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To inifinty and beyond ∞
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 Hello my lovelies:)
Camp Half-Blood/Hogwarts/District 5
Blowing candles out in October/13/Seventh Grader/ Class of 2018 :)
Full Chinese/5`3/Full Time Ninja
Linving like Larry
Cartoons.Cheetos.Wavy Hair.Aviators.Field Trips.
Water Parks.11:11 Snow.Books.Sweatshirts.Bonfires.Smiles
.Bowling.Texting.Internet.Rain.PaintFightsMovie Marathon.
Pillow Fights.Late Nights.Dancing.Pokemon.Fireworks
Stargazing.Swimming.S'mores.Sunny Days.Beach Day.
Blanket Forts.Disney World.Penguins.Bowling
Dancing.Singing.Sprite.Popcorn.Mean Girls
Dressing up.Being Sexual.Water Balloon Fights.
Forever 21.H&M.Hollister.Abercombie.Wet Seal.Charlotte Rouse
*          *         *          *          *          *          *
My favorite artists are Sleeping With Sirens.Mayday Parade.All Time Low.Pierce the Veil.The Fray, The Cab, Ed Sheeran Ellie Goulding,Lana Del Ray,Marina & the Diamonds ZZ Ward, The Script, Florence and the Machine, Rachel Platten, Adele,Kelly Clarkson. My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Paramore, Maroon 5, Rita Ora let`s just say I love music.
*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *
Summer.Fall.Winter.Spring.365 Days A Year<3
Gone.Hangover.Avengers.Hunger Games.Percy Jackson.RED.Horrible Bosses.In Time.Just Go With It.White Chicks. Mean Girls.Mulan.Harry Potter.Revenge of the Bridesmaids.Pixar Movies.Marvel Movies.SB Movie ;)
Supernatural.Revenge.CSI.Big Bang Theory.Pretty Little Liars.NCIS. Person of Intrest.How I Met Your Mother.Jane by Design.All the old disney and Cartoon Network shows.Awkward.Pokemon(old).Cartoon Network<3
Chinese.Tacos.Italian.Cookies.Gummy Bears.Pizza
*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *
~The best people ever~
I draw a lot, I`m in art, I love making collages.
I have the Galaxy S, but I love chatting so ask for my number?
I actually love P.E., I love sports, so I`m pretty tan :)
asdfghjkl; I love amusement parks, scary movies
I love math and history, always been a nerd, always getting staright A`s, never a B,it`s like an Asian Principle, The Chinese Mafia is watching
I`ve vistied China a lot, been on an airplane 12 times, I know I lot
I love food, give me it, I`ll be your best friend
You go Glen Coco! Toodaloo for now my lovelies! :)
. ♥

  1. TurquoiseSea TurquoiseSea
    posted a quote
    June 3, 2013 4:52pm UTC
    If you ever feel bad about your self just remember that a girl in my class took a minute to figure out 8 x 7 and she had to use her fingers......we're in seventh grade.

  2. TurquoiseSea TurquoiseSea
    posted a quote
    November 30, 2012 8:22pm UTC
    Is This What
    You Call A Family?

  3. TurquoiseSea TurquoiseSea
    posted a quote
    November 23, 2012 5:29pm UTC
    How To Make "Fireflies" In a Jar
    1. Cut open a glow stick and shake the contents in a jar.
    2.Add diamond glitter
    3. Seal the jar with a lid
    5.Go into a dark place and enjoy :)

