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Baby Hello Kitty
I don't believe I'm beautfiful even if I'm told so. It's hard to admit to being so when you see so much of what you want to be in other girls everyday. You don't feel like your the one your boyfriend needs or should have. But don't, your just enough for him, size and weight and beauty don't matter if the one you love doesn't care for it either. Don't waste your life on looks, or weight, spend your day planning a date with you're beloved♥ I'm Tori and I'm fifteen, my boyfriend and I have been together since 11/17/12. I'm his one and only and he's mine I'm on here to make quotes and write stories. So feel free to follow girlie
afraid to be different// scared to fit in. 1ToRi1

  1. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
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    December 25, 2012 9:45pm UTC
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Heal Me.
    Chapter 3
    Misty's Pov.
    I scratch at the door as the guards shut it behind me, why would my mother put me in here? I'm not crazy, I-I'm fine scratching at the door started making my nails hurt and they started to bleed a bit.
    I wanna scream so bad, I just want to be back at home in my nice, quiet pitch black room. I looked around the room seeing padding everywhere, not a window nor other door to be seen.
    I'll be fine though, my mom will get me out I tried to fool myself into believing this. She loves me, I'll be out of here soon she knows I can't be away from my room long.
    I pulled at the cotton clothes they put on me, walking to the non occupied side of the room. I started to bite my lip as fear kicked in, what if I don't get out of here? I kicked at the wall as I sat down, "I want my room d/mn it!"
    . I heard a bang on the door, making me twitch and shake, "Keep it down in there". I hate the guards, I hate this place, I hate this room I wish I could go home and be forever in my corner.
    I started to rock back and forth, feeling even more alone than ever. Tears stung in my eyes, realizing how my mother just left me here, she thinks her little girl is a freak...
    The tears didn't stop at all, I felt ashamed that I even started to hope that that woman would ever come back for me. I kicked at the padded wall even though it was no good, but my frustration needed to be cooled down.
    I pulled at my hair, why is this happening to me? Why couldn't I have been born normal, what's wrong with me...
    The anger soon disappeared, leaving me with an empty, broken feeling. I'm just another freak to everyone, I slid back down on the wall I wish I never existed..
    Mikey's Pov
    The guards knocked on our doors, signaling lunch time, I walked out and heard a loud scream at the end of the hall. It came from my old room, did they put that new girl in there?
    I'm a little eager to know why they would take me out, knowing what I'm capable of doing. I mean my roommate has a f/cking pocket knife, I could go on a rage and accidently kill him.
    Well, I looked back at him seeing him looking at the ground, everybody has a reason for why they'd wanna die. I'm sure he's just begging to if he's in here, but still..
    I sighed, running a hand through my hair. H/ll this is why I'm in here, my days of suicide and anger led me to all of this. I'm nothing but a freak of nature, I looked at my wrists still seeing my old cuts.
    Heh. If you didn't mind I'd probably be able to tell you the history of each cut, each cut for one time a certain thing pushed me over. The last time I could have done it, it would have ended my life for sure.
    But I was on my final cut, all the other parts of my arms are marked up. The next time, could be my last.. and maybe my mother would be happy.
    H/ll she might even be proud, I was pulled from my thoughts as we were in the lunchroom. The others were in here and the tv's were on, playing the same thing I walked in and got into line.
    I pulled down the sleeves of my cotton shirt, I'm counting on that day to come when I can make the final cut.
    This world isn't for me.
    A/N: So you like? . Well fav/comment? Merry Christmas btw..
    Main Characters: Mikey Conway & Misty O'Connor
    Other: Marie Parker & Colin Wolf
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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  2. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
    posted a quote
    December 21, 2012 11:59pm UTC
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Heal Me.
    Chapter 2
    Mikey's Pov.
    I couldn't help but scratch at the wall of my room by my bed, this padded room sh/t won't do any good in keeping me away from people. An of course away from all other objects.
    They expect me to get better, yet they keep me locked up like I'm the most dangerous animal in the world. Bars on the door, bars on the windows the room would look lovely in the colour of my blood.
    I was up at the usual time, the time I wake up to every morning since I've been in this h/ll hole. I can't sleep knowing what happened, my mother's voice ringing in my ears.
    She really hated me...why didn't she want me? I-I'm her son and she left me with the most abusive person, you'd ever imagine. I shivered as I heard the door to my room open, "Mikey we are assigning you to a new room".
    . They were doing what now? So these b/tches actually trust me? A sly grin made its way on my face, but I had to hide it as I neared the door. The guards did what they always did and grabbed my wrists so I wouldn't run off.
    I was face to face with the dry erase board on room 24, on the board the name Colin was already on it. They trust me with another person? The door was opened and I was pushed inside, "Lunch will be soon so don't get comfortable yet".
