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nicolešŸŒ¹* · 1 month ago
Hey Bailey, it's been a hot minute since we used this to talk, hah. Hope all is well with you, even though I can just text you and ask. :D
I will always be lurking on this website though, and of course whenever I feel it, I must comment on one of my favorite humans' page!

Skimrande · 1 month ago
I love you so much <3

nicolešŸŒ¹* · 2 months ago
Oh thank you my love! I figured it was time to put up a photo of me becoming a nature spirit! Also thank you for the congratulatory wishes, I appreciate them. Next step is my bachelor's degree in the fall, starting at a brand new school where I don't know anyone, eep! :o
Luckily I have all summer, where I am going to focus on having fun and finally finding a preschool teacher job, since I am qualified to do that now, crazy.

musicure · 3 months ago
very wise. and i've noticed! your profile always looks
flawless to me, it's so satisfying when themes and
colours blend & thank u! i left it as a little reminder
for anyone who might have lost their's (the hope that is :)

gab* · 3 months ago
i miss u!!! i hope you're doing well

pearlescent* · 4 years ago

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