  4. TurquoiseSea TurquoiseSea
    posted a quote
    November 23, 2012 4:31am UTC
    Two Faced
    Chapter 11
    Part 3
    Cassidy`s POV
    I looked back then looked ahead again. I rubbed my eyes to make sure they won`t playing tricks on me. I couldn`t be........but it was......ONE DIRECTION! Okay, calm down Cassidy, you don`t want to seem too excited or obsessed........or insane.
    "Hello there." Louis said.
    Oh my gosh his british accent! It`s so attractive!
    "Oh, um, hi!" I smiled sweetly.
    "Hey, when did you guys get here?" Rumor said causually.
    What? How could she act so casual? It`s ONE DIRECTION for Heavens sakes! The sexiest band ever! I mean I know she`s not a fan of them, but they`re so...so.....acttractive!
    Rumor walked to the living room and sat on the beige ottoman, I followed her and sat on the lounge chair.
    "Oh hi honey." My mom said as she entered the room.
    "This is Harry, Zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis, also known as One Direction, but you already know that don`t you." My dad said.
    "DOES SHE KNOW THEM? SHE`S O-" Rumor tried to speak, but it came out muffled when I covered my hand over her big mouth.
    "Yes, well we should really get to bed, it`s been a tiring day. toodaloo!" I said, struggling to keep my hand over Rumor`s mouth as I dragged her up the stairs.
    "Remember Cassidy to get lots of sleep, we`re going to have some fun tomorrow!" My mom reminded me.
    "I can hardley wait." I replied.
    I dragged Rumor up two flights of stairs before we got to out room and I slammed the door behind me and locked it.
    "I swear you make it your goal to embarass me!" I complained as I fell onto my bed and screamed into my fluffy teal colored pillow.
    "It`s my job as your best friend, sweetie." Rumor said as she fell back onto her bed.
    I glanced over at my black digital alarm clock on my bedside table. 11:26 it read. Just 24 more minutes before we had to sneak out and make it to the carnival when it opened. I was so excited, this was a tradition we did every year since we were 7.
    "You were trying so hard to keep calm, but inside you were dying." Rumor said as she threw a stuffed Domo at me."
    "I was dying! Louis is so cute!" I said as I caught the Domo.
    Rumor glanced at the clock. 12:31.
    "So how should we sneak out this year? Should we take the secret tunnel on the second floor or climb from the balcony on the second floor?" Rumor asked.
    "I think we should climb down, last year we almost got caught for taking the tunnel since I got my foot stuck when one of the oak floorboards broke when we were climbing under the bed to get to the entrance. I suggested.
    "Okay, lets change out of these dresses and into something more confortabel."
    I changed into a pair of faded gray skinny jeans, a peach oversized tee, and black ballet flats. Rumor tossed on a pair of black skinny jeans, tribal print tank top, aqua jacket, and a pair of vans.
    "We should get going, it`s 11:48." Rumor said.
    We tip-toed down to the second floor, did I mention our room was on the third floor? Well it is.
    "CRAP! 1D`s staying in the room next to the one containing the balcony. We have to be really quiet." Rumor whispered/shouted.
    We entered the dark room with a single source of light coming from the glass doors. I turned the brass doorknob and pulled. It opened without a hitch. Rumor climbed down first and jumped a few feet from the ground. I was about to climb down when I heard a familiar voice.
    Chapter 12 part tres! ~IMPORTANT NOTE~ I`ll be writing on my old account again, Aeropostale_98! Tomorrows my Witty Anniversary! 1 year! Oh my gosh! Hehe I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. I`m so hungry I`m ordering pizza tomorrow I swear!

