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     I know sagging is a ''fashion''  kind of..
But honestly no one want to know what color underwear you have nor see you're butt. So do us all a favor & pick you're damn pants up c:

Belts cost 2.00 dont be cheap C:

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I know sagging is a ''fashion'' kind of.. But

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doublesidedice · 7 years ago
Aha notice how they all actually have belts?? They just néed to be taught the proper usage of one because they're too stupid to figure it out in the first place xd
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99CookiesCauseABitchAteOne · 7 years ago
Lmao I dont get sagging its just plain stupid
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doublesidedice · 7 years ago
Thank the lord!! I saw a guy another day with his pants sagged to his knees >.< his friend's were making fun of him because he was gonna trip. He shoulda listened... He tripped xD
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