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punklove182* · 9 years ago
I miss you so much..where did you go?

_perfectlyunperfect__ · 9 years ago
I honestly cant believe you left me like that.

juliebrat99 · 9 years ago
I miss you Jake.

_perfectlyunperfect__ · 1 decade ago
i miss you Jake.

ashlyn* · 1 decade ago
I owe it all to you, oh
my little bird

Jezabella · 1 decade ago
I`m sorry that we lost connection from one another. I’m sorry if we all went our separate ways. I’m sorry that we all have change. It my fault that I stop trying. It’s my fault that I let go and moved on with something new in my life. I’m thankful that we had a great memory together whether it was a short period of time or long.

ashlyn* · 1 decade ago
I miss you, Jake. I really really do. I wish you'd talk to me. I miss you. You're still one of my best friends. Love you

mol* · 1 decade ago
Hi, you might not remember me but I just wanted to say thanks(: Okay, bye .

JustLikeTears · 1 decade ago
Lol you haven't been on for three months sooo who knows if you'll see this, but hi (:

Crazy_Beautiful202 · 1 decade ago
I was just going through my comments. I never realized how much we actually talked.
I miss you.
How are you?


lemon* · 1 decade ago
Hello. c:

beachbabe7 · 1 decade ago
hey we havent talked in a while :p but last time you did this weird thing where you figured out if this kid was fake...i was just wondering if you could check out yesimaguy.....haha okay sooo yah thanks ! :)

BackToDecember14th · 1 decade ago
haha and i am again. sorry i was away for all of july and i haven't been on since before that

SmileLove · 1 decade ago
jeez that was long. hah. kay jakey. come online, pleeeeeease? xoxo

SmileLove · 1 decade ago
Jake, you promised you'd never ever leave me. You promised, and a promise is a promise.

Okay, so, maybe,
we haven't met,
we only talk over the Internet,
the only times we've seen each other are in pictures.

But, that doesn't matter,
we will meet,
we will talk, and we'll laugh,
and we'll see each other properly,

Until then, not meeting, is what makes it special. Jake, this is a once in a lifetime friendship, and I, for one, treasure that and it is a friendship that will last forever. So, we fight, we disagree, friends do, siblings do. It's what makes us stronger.


Jake, you, are an amazing person. So perfect, shy, kind, considerate, loving, caring, thoughtful, incredible, breath taking and so much more. I can't lose you. Ever. You, are my best friend. You know, I went back, and I read all our conversations. Do you know how magical that was? To see how much we, as friends, have grown? It's simply stunning. To think, a few months ago, we were strangers, no clue if each others existence, and now, we're closer than ever. We, Jake, are a team, a team that can never, ever, be broken, people may try and tear us apart, but we will always get through it, together, as a team, as family.

You have taken up, a huge part of my life, and I love it. You are the reason for my smile, and yes, the occasional frown, but hey, frowns are easily turned upside down. By you, usually. :) Now, I want you to remember this, always, you, my friend, are indescribable, for all the good reasons, and you, Jacob, are my best friend, and my brother. Always will be. No one can replace you. You will always have a special place in my life. I need you to take that, Jake, and never forget it, even if you forget me, don't you ever, forget that.

I never want you thinking anything bad about yourself again. It hurts, to see you beat yourself down, when you truly are, brilliant. You shouldn't believe the horrible things that other people say, because a wise best friend/brother told me this, who's name begins with J, and ends in E. 'They're just jealous. Ignore them, they want to be you, and they want your amazingness.' Take your own advice, Jake, you're smart. They are just jealous, they're jealous, of you, your talents, your kindness, your way with words, your intelligence, your smile, just you, in general. After all, haters make you famous, right? I'll always be there for you. #1 Fan. Or #2, if that's technically better.

