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  1. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
    posted a quote
    September 30, 2011 10:17am UTC
    Stand Out From the Others...Chaptr 30 He quickly locked the door and came at me, I wanted him to leave me alone, but I kinda trusted Josh too. I knew how much he loved me, he's shown it, so I guess he deserves this. He was going a little to fast, Nicole: Josh stop, Josh......stop......JOSH STOP IT!I pushed him against the wall, and tried to open the door, he grabbed my wrist pushed me into the wall and leaned over me. Josh: what's your deal? He was close to my ear an I felt his breath on me.Nicole: you were going to fast and I'm not all that ready, Josh: you'll be ready when I say you are. He turned off the lights so Tori or anyone wouldn't find us in here, Nicole: Josh your scaring me.He grabbed my body and pulled his against mine, I screamed hoping Tori would hear me.(Tori's P.O.V)Jason and I were hoping too.......well you know, but I always ask Nicole before I do anything she helps me decide. I think Jason fell asleep, I looked up at him, he was, I kissed his lips and walked out.Walked into Drew's room, Tori: hey Drew do you know where Nicole is? He was laying on his bed faced down and he sat up and looked at me.Drew: no....., I was about to ask if he was ok, but I heard a muffled scream, and I think Drew heard it too. He got up and I ran to the bathroom, down the hall, I knocked on the door, I didn't hear anything now.I was worried about her, I tried to hold back tears as Drew saw my face, he could tell I was about to cry. He busted about the door, it was dark, I turned on the light, and Nicole was on the floor with her shirt off and her pants unbuttoned.I saw tears from her eyes, and Drew was trying not to look, he grabbed Josh and pulled him downstairs. He took care of Josh while I went up to Nicole and see if she was ok, Tori: Nikki are you ok?? What happened?? She didn't say anything just grabbed me and hugged me, she was crying. I went and got one of my shirts and pulled it on her, I took her to my room. I put her next to Jason on the bed and feeling sorry for her, I layed on Jason again and watched Nicole cry herself to sleep.I scooted Jason over an got in the middle off them I cuddled her, I thought about what happened tonight and what will happen tomorrow

  2. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
    posted a quote
    September 25, 2011 8:45am UTC
    Stand Out From the Others..cjaptr 29 I felt a little better after my talk with sis, it helped me a little bit.I was about to go thank her, when I saw Nicole in the hall, she was outside Tori's door I'm guessing her and Jason were in there. I wonder why she wasn't in there, then I saw a tear fall from her eye, I was about to go see what wwas wrong.But Josh beat me to it, he smirked at me when he walked by, I just leaned on the doorway and watched. He was only doing this because I was watching, I'm sure that if Nicole knew I was right here she wouldn't let him.Well I hope she knew at least, or did she already?? She just didn't care I was here?? I stopped my thoughts as I heard them talking, I think they were talking about Tori and Jason.I sorta heard what they said, Nicole was talking so quietly, almost like she was gonna cry. Josh cupped her face in his face, said something to her, then kissed her. God why won't he just stop, Nicole looked around and saw me in the doorway, she blushed and coughed signaling that Josh should stop.Her eyes turned to the floor, Josh just stared at me, and smirked, Josh: oh were we disturbing you?? He knew that I was there the whole time! I hate him, I moved from the doorway and just went back to playing my ps3. Not getting him, just doing whatever he wants to Nicole out of my mind, if I was with her I wouldn't take advantage of her like that. Only if her feelings hadn't changed and were the same as mine like they used to be... Comment, Feedback, Fave?? :)

  3. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
    posted a quote
    September 25, 2011 8:20am UTC
    S U I C I D E..
    ...Should not exist. but what is a quote going to do? its going to do a lot. I want a petition to go around of witty and i want you to repost this quote with your name signed. after i get all of these names i am going to make a YouTube video of all the witty profile names that took out a few minutes to read and repost this quote. lets show these people how much we care and someday we can put a end to this!
    stay strong
    niki12354 <333
    ohxheyxitsxLydia :) ♥♥
    SmileyFacesAreAmazing (:
    tiffanydewes <3<3<3<3
    lilgirlsarah ♥
    Kellasauras ♥
    JadeyRawrRawr <3
    ColleenElizabethh (:
    Pandaawsomeness ♥
    Starmoonplay ♥

