how it goes!

katie_nicole111 · 9 years ago
Thanks for all the favs!<3
P.S. We won the championship!!!:D

Missy_Nicky_rawrr · 9 years ago
i'v been a cheerleader for 4yrs, heres what i got: STRETCH, straddles,pikes, do straddles with one leg bent in and one extended and lean to each side. go through every strectch holding for 10-15 seconds then go through them again for 30 each(: another thing is to get more power from ur legs when you jump do stuff like calf raises and squats to give you more power good luckk! im sure you'll do awesomee

hizzlecrizzle · 9 years ago
i can help, i'm a cheerleader.

stretch really well. stretch in straddle lean right, then left then middle. 3 times. then legs out in front, point toes, grab ankles, then flex legs and grab toes and pull up. do both twice. then stretch quads. then splits, right, middle, and left. hold each stretch for 15 seconds. and splits for 25 seconds. it'll help. which jump do you do? -comment on my page- or text me, i'll give you my number if you comment on my page with the jumps.



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