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It's Monday, August 16th 2009 at 4:42pm
&& i rlly have to askk,
Why hasent anyone foundd me.?
Well, actually two people have. Wittiers, try harderr.!
Hints.? i gueshh so.
My layout, is, of course, Cobra Starship.
My name is not Hollie, i changedd it, *cough hhiinnnttt cough*
i have a music playerr.
i have a new AIM, it isnt the samee as thee one abovee^^
there is a musicc playerrr
&& aloootttt of Cobra quotess.!

Find me! Find me! Find me!
Tyyy - <3Holllieee.

Frickking Las Vegas fer two weeks! Dont want to go>.< Probably wont be on muchh ily & miss yew<3
tickked off...i hate yew!
Random Song Of The Day!

"You Do You Dont"
The Friday Night Boys

gonna get you high<3
Well, if you were stupid enough not to know, the name is Hollie (but i perfer Angie Saporta<3) & i am a ; ;
h    u    g    e
Cobra Starship fan. Wait, did i say huge!? Pssh! Screw that! i happen to be their biggest!(: August 11th! Cannot wait!:D HOT MESS<3 & August 31st!? Cant wait HotMessAcrossTheUs<3
i am happily taken by thee most amazing (non-famous) guy in the world!
Charlie<3 Sixx.Two.OhhNine!(: Right now, i could tell you i was quiet, have straight, prefect grades, dont rlly stand out very much, boring. But then i would be lying. I am far from quite. Grades!? not the best...but screw them! i'm not gonna live my life following a bunch of silly little letters on a piece of paper. & me, not standing out!? Well, then people who think that must be color blind!! ROFL!
i looooove talking to people(:
s o h i t m e u p ; ;
Aim, MrsGabeSaporta26 
       & HolyCobra x3
FaceBook, Hollie Jaylin
PhotoBucket, CobraxBrokencydexMusic
& thats it for contacting mehh, wait! heres my phone number...
J U S T K I D D I N G ! :D
ohh burn! yew jsut got owned! baha!(:
Hm..what a big space & a small brain gettting to fill it up... well here are the deets of muahh(:
Hair Colour: Blonde(:
Eye Colour: Blue
Height: Idkk..I'm short though:D
Favorite Sport: Soccer! (DavidBeckham<3)& racing kites!
Favorite Colour: Bright Pink!(:
Favorite Saying: Kiss My Sass!

Victoria "VickyT" Asher
She is thee prettiest person alive! & Gawd! She is nice, April28thh i met her(: i told her she was rlly pretty & shhe was like "Aw, Thanks yew are too!" & iEnjoy Her hugs! ROFL
This guy, wow, deffinetly an inspiration! like he totaly stopped being a druggie! i<3YewSteveo!
Gabe "Gabanti" Saporta
He is a vegatarian, he is s e x y , he is rlly nice, he has a gorgeous voice, whats not to love about him!?(:

Hm..thats about it, (for now) anything else yew wanna know!? Just ask! Like i said i <3 talking to peoplee


ps yew read this all!? iDeeplyAdoreYew<3 tyyy(:

Fan Arttt<3<3<3
It's kindaa screwed up at the top, but yew get the deal, & i would enjoy more fan art please(:



M o n d a y ; ;
July 13th Ohh Nine
L i s t e n i n g t o :
"You Are The One"
by Shiny Toy Guns
Blahh! Las Vegas tomorrow! i probably will not be on muchh in the two weeks. i will miss all of yew! Fave the quotes & keep it sassy(: Lmfaoo!
<3Hollieee!(: the gurl who is upset.
S a t u r d a y ; ;
July 11th Ohh Nine
L i s t e n i n g t o :
"I've Got A Feeling"
by Sing It Loud
Dear, Patrick Stump
        It comes to my concern that you seem incredibly busy with Fall Out Boy. i mean with tours & what not. So i do not think you have enough time to manage Cobra Starship. but dont you worry! i have thee perfect manager for them! Her name is Hollie Jaylin Foster!(: If i were, you i would consider this...like now! or dont even consider, just give her the job! She knows pretty much everything about Cobra Starship & she is the best for them. & with her manager, you will have much much more time with your band!(: Since she was twelve (cough cough) she has wanted to be a band manager (perferably theirs!) She knows what is right for them & is GREAT with art work so helping with the CD covers & booklets will be a      b r e e z e(: so please contact me or her, asap! Remember, this is her dream & ruining someones dreams is like creating a nightmare. & would you really want to do that?
Love, Hollie Jaylin Foster<3