Anyways, I never really explained how much I think of you. So, here it is. ^ Now, all I ask in return, is that you come online, just so we all know that you're okay. You don't have to talk, or anything, you just have so sign in, and sign out, we all just need to know that our Jake is still there. I'm so worried. So, so, so worried. I need you. The people below, need you. You have an important part in everyone's lives. And, when you're super famous, with that stunning Hollywood smile, I can say; 'I was best friends with him. We were practically related.' I will be so proud, so happy, to know that you, Jake, made it. You will have followed your dreams. I'm so sure that you'll be ridiculously famous and popular, that I may need an autograph to sell later on, when I, am living alone with cats, names after the High School Musical cast. But, for a present of congratulations in advance, you can have Sharpay. She will like expensive cat food, and a pink litter tray. :]

This is so long, but I miss you so much. So much. And, did I ever explain why I harsh, the night you took a break? Well, this is not an excuse, but I was mad at the entire world, and I took it out on you, when I shouldn't have. You didn't deserve it, you were doing what was right, and all I did was throw it back at you. Gosh, it's hard typing how bad I feel, but I do, I feel so bad, and I'm sorry. If there was anyone that I shouldn't have taken it out on, it was you. You didn't do anything to make me upset or mad, it was me. I was so frustrated with everything, and there was no one to give me a hug, which was all I needed, so, as I said. I'm so sorry. I hope I'm forgiven. Oh, and it took me a while to tell you, because I’m like that. I’m stubborn. I hate telling people my problems, or why I’m sad. I always say I’m great, when I’m crying. I don’t like the attention. So, that’s why. Sorry. Again. Sorry for saying sorry. I say it too much. But, sorry. Gosh, I can’t stop saying it. Okay, I apologise. It’s not saying the other word. Hahah.

It's been weird without talking to you, it's strange, not seeing the smiley faces, or the haha's. Nobody types quite like you, and that's a compliment. Everyone types differently, some like this; 'hey(:' or 'hi there:)' or 'hiya.' and then there's me; 'HEYAZZ. :D xoxox'. And then Snakey Jakey, gets involved, you go like this; 'hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii:))))))))))))' Too. Funny.

You are so weird, Jake, but in a hilariously good way. You bit a dogs eye. I mean, a dog. A dog? I mean really. Hah.You bit everyone, when you were little. You don't like pirates or bees, or dogs. Okay, I can't talk, I'm scared of Hello Kitty and the creepy guy from Mulan. I don't like feet, just like you don't like being poked. But, that, is what makes us, us. I think we're awesome. And you, especially. Don't ever change, not for anyone, because if you do, there will be no Jake, there will be a space where the old him used to be. You're amazing, and you have to start believing it. You have to. Or I'll come to America, dressed up as a pirate, with a bee, and a dog, and I will go and poke you until you start believing it. We both don't want it to come to that, but I will, if necessary.

Look, you are too amazing too let go of, so, please, please, please, come online. Pretty please, with rainbow sprinkles on top? Actually, that reminds me, my friend once said to me; 'I love you more than rainbows.' so, I'm saying it to you; I love you more than rainbows. :D
You know the song ‘Call Me Maybe’? The lyrics go; ‘Boy you came into my life, I missed you so bad, I missed you so so bad.’ That’s exactly how it is. I missed you before I knew you. Funny thing is, when I was typing this, that song came on. It’s a sign. Hahah.
You know, this is two and a half pages, nearly three full pages; I started it last night, and carried on in the morning. It’s ongoing, like our friendship. Things happen, some bad, some good, but everything happens for a reason, Jake. Everything. It builds up, into something astounding. It’s experience, everyone has them. Yes, life is hard, but life is amazing, embrace, take it, grip it, live it, don’t let the smallest things get to you, it’s not worth it. Think of your future. I was watching Glee last night, and it was a sad episode, and they did a thing that I believe was perfect. They thought of at least one thing they had to look forward to. One thing, that’s all. It made such a difference. It won’t be like this forever. You can change the world, I believe in you.