  5. TurquoiseSea TurquoiseSea
    posted a quote
    November 22, 2012 7:03pm UTC
    Everyone Eventually leaves

  6. TurquoiseSea TurquoiseSea
    posted a quote
    November 21, 2012 1:13am UTC
    Two Faced
    Chapter 11
    Part 2
    Cassidy`s POV
    "Wake up you weirdos! The event starts in a hour and you two still don`t have your lazy butts in gear!"
    "Five more minutes Mr. Kardine, we`re exhausted!" I groaned as I snuggled deeper into my covers.
    "You guys do know you said that 30 minutes ago. If you don`t get your butts out of your beds I will dump water on you." Mr. Kardine threatend.
    He`s obviously just joking, I know he`ll never do that I thought to myself. I saw Rumor sit up rather abruptly. That`s weird, she never gets up that quick, unless when there`s chocolate chip pancakes.
    Without hesitation I dropped to the ground in time to a bucket full of water falling on my bed.
    "I didn`t know you were serious!" I yelled suprised by my now soaking bed.
    "Now you do, now get up and get changed, the event now starts in 54 minutes." Mr. Kardine said as he walked out the door.
    "So.....um......I think we should get ready now." I chuckled nervously.
    "Good idea, before he comes he with the nerf gun and the water soakers." Rumor said as she walked into the bathroom.
    ~36 minutes later~
    "We don`t look half bad." I said as Rumor and I looked in the mirror.
    "Bleh.....Nolan.......what are you wearing? I kinda didn`t even want to know the answer.
    He had 'stubble' on his chin which wasn`t there 10 minutes ago.
    "Well Dad said that if I shave my armpit hair and glue it on my chin, it would make me look manly and get me girls." Nolan replied.
    "Please don`t ever do this again, just wipe your chin..." I said disgusted.
    "I might`ve super glued it......."
    "This is why you will never have a girlfriend and die alone with 24 cats." Rumor said as she slapped the side of his head."
    We were almost out of the driveway until we remembered something.
    "OH MY GOSH! The cookies!" Rumor shouted out.
    "Don`t worry, they`re in the trunk." Dad said calmly.
    A look of relief passed Rumor`s face "oh thank goodness."
    14 mansions, 9 private golf courses, and 5 private petting zoos later. We arrived at the Blakemores. The Blakemores hosted an annual charity event every year for under previlaged kids living in Africa.By the way Lucy was the daughter of the Blakemores. Cassidy stepped out the the Mercedes and strutted up the cobblestone pathway.
    "This isn`t a fashions show princess!"
    I whipped my head back to see Aly with a guy with light brown hair, no pierces, and he was in a suit.
    "Hey Aly! Who`s this guy?" I asked curiously.
    "It`s actually Jessy! He has a wig on and took out all his piercings." Aly replied excitedly.
    "You`re parents?" Rumor asked.
    "Yeah....They just don`t approve." Aly sadly lowered her head.
    "Hey, come one, let`s at least have some fun while we`re here!" I yelled, pulling Aly and Rumor towards the Blakemore`s mansion.
    We slid across the white marble floor and tiptoed up the cherry wood stairs.
    "DON`T PANIC! We`re here!" Aly proclaimed when we bursted through the door.
    We saw Lucy, Charotte, Violett, Annalise, Magdelana, and Aurora huddled in a circle.
    "Hey guys!." They said excitedly.
    "Now that everyone`s here you guys can stop hiding!" Violett shouted out.
    Brennan leapt out of the bathroom, Leighton popped out of the trunk at the foot of Lucy`s bed, Ronan stepped out from behind the curtains, Jarrett crawled out from under the bed, and Chance sprung up from under the couch cusions.
    "Nice hiding places guys." Rumor said as she chucked.
    "Ready.....Set.....GO!" Jarrett yelled.
    We had this tradition every year, we would play hide and seek, pretend to be spies and not get caught, build forts, steal food from the party, and at midnight we would sneak out and go to the carnival that always starts on this day. We would always have to sneak to the party for a while to make sure they`re not suspecious.
    ~6 hours later~
    "We had a really good time Mrs. and Mr. Blakemore, thank you so much for inviting us!" Rumor and I said as we waved out the door.
    "It was our pleasure sweeties, we must plan another to get together another time!" Mrs. Blakemore replied.
    "Definitely! Bye!"
    We collasped into the car seats and soon we drifted off to sleep.
    "Get up girlies, we have to go in."
    "Daaaddd! Carry me! Rumor moaned.
    "You`re funny, now get in the house."
    Rumor and I got up slowly, we were still groggy from our nap. We dragged ourselves to the front door when we heard a very familiar voice. Was it....no....it couldn`t be.....already?!
    Chapter 12 part dos! Again it`s sorta boring! I`m sorry, but suprises lie ahead! I`m too lazy to think of anything else xD

  7. TurquoiseSea TurquoiseSea
    posted a quote
    November 17, 2012 7:30pm UTC
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  8. TurquoiseSea TurquoiseSea
    posted a quote
    November 14, 2012 7:31pm UTC
    Things I see
    What you did there

  9. TurquoiseSea TurquoiseSea
    posted a quote
    November 12, 2012 6:01pm UTC
    This girl thought Albert Einstein was the fourth president of the United States.
    Albert Einstein.
    Fourth President.
    Of the United States.