T h u r s d a y ; ;
July 9th Ohh Nine(:
L i s t e n i n g t o :
"Church Of Hot Addiction"
by Cobra Starship
Ahh!(: Just got back from Charlieeeees! :D tehehe it was fuuuun! i looove him(: Lol! OMG! LAS VEGAS TUESDAY! CANT WAIT..BUT I AM SCARED. Lmaoo, the whole entire time i am going to have the song "Snakes On A Plane" by Cobra Starship stuck in my head! Gawh, what if scary Cobras come on the plane & kill us!? >.< Charlie says i'm paranoidd...but i think the Cobras are gonna kill me! :D *sighh* well, thats it fer now. IM meee(: <3HollliiiieeeE>
M o n d a y ; ;
July 6th, Ohh Nine(:
L i s t e n i n g t o :
"Dancing in The Future"
by Powerspace
I'm back!(: gawhh! finally! i missed my computer(: ROFL i have no life=P i got back last night, gueshh where i was yesturday! SANTAS VILLAGE! BE JEALOUS BETCHH!(: lmaoo! Dont laugh at me): long story why i was there...TOMORROW! PRE ORDER HOT MESS<3<3<3 CANNOT WAITT!:D tehehe! bleh, nothnig rlly to put in here..hm, IM me if yewd like <3HollliiieeeE>
T h u r s d a y ; ;
July 2nd, Ohh Ninee(:
L i s t e n i n g  t o:
"Wake The Dead"
By Family Force 5
Bleh! it's raning here in NH! This is gonna suckk, i'm going to Errol today! Hm, i wonder how its like for Charley, FRICKKING CALIFORNIA! Lmaoo, if yew are reading this...i miss yew girlioo! Lol! & i miss Charlie<3 i havent seen him in ferever! & now i am leaving for 5 days!>.<Stupid hoes!=P & anyone whos reading this, i would enjoy yew looking at my fan art, its at the bottom of my about me & yeah its a little screwed up, anyone know how to fix it!? please & tyy<3 & i would enjoy someone making me Fan Art! please & tyy once again! Well, imma go now & get ready to leave <3HollliiieeeE>
W e d n e s d a y ; ;
July 1st, Ohh Ninee(:
L i s t e n i n g t o :
By Artist Vs Poet
Heeeeey witty people! wuudddupp wuudddupp wuudddupp!?  As yew can most likely see i am in a GLORIOUS mood! Why? Because i just found out (actually yesturday i found out) that my favorite band, (Hm.o could they be!? i wonder!) are going on tour with my second favorite band!=D & gueshh what the madre said!? MAYBE! it isnt a straight up yes, but its still something thats gonna make me smileee(: & to make it all better, Charlie might see it with me! Ahh! & it's five days after my birthday! Wow, this is going to amazing<3 cant wait! <3HollliiieeeE>

T u e s d a y ; ;
June 30thh, OhhNine(:
L i s t e n i n g  t o :
"Sadie Hawkinds Dance"
by Relient K

Gawhh! Kindaa upset. i was gonna hangout with Charlieee<# today but my mom said no! A T THE VERY LAST SECOND! =P & now i am deeply not glad! (rofl) & today we have been going out fer a month! But, like usual my mom doesnt care >.< but yew should make me happy(: IM me please!:D

Aphebetical Order...
not prefect but pretty close(:

+44, 3oh!3, A Change Of Pace, A Cursive Memory,  A Rocket To The Moon, The Academy Is..., Acceptance, AFI, The AKAs, All American Rejects, All Time Low, Always Look Before You Leap, American Hi-Fi,  Amy Can Flyy,
Anberlin, Angel Spit, Armor For Sleep, Ashley Parker Angel, A Sunset Diary, Artist vs Poet, Attack! Attack!, Atreyu, Automatic Love Letter, BassHunter, Blacktop Mourning, Blink 182, Boys Like Girls, Breather Electric, Breathe Carolina, Britney Spears, BrokeNYCYDE (BC13), Cartel, Cash Cash, Cinematic Sunrise, Click Five, Cobra Starship<3, Cute Is What We Aim For, Dashboard Confessional, Delta Delta, Devil Wears Prada, Divided By Friday, Dont Say Vegas, DotDotCurve, Downtown Fiction, Echo System,  Eleventyseven, Elissa Jordana, Escape The Fate, Everybody Else, Fall Out Boy, Family Force 5, Farewell, Fight!Fight!Fight!, Forever and Diamonds, Forever The Sickest Kids, The Friday Night Boys,  Geoffrey Paris, Goodnight Sunrise, Gym Class Heros, Handshakes and Highfives, Hawk Nelson, Hello Astronaut, Hey Monday, Hit The Lights, Hollywood Undead, I Set My Friends On Fire, Ivoryline, Jacks Mannequin, Jeffree Star, Jimmy Eat World, Jonas Brothers (Crazy, Right!?), Kerli, The Lights, Linkin Park, Lets Get It, Letters Burning, The Lonley Island, Love Arcade, The Perfect Measure, The Ready Set, The Maine, Maroon 5, Mayday Parade, The Medric Droid (RIP), Metallica, Metro Station, Mercy Mercedes, Midtown (RIP), Nice Guys Finish First, Nickasaur, Millionaires, Neversaynever, Nevershoutnever!, Nevertheless, No Doubt, Our Last Night, P!@TD, Paramore, Plain White T's, Play N Skillz, PlayRadioPlay, Powerspace, Quick Quick Danger, RadioHead, Red Car Wire, Rediscover, Relient K, The Rocket Summer, Room 94, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Scene Kidz, School Boy Humor, Senses Fail, Shiny Toy Guns, Show Me Your Skyline, Sing It Loud, Skyline Awake, Slide Show Baby, Stereo Skyline, Something Corporate, Tatu, Taylor Swift, The Afters, The Fray, The Hint, The Sleeping,  The Starting Line (RIP), The Summer Set, The Perfect Measure, The Secret Handshake, The Ting Tings,The Used, The Veronicas, Three Days Grace,Tokyo Hotel, Tokyo Rose, To Write Love On Her Arms, Trapt, The White Tie Affair, Tokio Hotel, Trillit, ViP, Verona Grove, Watch Out! Theres Ghosts,We Smoke Fags, We The Kings, Yellowcard,
& a d d i n g m o r e < 3


<3This girl is pretty amazing! & She just happens to be a best friend of mine<3 (&Her Quotes are g o r g e o u s !) ilyDeeply<3(:

<3Wow! i deeply adore this gurlyy! She is pretty darn amazing & knows how to makes me happy when guys with manginas break up with me! wow, fun night(: ilyChessis!(:


<3Best franddd(:

other people!?
Everlong -->& Tyy for the layout!(:

& askk if yew thinkk yew are worthy of being in here(:

& a d d i n g m o r e ( :

Amazing followers!<3
i love yew guys!<3
tyy so muchh fer following!=D

  1. FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle
    posted a quote
    August 4, 2009 11:11am UTC
    'Cause you do what do gotta do
    d o n t w o r r y w h a t t h e y s a y a b o u t y o u
    idunno..i decidedd to add a random quote on here
    & its Cobra Starships song
    "Fold You Hands Child"
    the CD is leakked on the internet, listening
    to the CD as we speakk! :D

  2. FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle
    posted a quote
    July 12, 2009 6:01pm UTC
    I'm in trouble, I'm an a d d i c t;;
    ([ i'm addicted to this →boy ])
    he's got my heart tied in a knot.
    & m y s t o m a c h _i n_a_w h i r l _

  3. FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle
    posted a quote
    July 12, 2009 5:47pm UTC
    its the way you do;;
    the things y o u d o .x___[ that make me ]___x. fall in l o v e with you x3
    < ARTTM 3

  4. FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle
    posted a quote
    July 11, 2009 10:51am UTC
    & t h a t s p r e t t y m u c h a l l t h e r e i s t o s a y ( :

  5. FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle
    posted a quote
    July 11, 2009 9:52am UTC
    & today is the day where
    i am not going to care.
    i will throw that right out the window!
    I'm going to be more crazy then usual
    & you know what? For all the people that say I'm
    crazy, weird, a little kid, stupid, & anything else...
    good, thats what i want. i am a kid & never want to grow up.
    How old are we? lets just say that we are
    y o u n g ; ;
    & how old are we acting? lets just say
    n o t o u r a g e ; ;
    & w h y i s i t t h a t p e o p l e c a r e ?
    care what other people think.
    i know i dont. fer shur. i wont live life constantly checking my hair & makeup
    i barely care what my hair & makeup look like in the first place.
    so girls, please, do this for me,
    stay young, be yourself, & have fun
    because you never know what day
    is your last;;