    If I could, I'd tell their a/sses that this isn't a mental hospital, it's a da/mn jail! I kicked at the door, the door rattling and the sound of a bed creaking filled my ears. I turned sharply towards my new roommate, "Hey, you must be Mikey, I'm Colin".
    His friendlyness made me all the more disgusted with this place, I ignored his outstretched hand and walked over to lay on my new bed. The other one was better, it was padded just like the room.
    I hate these people for moving me, I sat up in bed in one swift movement and hit the wall. If your wondering, I only made a dent in it, but my hand was bleeding hard.
    I looked over at my roommate to see that his eyes were wide, a smirk played up on my face. The guy looks alright, what the h/ll could he be in here for? "Hey, you mind finding me something to carve the wall with?"
    He blinked his eyes like I was speaking some foreign language, but then he pulled out a small pocket knife out from under his pillow. He threw it at me and I caught it, I was clearly amazed but if the guy has a pocket knife he can't be in here for any good.
    I let the knife go and smiled at the blade as it shined in the generic lights they keep in our rooms. I missed my old friends, I quickly carved a 1 in the one signally my first day in this h/ll of a room.
    Atleast my other one wasn't as bad. I heard noise coming from outside the room and Colin got up and opened the door, I quickly flipped the knife shut and stuffed it under my pillow. I walked to the door with Colin, seeing a girl being escorted in she was a small petite girl with black hair. I couldn't see her face because her hair had fallen across her face.
    It was clear that she was shivering but it wasn't cold, "Let me go! I don't want to be here, mom why did you put me in here!?" Well I can already tell what her problem was, but the girl must have been nuts.
    She grabbed onto my shirt, trying to keep the guard from guiding her to her room. "Hey! Let me go!" She immediately stiffened, her hands having a more rough grip on my shirt. "Don't take me away! I can't stay here! I want to go home!" The girl was practically screaming it at me, the guard finally pulled her off me. She scrambled away from him, like she was... afraid of his touch.
    I'm guessing things around here are going to start getting fun?
    A/N: So you like? . Well fav/comment?
    Main Characters: Mikey Conway & Misty O'Connor
    Other: Marie Parker & Colin Wolf
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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  3. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
    posted a quote
    December 21, 2012 10:28pm UTC
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Warning: THIS IS A MENTAL ILLINESS STORY. Just letting you know xD
    Heal Me.
    Chapter 1
    Misty's Pov.
    I pulled at my black hair, as I sat in the corner less occupied with stuff in my room. Also in the dark, I heard the footsteps of someone coming down the hall, please stay away from my room.., please.
    The door opened, letting a pool of light slowly creep its way in. "Misty...hunny please come out, why won't you leave your room?" I won't answer to her, I don't have to answer to her.
    I hugged my knees bringing them closer to me, I don't want her near me I don't want anybody near me! I just want to be alone, I'm...I'm safer alone noone will hurt me if I'm alone.
    With noone around there will be no false promises, nothing to get me down or break me. Noone to figure out my weaknessess, I won't get walked all over I rocked back and forth while holding onto my knees.
    "Mother, please leave me alone. Can't you see that your presense smothers me!? Leave me alone!? Go away and don't come back!" My blue eyes shining in the darkness of the room that enveloped me and my mom.
    "Misty.." I gritted my teeth hoping it was loud enough for her to hear. The soft sigh that I here made me flinch, but the retreating sound of footsteps and the door closing put me at ease.
    I refused to sleep on my bed, I refused to go to school. I don't know why but I just hate people, just seeing someone makes me want to shrivel up and go away. I'm afraid of how they'll treat me, of getting abused, treated like trash and played with.
    But the funny thing is...I've never gone through these things yet. I'm just afraid and yet there is no experience behind my words, I chuckled and it filled the darkness of my room.
    I heard her footsteps come back, but she didn't open the door no she had the phone. I knew because the buttons echoed outside my door, who was she calling? I bit into my lip, letting it bleed and the stream of blood hitting my tongue, "Yes I'd like to register my daughter".
    Register me into what? "Yes, her name is Misty O'Connor, her illness? Well I can't quite say, but she's always in her room and I do mean always she never leaves. She never wants to go to school, she never wants to see anyone, she's always sitting in a corner in her room in the dark."
    "Yes, but can you try and get her out of her room? Okay, I'll see you tomorrow" who the h/ll does she think she is? Telling about what I have to others, I'm not crazy, this isn't some illness. I....I'm fine, there is nothing wrong with me.
    Tears stung my eyes and I quickly wiped them away, I can't cry over this. I may be different but it doesn't mean I have to be weak, to cry when its already clear that I may.
    But I don't care what she has planned, I'm not going anywhere with her. I'm not leaving my room to go into that jacked up place we call a world. I won't go anywhere to see anyway, I'm not crazy... I-I'm just fine..
    A/N: yep, mental illness story. Hope you like!
    Main Characters: Mikey Conway & Misty O'Connor
    Other: Marie Parker & Colin Wolf
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    bunnylover43 format