  10. TurquoiseSea TurquoiseSea
    posted a quote
    November 10, 2012 7:54pm UTC
    Two Faced
    Chapter 10
    Cassidy`s POV
    "Math is so borinngg!"
    "Cassidy, we only have 2 more minutes of class left and we`re in biology anyways!" said Lucy.
    "Wh-....when did this happened?!"
    "I don`t know.....maybe 58, no wait 59 minutes ago?!" Lucy said in an exasperated tone.
    "YAAAYY SCHOOL`S OVER!" I shouted.
    "AhEM, the bell does not dismiss you, I do, so sit your butt down.
    "Someone`s a party pooper."I muttered under my breath.
    "I heard that. Anyways, tomorrow we are dissecting pigs so be prepared.If you choose not to do this project you will fail this class so come prepared. That is all, have a good day.
    I scurried out of the class room so Mr.Stevens wouldn`t lecture me on proper manners
    "Grrrooss! I don`t want to dissect pigs! We can`t even make bacon out of them anyways."
    "Lucy! That`s gross! I don`t think we should dissect animals, they are living organisms and should be tre-."
    "BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, you and your vegetarian ways. Cassidy, I don`t know how you can live without meat, I personally could never do it.
    "Ugh, come on Lucy, you have to admit it`s cruel!"
    "I`m going to detention now, just to get away from your animal rights speech." With that said, Lucy walked off.
    Whatever, I walked through the front doors to see a blanket of snow covering the ground.
    "It`s looks like dandruff falling from the sky, doesn`t it?" Rumor said, popping up out of nowhere.
    "Or maybe cocaine....." Drew said.
    "Haha, you`re so mature."Rumor replied in a sarcastic tone.
    "Like dandruff is so mature."Drew retorted in a mocking tone.
    "Well, I`d love for you guys to continue this stimulating conversation, but Rumor and I have a bus to catch."Bye!
    Rumor and I walked away, after a few seconds we heard him shout, "FINE THEN! LEAVE ME IN MY TIME OF NEED!"
    "He is so weird!"
    "Ha, I know, but what could we really do about it?"
    I walked up the three black stairs into the bus and sat at seat 13.
    "So." Rumor said, plopping into the seat next to me. "What`s with you and jock strap over there?" Pointing to a seat 2 rows back.
    "Oh my God, I told you not to call him that! There`s nothing going on between us anyways."
    "Uh-huh." Rumor said in an unconvinced tone.
    After a few minutes the bus reached our stop and we got off the bus.
    "So, anyword on your brother yet?" I said jumping off the last step.
    "Erm, not yet." Rumor said in an uneasy tone.
    I decided not to bother her about it. Just then my phone rang.
    I pulled out my new white Iphone and pressed the green answer button.
    "Hi sweetie!"
    "Oh hey mom."
    "We`re coming home for New Years with some guests, we`re arriving in 2 days so can you pick tell Rachel to pick us up from Burress Airport at 12:35 on Sunday?"
    "Sure mom.....are the guests......um.......five boys? I tried to sound casual.
    "Maybe, I have to go sweetie, love you!"
    Chapter 10! I know Cassidy would love to have One Direction appear ;) Oh my God, to the people that are across the street, turn your music down, Jesus Christ, there are other people in the neighborhood, I don`t care if it`s someone`s birthday, you could at least have invited me since you have a freakin bouncy house, then I wouldn`t mind, but NNOOOO. Ha, by the way, Aly calm down, I will write my story when I FEEELLL like it! I have no idea where this story in going.....But feedback`s cool, you know!