  4. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
    posted a quote
    September 24, 2011 5:58pm UTC
    Stand Out From the Others..chaptr 28 I heard everything through the door, poor Tori I don't think she'd be able to handle this.I wanted to cry just listening to them talk, a tear left my eye as I felt two hands cover my eyes and a pair of lips kissed my neck. If it was Drew, I really don't know what i'd do, i'd probably just let him do it.I was turned around and the lips kissed mine, when we pulled away It was Josh, I was actually relieved it was him. Josh: why aren't you in the room with Tori? He wrapped his arms around me, Nicole: their talking in there, Tori and Jason. I feel bad, Jason's parents said he can't see Tori, they want him to date somebody else, but Tori and Jason are perfect for each other. I wanna cry, just listening to them talk about it, he turned me around, and lifted my chin.Josh: with a pretty face like that, you shouldn't cry, I smiled a littleI had a feeling we were being watched. I looked around and spotted Drew at the doorway of his room, I coughed and looked at the floor.Josh looked over and saw him, but didn't let me go, Josh: oh sorry were we disturbing you?? Drew didn't say anything an just walked away, I sighed, Nicole: why'd you do that??Josh: if he's gonna stare he should just take a picture, and of course I claimed you first, he gave me a small little kiss. It was sweet but I was ready to go back into Tori's room and see if she was ok.I tried to open the door, but Josh took my hand and sucked on my fingers, then started kissing my arm. I hope he wasn't going to do what I thought he was, I wasn't in the mood, and very much not ready.He made his way up to my neck, I was ready to push him off of me, he started feeling his way around my body. I was in my pj's and thats not good, pj's are easy to take off x_x He carried me to the nearest bathroom, and locked the door, if he didn't let me leave I swear I was gonna cry.What Will Happen?? :) Comment, Feedback, Fave???

  5. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
    posted a quote
    September 24, 2011 9:07am UTC
    Am I the only one
    who can't stare into
    his eyes with out
    looking away ?

  6. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
    posted a quote
    September 23, 2011 7:23pm UTC
    Stand Out from the Others...chaptr 27 I closed my door, and I saw that Nicole was awake, Tori: oh hey sleepy head.Nicole: I don't believe him, Tori: I guess you heard, Nicole: yup, I really don't believe him about his feelings not changing. There's nothing all that special to me, I sat down on the bed beside her.Tori: there's alot that's special about you, it's why we are like sister's. Nikki you get me, you understand me, we are alike in many ways. To me, I think your way better than me, your personalility is just that great to have so many people love you.For me, I really don't understand why Jason loves me, I feel as there's nothing to me, to like. I'm jealous of you to be honest, I wish I was you Nikki, you have so much that I don't.With that Jason came in, Tori: oh hey babe h-, he grabbed me and pulled me close to him, cupped my face in his hands. He kissed me, I felt sparks fly, it was one heck of a kiss, he had never kissed me like that.Jason didn't stop kissing me, I saw tears streaming down his face, he finally pulled away. Jason: T-Tori, we c-can't see each other a-anymore, I was in shock, I couldn't believe what he told me.Tori: w-what? Jason: Tori I-I....he couldn't finish telling me, Tori: so your saying that was our last kiss?? He nodded, tears streamed down my face, Tori: Jason w-w-why?? He held me in his arms making it even more hard for me.Tori: Jason your my everything, why are you just suddenly, leaving me?? Nicole got up and left the room so we could be alone. Jason: Tori, you know how much I love you, and I mean how much I do. It's just my parents want me to date somebody else, I told them that my heart was only for you.They said if I didn't stop seeing you, they would make us move, and I would hate to be away from you. It hurts me, to see you like this Tori it really does, but I'll still be able to see you at school. An if I come over it has to be for me to see your brother, not you.... Tori: Jason they wouldn't know though... Jason: trust me, they would....my face was already stained with tears, and cried alot more. Jason: they said I could spend one last night with you, but tomorrow, I'll only see you at school. I got up and hugged him, glad that I even still have him for the night, tears streaming down my face not believing that this was it...Comment, Feedback, Fave???

