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October Breeze
Prologue: Lennox's POV

The morning sunrise peaks over the blazed colored mountains, shining onto the dew covered grass. The burnt leaves on the trees crack in the small bursts of wind. Birds sing to each other while flying around in the peachy colored sky. 
I put the last small hay bale into the horses stall before wiping my hands on my faded jeans. I kick the mud off my worn boots, and open up the barn door. 
The sun hits the ranch sign, so the gold painted letters glisten. 
The letters have faded over the years, but every morning they still shine 'Mountain Valley Ranch'.
I unlatch the fence before taking the horses out into the field. 
I sit on top of the fence, watching the horses graze in the field. Their heads pop up in unison when an unfamiliar sound of tires barrells down the driveway. 
A black BMW stops infront of my house, and my mom comes out with a fake smile on her face.
Out of the car steps a lady in a black pencil skirt, tall heels, and a fancy button up shirt. My mom and the lady exchange a few words, laughs, followed by a handshake before approaching the car. 

Author's Note: Alright, so this was kind of short. But, it's a start, and I have a lot of high hopes for this story. I'm so happy to be writing again, and I hope you guys like this. Feedback?


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October Breeze Prologue: Lennox's POV The morning sunrise

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