  4. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
    posted a quote
    March 20, 2012 5:51pm UTC
    Type your name: Tori
    Type your name with your eyes closed: TORI
    type your name elbow: yyytolpttttttiok
    Type your name with your nose: tori
    Repost this but delete my answers :D
    Well....this was fun :D

  5. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
    posted a quote
    March 15, 2012 11:52pm UTC
    Please go to this website and help me out for my science fair project there is a survey on the first page and the page that says more surveys please do them both please!! It will only take a couple seconds of your time and im getting graded an judged on this please ♥

  6. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
    posted a quote
    March 4, 2012 10:13am UTC
    Chapter 3
    Brenda's P.O.V
    Laying on my bed that night I couldn't stop thinking about the kiss..
    I had my science book opened and papers sprawled out
    all over the place.
    I had one sentence down on the paper,
    I just can't get him off my mind!
    I closed my book throwing it on the and got under the covers
    of my bed.
    ~The Next Morning~
    I woke up groggy, slapping my alarm clock nearly breaking it
    I just don't want to face Dante today, I was screaming last night
    I woke up in a pool of sweat, I know gross but it happened.
    In my dream, I was with Dante he was my boyfriend..
    I know thats what I want right?
    Well yea,
    but he was still with his other girlfriend..
    She found out and told everybody at school that I stole her man
    then everybody started to hate me.
    Ok, so it's not like its a horror kinda nightmare but
    who wants to have the whole school on your back like that?
    Pulling out my most favorite outfit
    A colorful off the shoulder top,
    it was a crop top but I had a cami so I wasn't showing my belly.
    My favorite capri's and my bright blue sandals,
    I quickly put my hair in a messy bun.
    Why dress all out?
    The outfit I think is a bit to much but I so didn't
    feel like doing my hair.
    I ran downstairs smelling yummy food,
    my mom loved to cook so had made omlets yum.
    I ate slowly so I wouldn't have to go to that h**l hole so early.
    ~Author's Note~
    I guess it's better. I hope I get more readers!