  7. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
    posted a quote
    September 23, 2011 3:55pm UTC
    Stand Out From the Others...chaptr 26 I heard everything I was pretending to be asleep, I still remember the time when Drew and I liked each other.I don't know if my feelings were still there though, I feel bad that he still had those feelings. I thought he was the one who moved on from me, I did start to like other guys.I wasn't liked back, and I thought our days were over, me and Drew's, plus we told each other it was only fair because of Tori. She's my best friend, heck even my blood related sister, we shared everything.I saw Drew look over at me and I turned over and pretended to be sleep while I listened. I looked at him from the corner of my eye, I think he smiled, I smiled a little.His feelings never changed?? Not even a little?? Even with all those high school girls running around. More mature, more developed, more smart, better to love?? Yea right, it sounds adorable when you hear it, but to me I think he's lying.But it's just my opinion.... Comment, Feedback, Fave???

  8. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
    posted a quote
    September 23, 2011 2:14pm UTC
    I'm sick at home
    But just guess I'm having fun
    Sittin' here making stories reading
    Quotes laughing while people are
    At school :)
    ❤________❤________❤ .
    format credit to helloformats and _lovedLayouts_

  9. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
    posted a quote
    September 23, 2011 2:01pm UTC
    Stand Out From the Others...chaptr 25 I really can't lie to her, I mean she's my sister I had to tell her why I kissed Nicole.If I wouldn't have, she wouldn't be asking me why, and she wouldn't know. I should have known Nicole would tell Tori. Drew: ok sis, well remember back when you, me, Matt, Josh, and Nicole were all good friends??Well I've like Nicole since then, we used to flirt, and all that. But when we got to high school and you girls started liking other guys..... Nicole and I met other people, I mean I still have the feelings they never went away.I just can't show they now, and the time when I kissed her it just slipped. I didn't mean to, I mean I know it's hard for her with Drake and Josh going back and forth over her. But, I'll try to keep my distance sis, I won't give our little Nicole any more trouble. Tori: oh bro, I didn't know it was like that, I thought you just did it to get Josh jealous. I'm sorry, but you guys really can't be, Drew: I know because of Drake and Josh, Tori: no because of you being my brother her being my friend.It wouldn't work out, she would always be around you and never have any time for me, Drew: sis you know that wouldn't happen. I wouldn't keep you away from your friend like that, and plus I'm not even sure Nicole feels the same way anymore. She hugged me, Drew: sis come on, what if Josh came and saw, I wouldn't be much of a man. Tori: you wouldn't be much of a man by just giving your baby sister a hug?? Wow, I just hugged her to shut her up and gave her a brotherly kiss on the cheek. Drew: happy sis?? Tori: only if you sorta feel better, Drew: barely..... Tori: bro you have to get over Nicole, she already has 2 guys falling all over her, I know she didn't mean for it to go that way...But it did, just stay off of her ok?? Drew: I'll try....She smiled at me, Tori: now thats my big bro..Comment, Feedback, Fave??

  10. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
    posted a quote
    September 15, 2011 8:55pm UTC
    I Stand Out From the Others....chaptr 24 (Tori's P.O.V) Tori: I wanna do my nails a pretty pink sparklie color, Nicole: Tori he did it again! Tori: did what?? I was more focused on my nails, Nicole: Drew kissed me......AGAIN! Tori: eww, sick why did he do it again? Nicole: i don't know, but the weird thing is I kinda liked it....... Tori: Nicole you've gone crazy, Nicole: no it's cause I feel like, close to him somehow.... Tori: Nikki your scaring me.... Nicole: ugh this feeling is so weird. She layed back on my bed, I was doing my nails, Nikki it's alright the feeling will go away. Nicole: ugh are you sure?? Tori: very sure, I smiled at her hoping that would make her feel better. She smiled back at me and we watched a movie, I heard a knock on the door and I looked over at Nicole she was sleep, I got up to get the door. Tori: oh hey, Drew: is Nicole asleep?? Tori: Drew why did you do that?? Drew: do what?? Tori: kiss Nicole!!! Drew: uhmm.....

