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R e m e m b e r  M e .


***Hey everyone! I am so sorry that I havent posted a chapter in like a week..... I am so ashamed of myself. And I understand if I've lost some readers, but those of you still patiently waiting, I PROMISE I will have chapters posted again soon. Hopefully one or two tonight! I have just been so busy lately. And I did have pre-written chapters so all I had to do was post them. But I didnt have any already written after 15.. So I have to get on writing. School will be starting up for me again in less than a month and that's going to be hard for me to keep up too. But I WILL finish this story. I wont completely stop writing, I promise. Sorry all of you, once again and Thank you to all of you that will continue reading. Love you all! –lamusicaesmivida***


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R e m e m b e r M e . **AUTHOR'S NOTE** ***Hey everyone!

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