  7. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
    posted a quote
    February 28, 2012 8:49pm UTC
    Do ya ever just fave somebody's story knowing it will make them feel good? I do that sometimes or even when I like a story Faving something isn't just about liking it...It sounds wrong but it makes them feel good and I love to think of that when I fave somebody's story :)

  8. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
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    February 25, 2012 9:16pm UTC
    Chapter 2
    Brenda's P.O.V
    I quickly walked out of class as the bell rang, finally I could go home.
    I walked to my locker pushing through the teenagers blocking it
    I grabbed my math book, my science book, my social studies
    book, mostly just everything I needed.
    Grabbing all my stuff, I closed my locker to see Dante
    leaning against it.
    He looked at me, obviously waiting my face flushed
    I didn't want to make him wait on me.
    "So...are we going to your house? Or mine?"
    "Eh, mine"
    He grinned at me, it looked kind of evil,
    but he wouldn't do anything to me right?
    We walked along to his car,
    I felt butterflies in my stomach just knowing I was about to go to
    his house.
    We didn't talk the entire way,
    maybe he just didn't have anything to say...
    Or maybe he just didn't want to talk to me,
    we pulled up to his house it was big almost mansion like.
    He came around and opened my door for me,
    we walked up to his house he unlocked the door.
    "Are your parents home?"
    So we were going to be alone?
    Just knowing this made me feel nervous...
    But we were just going to work on homework thats all..
    He can't do anything because he has a girlfriend.
    Brenda...don't be so worried...
    "Wanna go up to my room?"
    I stopped walking,
    being alone,
    in his room..
    "Uh, sure I don't mind".
    I smiled a little and pushed my hair back,
    he led me up the stairs and to his room.
    His room was red and black, striped actually,
    he had a couple posters on one wall.
    He had things signed from bands,
    a couple of trophes from sports.
    He had a few clothes on the floor but I tried not to notice,
    "Ok, so what should we work on first?"
    "Well, what are you having the most trouble with?"
    "Um, math I guess"
    I pulled out my math book, got a few pieces of paper and started writing problems down.
    I felt Dante sit on the bed next to me, I assumed he was looking at the book.
    But his eyes were looking right at me, like they were looking right through me..
    I looked up at him, looking right into his eyes,
    but he wasn't looking right at my eyes...
    He was looking at my lips...
    "Um...so I need help with this one..."
    He snapped out of his gaze and looked down at the book,
    "That ones easy, you multiply then divide by 2".
    "Oh, that makes sense"
    I started writing it down, when he put his hand over mine making me stop writing.
    I looked up at him, he scooted closer wrapping his hand around my waist.
    I looked down, this was unexpected...
    His fingers touched my chin tilting my head to make me look at him,
    I looked into his eyes, as he leaned in close.
    Then his lips brushed against mine,
    they were hard..a little soft and warm.
    I blushed, I really hoped he didn't notice it..
    He pulled away, "Don't tell anyone about this".
    He looked serious, "no..one",
    I nodded quickly.
    But...he has a girlfriend...
    ~Author's Note~
    I made it waaay to long, and It doesn't seem as interesting as the first one...sorry about that

  9. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
    posted a quote
    February 25, 2012 11:46am UTC
    Chapter 1
    Brenda's P.O.V
    I pushed back my dark brownish blonde hair staring at the guy sitting in front of me.
    His blonde hair was covering his eyes, he was so cute.
    Mr. Oxford looked at me, and tapped at the board,
    "Is there something better you'd look at then the board?"
    "Uh, no sir...I was just day dreaming"
    "Well maybe whats on the board is more important, don't you think?"
    I nodded, and he went back to teaching, Dante looked back at me.
    He smiled making me blush, I pushed my hair back and started writing notes.
    This wasn't the first time I got caught not listening, ever since I came here, Dante has been the only
    thing on my mind.
    He's always sat in front of me, and because of that my grades suffer,
    but it's not his fault its mine completely.
    Dante had a girlfriend, and she was really pretty, I've seen pictures on Facebook.
    She lives in his state he use to live in Miami, I used to live in boring old Conneticut.
    She's blonde and cute and very the opposite of me,
    so I shouldn't be worried about him ever wanting me.
    The bell rang, I gathered my books heading out then Dante stepped in front of me,
    "If you need help studying, I could probably help".
    He smiled at me, making my face flush, "S-sure, I could need some help".
    "Great, so after school?"
    I nodded, he winked at me, then walked away.
    Did he just check me out?
    But he has a girlfriend, maybe I just imagined it.
    I just walked to my locker, hoping to forget it.
    Brenda...he has a girlfriend...
    ~Author's Note~
    So what do ya think? Is it something you might read? Sorry its short by the way :)

