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Chapter 2

Dear Journal,
          I’m homeschooled. I have to teach myself from a book that Jane and Harold bought me. I work out of that book for 3 hours each day and for a few hours at night before bed. All the rest of my time is spent cleaning, cooking, or doing other chores. I am only allowed one shower per week. Sometimes I sneak into the bathroom and use the faucet to wash my face, armpits, etc. I don’t wear any makeup and fixing my hair consists of me throwing my long knotted brown hair into a ponytail or bun. Sierra always looks nice. She is always wearing pretty dresses and has her hair done nicely. I wear old worn out thrift shop jeans, an old stained shirt two sizes too big, and sneakers that I’ve had for the past 3 years. I wish Jane and Harold loved me as much as Sierra, but that’s impossible. I’m underweight… borderline anorexic, but not by choice… by force. I never get fed full meals. My shirts always float off of my bag of bones body. I want to get away so badly. I stole this book from Jane’s desk. It was brand new; she has multiple of them so she wouldn’t notice one missing. But, now you’re mine, journal… the only thing I love. I hope one day that someone will read this journal. They’ll learn about my life, especially if I die too. Diana is looking over me… protecting me. I know it. Well, it’s 6 a.m. I better get started on my chores. I walk upstairs and find my list left on the counter from Jane and Harold. Jane writes them though. This is the list…
Skye’s Chores
1. Wake up Sierra.
2. Make her get ready.
3. Make her eggs, bacon, and toast for breakfast.
4. Pack her lunch.
5. Pack up her school bag.
6. Get her on the bus.
7. Do your 3 hours of schooling.
8. Vacuum ALL of the rooms except basement or attic.
9. Wash the kitchen and living room windows (inside and out)
10. Clean the bathroom.
11. Make the beds.
12. You can eat the leftover mashed potatoes for lunch.
13. Get Sierra off of the bus.
14. Make her a snack of her choice.
15. Get her to do her homework.
*This all better be completed by the time we come home*
-Jane & Harold

Yep, that’s my list of the day. I better get started. I woke up Sierra and she’s getting ready. I must go; I have to make her breakfast. Bye for now journal. I love you. Goodbye.
                                                                                                Sincerely, Skye

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Escape Chapter 2 Dear Journal, I’m homeschooled. I have

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i love this story so much:') please update soon!♥
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