  6. FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle
    posted a quote
    July 11, 2009 8:55am UTC
    :and you're never gonna
    :get another →chance now
    '------>you gotta dance now!
    Cobra Starship*

  7. FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle
    posted a quote
    July 11, 2009 8:46am UTC
    i came here to make you dance tonight<3
    i dont care if i'm a
    Guilty Pleasure*
    for you
    Shut Up!
    'cause we,
    Won't Stop
    We're getting down;;
    til the sun's comin' up
    Cobra Starship*

  8. FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle
    posted a quote
    July 11, 2009 8:31am UTC
    i want us to be;;
    but all you want is;;
    credit to the ecit<3

  9. FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle
    posted a quote
    July 11, 2009 7:26am UTC
    Okay, so now what? We're just going to end it all, just like that. we were,
    perfect & now,
    i t i s a l l o v e r ; ;
    & now, whats going to happen to us?
    walk right by each other in the halls, no smiles, hugs,
    nothing ?
    But you know what? You left me. But you left me a strong person.
    so, here it goes. i am going to be strong, & wont cry one bit
    i am going to move on as quickly as you did.
    no seconds chances, thoughts, or anything. this is the one time that
    i will not need the Ben & Jerry's, blasted iPod & friends to help me.
    being strong,
    means being me. & this time, nothing will change me.
    i have been through break ups before. but this one is different.
    & now, i have one thing to say...
    for making me stronger<3

  10. FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle
    posted a quote
    July 10, 2009 11:49am UTC
    except that one time i thought i should do a
    crazy re-make of the guilty pleasure dance
    in the middle of the road
    not my best idea...

  11. FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle
    posted a quote
    July 9, 2009 7:42pm UTC
    who you [are] ;; what you [say]
    →you're just a [boy]
    w h o s ( a f r a i d ) o f
    the dark♥
    Cobra Starship<3

  12. FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle
    posted a quote
    July 9, 2009 9:47am UTC
    success has its price;;

    Cobra Starship<3
    Being From Jersey Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry

  13. FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle
    posted a quote
    July 8, 2009 9:33pm UTC
    if your strapped for crash;;
    i got a job for you
    →my boots need shining
    sonn ♥
    Cobra Starship<3

  14. FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle
    posted a quote
    July 6, 2009 7:22pm UTC

  15. FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle
    posted a quote
    July 6, 2009 7:22pm UTC
    a n y m o r e f r o m m e ; ; → i aint got much for you
    i t ' s a l r i g h t ,
    »Keep It Simple Now«
    [Keep It Simple] x3
    ---> Cobraa Starship!(:

  16. FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle
    posted a quote
    July 2, 2009 8:20am UTC
    A Boy & Girl;;*
    were walking through a park, holding hands.
    When the boy walked her home, he let go and kissed her
    she went in and he looked down at his hand
    there was his name, faded, backwards, in black sharpie;;
    With A Heart Next To it♥

  17. FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle
    posted a quote
    July 2, 2009 8:17am UTC
    & The World Has its Shine
    b u t i w o u l d d r o p i t o n a d i m e
    →for you<3
    Cobra Starship<3

  18. FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle
    posted a quote
    July 1, 2009 7:25pm UTC
    I ' m n o t s t r e e t b u t i d o w h a t i g o t t a d o ; ;
    so what you've got a crew!?
    i g o t a c r e w t o o < 3
    Cobra Starship<3

  19. FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle
    posted a quote
    July 1, 2009 10:19am UTC
    &_* i May Not Be loved...
    but they always recall my name
    I ' m t h e l a s t m a n s t a n d i n g ; ;
    & i aint ever scared
    Smash it up;; Smash it up<3
    _x_I'm_x_gonna kick_x_it down_x_
    Be cool tonight;;
    dont wanna start → a f i g h t
    →Pete Wentz Is The Only Reason We're Famous <3
    _x_ Cobra _x_ Starship _x_

  20. FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle FangsxUpxCobraXxStyle
    posted a quote
    June 30, 2009 7:02pm UTC
    Cobra Starship wasn't there, it upseted me


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