  10. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
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    November 11, 2011 4:48pm UTC
    For Chapel these guys that come speak at my school, they said the next time they come they want me to sing for them, I don't know if I'll be singing in front of my Chapel class or not. It sounded good at first, but now I'm nervous... I'm praying that I won't forget the words to the song, I'm trying to show my talent, I hope it works :))


  11. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
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    November 8, 2011 7:28pm UTC
    When my friends or other people say i'm...."pretty", "beautiful", "adorable", "cute"
    I say thanks, even though in my head i'm thinking
    that their lying to me..

  12. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
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    October 30, 2011 4:23pm UTC
    This is just to vent, When I was little I had to take a medicine that helped me in school, it changed me, I was different, and I noticed that in school, I hated how it changed me, but it also helped, I need it now but I don't want to take it. I don't want to do my homework even though I have alot, I could finish it now but I don't want to. I don't listen in class, I daydream and end up missing out on stuff, I don''t study for tests anymore, and I feel like a snob because I want attention. I have only 3 friends at school, I had a lot before we moved, I barely get out of the house anymore. I don't get A's and B's anymore, and this is me without the medicine, is this who I'm suppose to be? It's like I don't care anymore I only care for myself, I want to cry but if my mom comes in an asks whats wrong, she doesn't understand and there's nothing she can do. I feel like im careless, I could make my self do the work, but I let the lazy side get the best of me. My medicine is to strong and I get so very bored, i don't know what to do, I either want to die or cry....

  13. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
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    October 10, 2011 7:54pm UTC
    Stand Out From the Others...chaptr 34 Sis was awake, but when she woke up she was asking for Jason, Nicole went to go get him.I couldn't help but just hug Tori and hold her, my little sis was ok, I smiled as tears ran down my face. Jason came back, Tori: hey mr. Sexxay, he smiled and run to her kissing her lips and hugging her.He was crying as well, Tori: you ok? Don't cry, and how come you didn't go home, I thought your mom said you have too. Jason: I'm not leaving you, I don't care what my mom says, I'll live with you, god Tori I love you. Sis still was her self, but he voice was faint, like you could barely hear her, Tori: why am I here? I don't feel sick or anything I'm fine, she looked around the room, I don't understand.. What's going on? Drew: sis, it's ok, you've been here all day, I'm happy that your ok, Tori: Drew, why were you all crying earlier, I heard crying. You were talking to me, and I'm glad to be of help bro, she tried to smile at me, I kissed her cheek, Drew: sis, I love you never forget that ok?Tori: I won't, she breathed and looked at Nicole, mom, dad, me, and Jason, Jason got down beside her and took her hand. Jason: Tori, I don't want us to ever be apart, so when we finish high school, will.....you......marry.....me?She looked at him, and was about to say something, but her eyes close, and her hand went limp, he started to shake her. Jason: Tori!! Tori!! I held him down, Jason: Tori, speak to me please! He kissed her, Tori please wake up, please I love you.He broke down into a ball on the floor, I helped him up and took him to the waiting room for some space. Jason: it's all my fault, Drew: no it's not, Jason: it is!! He ran out of the hospital doors, I ran my hand threw my hair.I bet he's going through the worst right now...Comment, Feedback, Fave??