  11. TurquoiseSea TurquoiseSea
    posted a quote
    November 8, 2012 11:18pm UTC
    Two Faced
    Chapter 9
    Aly`s POV
    "You remind me a lot of your older brother when he was a student here. He was good at football too, did he teach you?" Mr. Romano asked
    Jessy actually looked nervous for once. "Um, yeah..........yeah he did. He.......he was really good at football."
    "Too bad what happened to him, do you ever feel any ounce guilt for what you did!? It mean it-."
    "Look. I don`t need to hear your crap, what I need is to get out of here and get out of this town. I`m heading back to the high school, punish me however you want." With that said Jessy walked out.
    Why would Jessy be guilty? I didn`t know he had a brother, all I knew is that he had a sister................why hasn`t he told me?
    "Hey......hey Aly, are you okay?"
    "Huh? Oh sorry, I was just thinking, I`m fine Rumor.
    But the thing is I wasn`t fine, Jessy wasn`t telling me the truth, boyfriend and girlfriend are supposed to be honest with each other.......right?
    "We better head out to next period, lunch is almost over." Lucy said..
    I had history next, but I knew I couldn`t concentrate on the Civil War with Jessy on my mind. Rumor and I walked to the thrid floor where Mr.Carlson`s room was. I guess I didn`t look where I was going when I walk in because I felt like I walked into a wall.
    "Ooof!" I landed on my butt on the cold marble floor.
    "Oh, I`m so sorry!" said some manley voice.
    "Watch where you`re going!" I retorted
    I looked up to see an extremely gorgeous guy. Brown hair that stopped right above his icey blue eyes. He was exactley the opposite of Jessy, he looked very preppy, yet sexy.
    "Oh, I`m so sorry, I should`ve watched where I was going."
    He chucked "It`s fine, I should`ve seen a girl as beautiful as you."
    I could feel my face heating up "T-thanks." Oh my god, did I actually stutter? Am.....am I actually nervous?! I haven`t felt this many butterflies in my stomach since I met Jessy.....SNAP OUT OF IT! You love Jessy.
    "I`m Aiden, it`s very nice to meet you." He held out his hand.
    "Aly." I took his hand, it fit perfectly into mine.
    "Settle down everyone! Get into your seats, class is about to start." I quicky sat down next to Rumor.
    "Who`s he?" Rumor asked.
    "He`s Aiden."
    "He`s kinda cute."
    "Yeahhh...." My mind drifted off to somewhere else.
    Now class, we`re starting a project on the Civil War, you will be paired with someone in this class and you will have to recreate one the battlefields the Civil War took place and write a report on that Battle.
    I`ll start with pairings, he got out his clipboard and started reading off names.
    "Alex........and Crystal, you will be doing the Battle of Chickamauga
    Ed............and Lorena, you will be doing the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House
    Katrina.............and Trinton, you will be doing the Battle of Shiloh
    Logan............and Rumor, you will doing the Battle of Antietam
    Cassandra..........and Austin, you will doing the Battle of Chancellorsville
    Elena.......and Ian, you will be doing the Battle of Wilderness
    Kayla..............and Hayden, you will be doing the battle of Gettysburg
    Prescott .........and Garrett, you will be doing the Second Battle of Bull Run
    Ebony.........and Evan, you will be doing the Battle of Stones River
    Lastly Aly.......and Aiden, you will be doing the Battle of Fort Donelson
    Those are your partners, no trading. We will be doing this for 2 months so be prepared, now meet up with your partners while I play Solitare
    Chapter 7, wait no, 8.....I think? Oh whatever! Hehe cliffhanger....sorta! Feedback please!

  12. TurquoiseSea TurquoiseSea
    posted a quote
    November 6, 2012 7:08pm UTC
    T.V. Show: We look so fetch!
    Me: *On impulse* Stop trying to make fetch happen! It`s not going to happen!
    Josh Hutcherson:
    The World:
    Ed Sheeran:
    Taylor Swift:
    Me: What has Witty done to me?

  13. TurquoiseSea TurquoiseSea
    posted a quote
    November 6, 2012 6:43pm UTC
    What you should never talk about on Witty

  14. TurquoiseSea TurquoiseSea
    posted a quote
    November 6, 2012 6:01pm UTC
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  15. TurquoiseSea TurquoiseSea
    posted a quote
    November 5, 2012 11:36pm UTC
    click to see this quote

  16. TurquoiseSea TurquoiseSea
    posted a quote
    November 4, 2012 11:44pm UTC
    I believe blind people are the ones who can only truely know the beauty in people