All this may sound ridiculously cheesy, but it’s the honest truth. Hmm. The song ‘Express Yourself’ just came on. Why is all this so ironic? Okay, no kidding, Hakuna Matata just started playing. Yes, I do have Disney on my iPod. Don’t judge. Hahah. But anyways, Hakuna Matata. Okay, now it’s ‘Too Close.’ Coincidence? Love ittttttttttttt.
Oh, I had a dream about you last night. It was weird. So, I come to New Jersey for the summer, and I'm walking somewhere, and then I see a girl that looks like Megan. I go up to her and say; 'Are you Megan? D’you know someone called Jake? He loves acting etc.' and she said yes, so I introduce myself and then we scream. I ask where your house is because we need to find you, so Megan takes me there. I knock on the door and your parents answer, and I'm like; 'Hi. I'm Hannah, one of Jake's friends.' and they're like; 'But you're British.' so I say yes and then I give then British stuff which apparently they love. Hahah. So, Megan and I go into your house and to your room, where we find you. You look confused, but Megan hugs you etc, and I say hi. Then Megan introduces me like; 'This is Hannah. Also known as SmileLove.' and then you look shocked, and I'm stood like; 'true story.' then we hug, and go to McDonald's. :) Being British has its advantages.

Anyways, I'm worried. Megan, Ashlyn and Emma are worried. I hate worrying. It makes me feel sick. I hate feeling sick, which makes me feel even sicker. It's the domino effect. Hahahah. But seriously, we need to know that you're okay. If I could put that in bold and underline it, I would.

I would walk 1000 miles just to,
a) Check that you're okay.
b) See your amazing hollywood smile.
c) Hear your British accent.

And we both know that I hate walking. So, you're lucky.
I’m determined to make this three full pages, maybe four. I will do this. You had better be reading this, Jacob. My hands hurt from typing. Like seriously. Ouch. But, it’s worth it, as long as you come online. NOW. NOW. NOW. NOW. NOW. NOW. NOW. NOW. Five, four, three, two, one. NOW. Okay, now. Now. Now. Ugh. You had better be signing in. If you’re reading this, and you’re not signed in, do it. Click the ‘Sign In’ button. Type in; ‘JakeFromWitty’ and your pass. Hit enter. There. Was that so hard? No, I didn’t think it would be. Ow. My shoulder just cracked really loudly. Ouchie. OKAY. Just made four pages. Hah. It’s 1,835 words and counting. WE LIKE TO SLEEP ALL DAY AND PARTY ALL NIGHT. Lalala. Ahem. Sorry. It was shuffle, and I like the song. Hahah. You know, I drew a moustache on my face two days ago, in liquid eyeliner. It wouldn’t come off, for ages. No matter how much make up remover I tried, it was there for a day and a half. It only came off yesterday night. I have to say, I think it suited me. Rockin’ the moustache. I’ll post a picture eventually, when I’ve gotten over the embarrassment of walking around with one. Never go shopping with a drawn on moustache. It’s very awkward when you’re buying something.
Okay, I have a new aim, to get to 2000 words. I’m on 1, 963. Yes. Hahah. It wasn’t meant to be this long. But, I needed to tell you all of this, so when you come online, you can see it, and smile. Notice I wrote ‘when’ you come online not ‘if’ you come online because you will come on. I know it. Psychic’s intuition. I know that something has happened, something. I don’t know what, but something has. And, I’m feeling that you need a hug, so *hugs*. I hope that was a good hug.
Yaaaaaaay, made 2000 words. It’s now 2, 042. Woo.

I don't know if you can even see this, but I hope you do. Because I need you. Maybe you check your comments but don't sign in. If you do, sign in. Now, please. And, you had better be smiling. No matter what has happened, or what you're going through, you should smile. Smiling can change everything. Especially yours. So, if you're not smiling, smile. Our smile, the goofy one, the one with teeth. :B I am.

Even the stars are jealous of how much you shine.

Come online, Jake.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

- Hannah. xoxo


SmileLove · 1 decade ago
right, so, i realised that when you said you were taking a break, i could've handled it better. so i'm sorry. i wasn't a good friend.

when i thought about what you said, and i realised that you were right, it's time for a break.

i miss you, jake. xoxo

SmileLove · 1 decade ago
if/before you go, someone just chatted me telling me to go die.

okay, bye jake. miss you. x

SmileLove · 1 decade ago
i'll miss you lots. bye jake. x

SmileLove · 1 decade ago
okay, fine.

SmileLove · 1 decade ago
well, it looks like you are.


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