  14. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
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    October 8, 2011 3:40pm UTC
    spongebob: Where gonna party til' we purple!
    Patrick: Oh I love being purple!!
    Format credit to: FormatsJust4You

  15. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
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    October 8, 2011 1:44pm UTC
    Stand Out From the Others...chaptr 33 (Tori's P.O.V) It was weird, I didn't know where I was, I was just some where inside my mind.It didn't feel right though, I felt light and lifeless, I heard all this screaming and crying but I didn't know where it was coming from. I didn't know who it was, or why they were crying, I just knew that they were very sad. I was in the dark, with one little spotlight on me, I couldn't see anything or anybody, but my memories came in front of me like a movie. The times I had when I was little, the embarrassing times I had growing up, the fights I had with Drew. What does all this have to do with anything, then the memories of Nicole and Drew, Matt, Josh, and me came up. I remember those times, when Matt and Josh played around alot we used to go to the beach with them alot.We had better times then, we the guys didn't give us a hard time, I hadn't met Jason until we started middle school. The end of 8th grade, the guys wanted to celebrate, us moving on to high school with them.We went roller blading, Nikki and I were talking and skating around together, my favorite song came on. I went a little faster, and tried to backwards skate a little, I looked at her she looked worried.I was doing fine until I turned a corner, the lace to my skate cane undone, I tried to turn around but it got stuck. I almost crashed into people but somebody picked me up and set me at a booth an fixed my skate.I said thanks when he finished and stared into his eyes, I had a strong feeling that he was the right one for me. Tears fell down my face at the memory, my tears glistening like diamonds, I screamed, THIS DOESN'T TELL ME WHY I'M HERE!I got up and punched at the walls, seeing as it didn't help anything, I walked back to my corner with the spotlight in it. I wanted to die, why was I here? Where am I? Why am I being tortured with my own memories?I started to try to use my fingers to cut my self, when I heard my brother's voice, it was faint and he was crying. He said things about Nicole, I wish I could give him a hug right now he needs it, being brave. (Jason's P.O.V)They were running tests, they need to hurry I want to be with Tori! Drew: Jason calm down, he pulled my arm back into the chair and made me sit. Jason: I want to be by her side, I want to be the first person she sees when she wakes up.I had a call from my mom, I walked outside, Jason: what? Michelle: where are you? Sara is over waiting, we've been waiting for a while. Jason: mom I'm at the hospital, Michelle: are you alright!? What are you doing there?Jason: T-Tori's in a coma, I couldn't help but break down, I've done it 3 times since we've been here. Jason: we're waiting for her to wake up, I just want to be by her side right now, Michelle: well she might die, so there's no use hoping and waiting.Come home now, Jason: MOM I'M NOT GOING HOME! Don't you understand how serious this is for me? To see Tori hooked up to these wires and machines, calculating if she'll die or wake up or even if she stays in the coma. You guys loved Tori, she was the right one for me, and I don't care if she has alot of money or not, if you can't accept me loving her, then I guess there is no reason for me to stay with you guys.I pressed end, and walked back inside, Nicole came up to me, Nicole: Jason, she's awake, I smiled and ran to her room.Comment, Feedback, Fave??