  17. TurquoiseSea TurquoiseSea
    posted a quote
    November 4, 2012 11:38pm UTC
    Two Faced
    Chapter 6
    I slowly turned around to see Kylan. Ugh I think to myself, what does that slimeball want?
    "Hey, um I think we got off on the wrong foot earlier, I`m Kylan."
    What? He still didn`t recognize me and did it seem like he sounded a bit nervous?
    "Oh, um hi." I replied
    "Soooo, I didn`t catch you name....."
    "It`s Rumor." I said with a sarcastic smile.
    "Wait a minute......not.....oh my gosh."
    "Yeah, now you recognize me?"
    Before he could finish his sentance I walked off to where Cassidy was standing.
    "What did he want?"
    "My name."
    BBBRRRIINNGG! After 3 more periods we headed off the the cafeteria on the third floor.
    "Gosh, why does this school have so many levels!" Aly groaned.
    "Here, I`ll carry you." Jessy said.
    Jessy was Aly`s boyfriend, they met over the summer when we took a road trip to California and ended up at a bonfire party on Laguna Beach. Jessy was a tall guy with long jet black hair with snake bites on his lips and a nose ring. He usually snuck over during lunch since he was a grade older. You could consider his a 'bad boy'. Cassidy pushed open the sleek black doors into the cafeteria. I noticed Lucy and Declan sitting at our usual table. Lucy waved over to us, but you could hardly see her since she was so tiny.
    "Hey." We said in unison as we sat down.
    Aly sat on Jessy`s lap, how cute....I think. Next to Jessy was Cassidy then Drew. On my side I sat at the end next to Logan and Declan.
    "Oh my god what is that?!" Aly asked when she saw the lunch they were serving.
    "I thinkkk....mystery meat?" Drew replied.
    "Let`s go get something from the vending machine."
    "Agreed." I replied.
    Aly,Lucy,Cassidy, and I got up and left to the vending machines at the back right corner of the cafeteria. Aly and I got gaterade, while Cassidy got tea and Lucy got Rockstar. Aly got two blueberry poptarts and gummy bears, Cassidy got granola bar (she`s on a diet, ballerina you know) Lucy got 2 bags of chips, gummy bears, preztals, and and a granola bar, while I got a bag of chips and a granola bar. When we started walk over we saw a crowd of people surrounding our table. This was not gonna end well.
    Chapter ssiixxx! Do you love it? Feedback would be AAMMAAZZIINNGG! Aly totally made me write this chapter. Hehe, I will be still trying to find characters for meh story!

  18. TurquoiseSea TurquoiseSea
    posted a quote
    November 4, 2012 9:38pm UTC
    Two Faced
    Chapter 5
    Aly, Cassidy, and I sprinted to first period before Ms. Bitterman could catch us and give us all detention. We passed Mr. Steven`s class when something caught our eye.
    "oh." I queitly whispered.
    "my." Cassidy murmured
    "GOD!" Aly exclaimed.
    Cassidy and I quickly put our hands over Aly`s mouth and dragged her benhind the midnoght black column.
    "shut it!" I whispered in Aly`s ear.
    We all peeked around the column to see an undisturbed Ms.Bitterman and Mr. Stevens.
    "Ugh old people making out is so gross, why didn`t they bother to close the door at least." Aly groaned.
    "Well it`s kinda sweet in a weird and gross way, at least maybe they won`t die completely alone. I said.
    "I wonder when they started dating." Cassidy said in a questioning tone.
    "Well I wonder how we`re gonna get past them without them noticing us!. First period starts in less than 2 minutes." I said exasperated.
    "Hope and sprint?" Aly questioned.
    Cassidy laughed. "I guess!"
    "One......two......three go!"
    We took off running. We reached a gold painted door with 3 numbers on it. 690. We heard footsteps coming and a single black Armani shoe coming around the corner.
    "Go in!" Cassidy squealed.
    We rushed in and sat down right before Mr. Santiago came in.
    "turn to page 394 and pair up to do the activity on page 387."
    Aly paired up with her boyfriend Everett. Cassidy and I were about to pair up before a muscular hand grabbed my arm. Yup it was Kylan, what the hell was he doing in my English class?
    Fifth Chapter that Aly made me write :P I might be writing more, maybe not if ALY and CASSIDY don`t write, yeah I`m talking to you guys! Feedback please! :)

  19. TurquoiseSea TurquoiseSea
    posted a quote
    November 4, 2012 1:28am UTC
    Josh Peck From Drake and Josh, Chris Hemsworth from Thor and Josh Hutcherson are going to be in a movie together♥

  20. TurquoiseSea TurquoiseSea
    posted a quote
    November 3, 2012 5:46pm UTC
    To the people who hate Romney
    Just remember
    Chuck Norris supports Romney
    so beware
    That he will find you, and kill you
    Fact: Chuck Norris will probably turn off the sun for the country if Romney doesn`t win
    Not ment to be offensive, just ment to be funny. Nmf


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