  11. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
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    September 14, 2011 10:25pm UTC
    I Stand Out From the Others...chaptr 23 (Drew's P.O.V) I heard the girls coming up stairs, I stayed quiet an listened. I got close up on the door, I heard Tori an Nicole coming. Nicole sounded like she was...........crying!! Aww man it's all my fault, not knowing what to do, I hit the wall. My fist bleeding, Tori and Nicole came crashing into my room hearing the noise, Tori: what happened? She looked at my fist then the wall, Nicole ran up to me, Nicole: are you ok?? Tori go get him something to wrap his fist in, she ran downstairs, Nicole: what did you do?? I couldn't help my self, Drew: your so cute, even though my fist was bleeding, i grabbed her an kissed her. I pulled away an saw those tiny cheeks of hers turn red, Tori came back up an then Nicole wrapped my hand, an ran out of the room. Wow just great I did it again , I plopped on the bed, turned on my tv, an played my game system hoping i could get her out of my mind. I heard the girls in the other room, playing music an giggling, I heard Josh's voice to. He shouldn't be in there with them it's a girl room, I walked out of my room and knocked on Tori's door. Drew: uhm hey sis, can I come in? She let me in, I walked in, Drew: Josh I think you should stay in my room while your here, not the girls, Josh: but I wanna be next to my lil Nicole, she giggled. Drew: if I were them, i'd feel creeped out, Tori: well it is sorta weird, Josh just stay in Drew 's room. He grumbled den got his stuff, an moved it into Drew's room, Josh: thanks now I can't cuddle with my Nikki-bear. I wanted to kick him when he said that....Comment, Feedback, Fave??

  12. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
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    September 11, 2011 6:51pm UTC
    I Stand Out From the Others...Chaptr 22 We walked through Tori's door and Josh was behind me holding my hand with his free hand. Drew was in his room when we came upstairs, he was putting his stuff in Tori's room and she came in and plopped down on the bed under the covers. I pulled the covers off of her, she growled at me, i pulled her off the bed by her feet. She fell on the floor, I ran all the way downstairs. I was hiding, looking to see if she was coming, I felt hands make their way around me slowly. I put my hand around their neck i knew who it was, i kissed their lips but when i turned around it was Drew!! I backed up and Tori, was behind me glaring at me with sleepy eyes, I was freaking out! I took her hand an we went to the kitchen, Nicole: Tori I-I kissed D-Drew, she was drinking a water then she choked. Tori: you what!? Nikki he's my brother, and he wouldn't be an awesome boyfriend for you. Nicole: no i thought he was Josh, cuz he put his slowly around my waist, so i thought it was him. Only Josh would hold me like that, but it wasn't him..... Drew's P.O.VWTH!!! Why did i do that!!! I have to get over her, she already has to guys after her, I don't wanna make it hard on her, an be the third. Who ever she chooses, I'll fight them for her, I went up to my room and pulled out the picture of me, Tori, Josh, Nicole, and Matt. Back when we were all buddy's and the guys didn't tease the girls. We use to flirt me and Nicole, but now she doesn't remember, I know I'm older than her, but i love her to death... Sorry I haven't wrote anything in a while, my mind went blank I couldn't think ugh but i'll make more i promise :)

  13. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
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    September 3, 2011 12:46pm UTC
    I Stand Out From the Others..chaptr 21 He came back, with a bag of clothes and other things, Josh: is it ok if I stay with you and Tori? Nicole: why do you need to stay with us? Josh: my mom didn't like the fact that I had you over, and I wanna be able to see you, so I'm staying with you guys for a couple of days. Nicole: oh......so you couldn't have me over? Josh: lets just go, he took my hand and we went to Tori's, She answered the door and hand Jason beside her with his hand on her waist. I could tell they just woke up, Nicole: Tori, Josh wants to stay here for a few days, Tori: mhm sure, she was sooo tired, she probably would freak out later.

  14. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
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    September 2, 2011 7:09pm UTC
    I Stand Out From the Others...chaptr 20 When I woke up, I was face down in the sand, I must have fell being the clumsy, girl I am. I sat up in the sand, I should just stay here, I mean my reputation is already trashed. What's the point of going back.... Josh: to see me...I turned around Josh was there, Nicole: oh hi, I sniffled. He picked me up in his arms, Josh: you alright? Nicole: well I'm here out in the cold, at the beach crying to myself... Josh: I guess thats a no, babe your so cold.. He cuddled me in his arms, he was so warm, I was soo cold, he took me to his house. I sat on the couch I WAS FREEZING, he got me a blanket, and made me some soup. Nicole: you don't have to do this for me..Josh: well I wanted to, so whats the deal, people telling me you are cheating on me with Drake. Nicole: I told you me and him were just trying things out, and I haven't decided who I was gonna choose yet, I looked down at the soup. Josh: well for you, I guess I could wait, he smiled at me, Nicole: ugh I'm so cold, Josh: you shouldn't have been out there by yourself out in the cold. He scooted next to me, and cuddled me, trying to warm me up, we watched a movie and played the wii a little. He made me laugh the whole night, I'm happy he took care of me <3 I woke up to the sound of yelling, I think it was Josh and his mom... I don't think I could hear what they were saying. but I think they were argueing about me, I walked in Nicole: oh good morning, his mom looked at me then walked away. Nicole: what did I do, I was so confused, Josh: nothing, he walked up to me and kissed me, he grabbed my waist and we walked out, he was still in his clothes from yesterday. Josh: stay right here, I'm gonna go get clothes and stuff, he ran inside, what did he need clothes for?? Comment, Feedback, Fave??