  16. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
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    October 6, 2011 1:37pm UTC
    Stand Out From the Others..chaptr 32 When I woke up the guys were being so loud, crying and yelling, Nicole: guys shut up!Jason stared at me with tears in his eyes, he looked very worried, Nicole: Jason whats wrong? He looked down at Tori, it looked like she wasn't breathing, she wasn't breathing!Nicole: Tori.....Toria.....TORI! She just layed there life less, we had to do something like get her to the hospital something! Jason: Drew go call 911, I heard footsteps down the hall, either it was Drew or Tori's parents.While they came in, I looked down at Tori she was looking pale, Nicole: don't worry Tori, it'll be ok. The ambulance arrived and picked Tori up and out her in the van we got in too.Jason was sitting by her holding her hand the whole time, when we arrived at the hospital they quickly got Tori to a room. We had to stay in the waiting area, Jason wouldn't sit down, he kept pacing back and forth.I knew we were all worried, but he was worried the most, I looked over and saw Tori's mom and dad crying in the corner. I already cried alot, an I still am, the doctor came out and asked if we were with Tori, we all got up.Dr. Smith: she's in a coma, we don't know for all long, but you all may come in to see her. We all walked in, Jason first of course, Drew and I behind him, they had her hooked up to all these machines, and tubes hooked up to her.Jason ran over to her, and held her hand crying, he kissed it, he stayed there the whole time, we were in and out. He never left her side, he slept by her side, Drew came in, Drew: hey Jason can I talk to my little sis alone. He came in and sat down next to her, Drew: sis I want to thank you for helping me, get over Nicole. I mean I'm not totally over her, I still want her, but I'm learning I'm letting her be her and me be me.I'll just leave her alone, so all she has to worry about are Josh and Drake, but sis I hope your ok. Sis I hope your gonna be ok, he got up and hugged her, he left and I just backed away from the door.Acting like I didn't see or here anything, Drew: did you have fun listening Nikki? He looked at me and I blushed, Nicole: no, uh I wasn't watching. I'm bad at lieing, he came up to me and put his hand on my face, pulled me close and kissed me. I think I know who I choose...Comment, Feedback, Fave? Sorry it's sooo looong

  17. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
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    October 5, 2011 2:16pm UTC
    . I was on a girl's profile
    on witty and my brother comes
    in and "Never Say Never"
    is playing on her profile
    he starts singing and I'm

  18. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
    posted a quote
    October 5, 2011 7:44am UTC
    click to see this quote

  19. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
    posted a quote
    October 4, 2011 2:58pm UTC
    The messager thing, guys there's no reason to be scared. I'm kinda tired of seeing the story, I read all of it, and I'm ok. I would be scared too, I just don't like seeing the death letters and all and seriously how would they personally know that you didn't repost it. Either ignore it, or read it and don't repost it, I didn't and I'm still here today.

  20. 1ToRi1 1ToRi1
    posted a quote
    October 4, 2011 10:49am UTC
    Stand Out From the Others...chaptr 31 (Jason's P.O.V) Tori, well let me say one thing, I loved having her as my girl. She was the best, the girl my parents want me with, isn't worth my time, they only like her for her money. Just because she happens to like me, I have to stop seeing Tori, but my parents loved Tori.She was perfect to them, but it's like me being happy doesn't matter anymore, whats the point of it. Just guess who it is, bleh Sara I don't like her, I mean she's nothing compared to my Tori.I was in Tori's room enjoying the last of us, being boyfriend and girlfriend, I had her in my arms for one last night. I was gonna miss her, everything all the times we've had together, all the fights the things we did.The nickname she gave me, Mr. Sexxay, it was cute, but she was adorable Sara is nothing like that. I don't want her to try to buy my love, I woke up and found Tori and Nicole together on one side of her bed.I kissed her cheek and decided I would make breakfast for her, I went into Drew's room and knocked on his door. Jason: hey uh Drew, I knocked on his door, he was up playing his ps3, his eyes were red.I walked in and sat down next to him, Jason: hey you ok? He didn't answer, I turned off his game and stood in front of him. Drew: w-what d-do you want? Jason: whats wrong with you? Drew: JOSH HE-, oh thats right you were asleep in my sister's bed.Drew: you know your breaking her heart, I mean she really loved you, and I'm not just saying so she really did. She's probably trying to figure out what she's gonna do with out around, Jason: I know, I want to make her a big breakfast before I leave.Jason: want to help? Drew: well it's for my little sis, I guess so, when went downstairs and got everything we needed. The pancakes looked weird and were all different sizes, I tried to make one in the shape of a T, I was going to spell out Tori's name.We didn't have enough batter, I got paper plates and put each pancake on a plate in order, so it spelled her name. I couldn't wait for her to see it, I ran upstairs to wake her up, I shook her, and tickled her.Nothing worked she didn't wake up, I called Drew up here so he could help me, we couldn't wake her up. Tears fell from my face me thinking the worst happened, I had so many things going through my mind.I hope she's ok...Comment, Feedback, Fave??


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