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  1. Hazel_Eyes Hazel_Eyes
    posted a quote
    August 26, 2012 4:38pm UTC
    Chapter 3
    ~The Next Morning~
    "Wake up Skylar, we're going to be late!" Angel was yelling at...6 A.M.....dang she got up mighty early. Well, today is the first day of school...maybe I'll see Tyler, but he just came home just yesterday...
    "Alright Angel I'm up." I say still sleepy as hell. I had gotten too used to going to sleep after midnight and waking back up after noon.
    "You better! I'm so excited! First day of school!!!" Angel yells. God...this child has too much energy...well, she is only 5,but d.amn does she have to yell in my ear.
    "Yeah I know. Go get ready kiddo." I say gently kissing her cheek.
    "Ok sissy." She replies as she runs out of my room. Finally, shes not yelling at me to get up. I slowly get around getting dressed...God there's so much to choose from. NOT REALLY!
    "You look nice honey, but maybe you should brush your hair..." Amy says as I walk into the kitchen.
    "I'm getting to that, whats for breakfast?"
    "Your favorite of course."
    "Ok." I say as I go get my hairbrush. God d.amn did a freaking squirrel make a nest in my hair or something?
    "Come on, Skylar, time to eat." Amy says to me as I sleepily drag myself to the table.
    "Thank you..." I eat then I'm out the door to school. Yippy...time for the ridicule, drama, and the digusting food of school.

  2. Hazel_Eyes Hazel_Eyes
    posted a quote
    August 24, 2012 5:23pm UTC
    Chapter 2
    "Hey Skylar!"
    Oh God not HIM! This is my jerkface-cheater-liar ex boyfriend, Max. We dated for a few months and I found out he had another girlfriend along with me. I hate his living guts! "Hey Max..." I reply
    "You ready for school tomorrow? I am." He said smiling at me.
    "No! Especially since I'll be forced to see your disgusting face!" I reply walking away. I could see that that had hurt him, but I didn't care. I stopped caring what his a$$ thought months ago.
    ~Several hours later of walking through the woods~
    "Hey there Sky, remember me?" I knew that voice all too well.
    "TYLER!!!" I screamed as I run into a boy's arms. I feel his arms lock around me and I smile. We stand there just hugging, well that's mainly what he was doing. I was too busy looking at the army uniform he had on...he left a year ago for the army and he was only 15 years old. Tyler is my BEST friend and he always will be. I can't help but smile when I see him...his black hair, bright blue eyes, amazing smile......WHAT AM I THINKING! You probably think I have a crush on him...well I DON'T!...maybe.
    I know this was a short chapter...I didn't feel like writing today. Feedback anyone?

  3. Hazel_Eyes Hazel_Eyes
    posted a quote
    August 23, 2012 9:45pm UTC
    Chapter 1
    *sniff* *sniff*
    Oh. My. God. Bacon, eggs, and toast! My favorite!
    I run downstairs as fast as I can, tripping a couple of times on some clothes I "forgot" to put into the clothes basket. I get into the kitchen and see Amy cooking that amazing food I was smelling. She was always good at that, torturing me with the aroma of my favorite food. I sit down at the family table and pull out my phone to see if I have any messages, I don't.
    "Did you sleep well last night Sky?" Amy asks.
    "Kinda...I had that dream again...is it normal to have the same dream five times in a row?" I reply
    Amy looks at me with her kind eyes and says, "I don't know Sky...I don't know."
    "You don't know what momma?" I heard Angel say from the doorway. I looked over at her, and I couldn't help but smile at her. It happens everytime I see her.
    "Nothing sweety, go sit down with your sister breakfast is almost done." Amy says.
    "Ok mommy" Angel says as she makes her way to the table and sits herself down next to me. "Hey Sky, you ready for school tomorrow?"
    Ugh! She just had to ask me that question before breakfast. "Of course I'm not ready" I wanted to say to her, but instead I simply nod in agreement. I really don't want to go to school, I hate it, I repeat HATE it! I'm always being teased by everyone there just because I'm adopted. I wish everyone at my school would just drop dead!
    "Here ya go, enjoy." Amy said placing a plate of food in front of me and Angel.
    YES FOOD FINALLY! Me and Angel ate our food before Amy or Steve could start eating their food...literally!
    Angel and I finish our food and I quietly put our dishes in the sink. I then walk outside to a dispicable sight.

  4. Hazel_Eyes Hazel_Eyes
    posted a quote
    August 23, 2012 8:41pm UTC
    My name is Skylar and I'm just your ordinary 16-year old girl. I'm living with my adopted family with a younger girl and two great adults. The girl's name, who is my younger sister, is Angel and she's 5 years old. I love her sooo much...even though I'm not blood related to her. My real parents died the day after I was born...I think about them all the time. The only thing I have left of them is a gold necklace they got me and a picture of them holding me the day I was born. Steve and Amy, my now my mom and dad, tell me stuff about them when they can. My parents were very successful in life. My mom was a nurse and my dad was a lawyer. I guess I get my "smarts" from them. They were murdered...
    ~Somewhere in the world~
    "I want to see my child! I'm sick of the d.amn lie!"
    "I'm sorry sir, but you know we can't do that."
    "Please...can we at least visit the location our child is in?"
    "No ma'am."
    "Well, at least let us see a picture of her!"
    "I'm sorry sir, that is unavailable...now I have to go. End. Of. Discussion."
    Feedback? If you have any comments then just leave them and I DO NOT NOTIFY!


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