  15. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
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    September 1, 2011 7:08pm UTC
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  16. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
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    August 31, 2011 10:01pm UTC
    I Stand Out From the Others... chaptr 18 Drake walked over but didn't say anything to Blake he just grabbed me by my waist and put me next to him. The teacher didn't care what we did, we could sit out if we wanted to, Drake and I walked away from everybody else to our own little corner. Drake: Nikki, d-did he k-kiss you, he was looking at the floor when he asked, Nicole: no, but he was inches away from it being that way. He put his hand through his hair, and glared at Blake. Just so he would calm down, I grabbed his face and kissed him, I made it last a few seconds at least. He had a smile on his face now, I made sure not to make it to long or else somebody would look and see. He was instantly happy, and after I pulled away I thought we were done, but he grabbed my arm, put his fingers in the spaces of mine an kissed me. Don't get me wrong I loved it but, Blake saw then everybody was looking, I was so blushing. I ran out of there and ran to the bathroom and stayed there the whole period, Tori followed me in there, Tori: he kissed you in front of everybody, Nicole: I know, and this isn't good...I wonder what everybody's thinking....Comment, Feedback, Fave?? :D

  17. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
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    August 31, 2011 7:16pm UTC
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  18. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
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    August 30, 2011 10:35pm UTC
    I Stand Our From the Others...chaptr 16 I copied, Tori's homework, got rid of a few words and turned it in, I hope I do ok on it. He started to teach, and I pretty much zoned out, every word he said, all but the part about our homework. I got that nice and clear, I wrote it down made sure I actually got it, then the bell rang. Made sure I got my books for my second class, and was off I ran into Drake on the way to class. Drake: hey, hows your day going so far?? Nicole: good, I smiled at him, he cares so much, I smiled realizes that in my mind. He looked at my eyes, then my lips, he was thinking about kissing me. My smile faded I couldn't let him kiss me, with all these people around I took his hand and lead him to a less crowded spot, I wrapped my arms around him. He put his arms on my waist, we got close enough to were our noses were touching, I giggled and our lips connected. I got it a sec before I pulled away, Drake: I might do better in class now, he smiled at me, I giggled Nicole: get to class bad boy. I hurried to my next class before I was late, the rest off the day went boring as hell, but hey guess what lunch time. Tori and I got in line to get our lunch, Tori: have you talked to Drake or Josh, anytime today, Nicole: yea gave Drake a little love before, he went to his second class. Tori: oooo, she smiled at me, we just grabbed what we thought was good, and put it on our trays, we sat at our back corner table. Sara came and sat by us, so did Jason and Drake and Josh, Josh scooted Tori over so he could sit on one side off me and Drake sat on the other side, Tori sat over by Sara. They were both trying to feed me my food, Nicole: guys I can eat by myself I don't need help, well if nobody was around I'd let them do it. But who knows what it would look like to my peers, they left me alone and I ate my food in peace. One of them put their hands on my shoulder the other had my waist, they were glaring at each other, deciding who's I was. God help me...Comment, Feedback, Fave??

  19. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
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    August 30, 2011 6:32pm UTC
    I Stand Out From the Others...chaptr 15 I felt my face get hot a little, I can't let anybody see me like this, Josh came up to me. Josh: hey, woah your face is red, he poked my face, I flinched and ran to the bathroom. Oh my gosh! My face us is very red i look like a cherry, I put water on my face and ran back to my locker right when the.....bell rang. I hurried to class, but there was no use, I was late I walked in, no need to run. I looked around at people's faces as the teacher told me I was late, in my head I was saying don't ya think I know that. Sat next to Tori and class started, Nicole: I forgot to do my homework! Tori: oh cause you were with Drake last night

  20. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
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    August 30, 2011 7:21am UTC
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