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when you find someone who makes your jaw drop and heart stutter and smile widen you've found true love. when you worry about the person when you haven't talked all day, when they are the first and last thing and everything you think about during the day, when you dream about them, you've found true love. when kissing them makes your foot pop and your heart stop and your lips tingle and your hands grip their waist and you pull them in for more, you've found true love. i found true love, i found it with you. i found true love and i lost it. i lost it because i let you slip away. let myself drift away because i was afraid of my feelings. i don't know if you'll ever read this or see it but if you do happen to come across this i want you to know. i am still in love with that crooked smile and your brown hair with the blonde underneath i still love the sound of your voice when you sing up on stage. i love the little things you do. i love a girl. a girl who changed my world. a girl who is starting new and starting new without me. yet still i sit here and i tell her i love her.
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when you find someone who makes your jaw drop and heart stutter

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