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Novaturient* · 2 days ago
Why thank you, haha. I'm shocked that your phone has done so well after all that. I'm probably going to keep everything rather simple with no cell phone. If you need me, you know where to find me.

And likewise. I've been pretty busy sense March, so hopping on Witty is pretty chill.
Hope you have a pretty cool summer. :P
(Can't believe it's almost half a year already, haha)

desperado* · 4 weeks ago
hi my dearest love, just figured i'd write something today because i'm feeling somewhat sentimental. i remember when we'd write long paragraphs to each other for our profiles, oh the easier days. but despite growing out of that, we have still remained friends and you're almost like a sister to me despite having never met you in person. through thick and thin, you've always been there for me and i cannot thank you enough for that. you never seem to mind me droning on and on about my boy problems, and i never get bored of hearing about your boy problems. maybe that's why we work so well together. anyways, i felt sentimental and wanted to express my love for you. wishing you the best on this beautiful april day ♥︎

illusi0n✖️* · 1 month ago
hi bailey, haven't been on this website in so long! Just wanted to say I hope you're doing well and I miss you very much x

* · 2 years ago

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