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Novaturient* · 1 week ago
Agreed. It's like what Jaime said: "It's too much. No matter what you do you're forsaking one vow or another". And it's clear what he values most (especially with the difficult decisions he's made). We're only human after all.
I like how Brienne is so solid, like Jaime admires her knighthood in a way, ya' know?
I'm all caught up now! (Gonna watch the last couple episodes a bunch of times)
Speaking of Arya and Sansa's survival. They understood that if they switched shoes things would've been different.
Ughhh, I woulddd love to see Gendry and Jon reunite with Arya! Yessss!
I loved the interactions when the 'Suicide Squad" were traveling north. "This man died 6 times and you don't see him complaining" haha
And we've seen that high tension with Zombie Mountain and The Hound. (;
Clegane BOWL!
Do you think Viserion would be stronger than the other dragons?
Hahaha! Aweeee, that's one gassy baby. That's adorable :D

And Hallelujah for the North, Little Finger is dead! He won't be causing any more trouble.
lmfao, "NO TF HE DIDN'T STUPID HO" xD. Jaime should switch his gold hand for an Obsidian hand and slap everything.
Yeah, I like Jaehaerys for Jon it has a nice ring to it.
Aemon! (See what I did there Aemon=Amen, hehe. Hahaha, bad puns, I'm laughing at this way more than I should xD)

(Sorry it took so long to reply back on here. I was going through some medical stuff and rifle training/testing for a little bit now.)

pensée* · 2 years ago

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