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Dance For love
Chapter 3
Kaili’s POV
The 4 of us walked down to the assembly room for the first school meeting. We were a little late so we slipped in and grabbed some seats in the back.  Ms. Sword had already started the assembly.
“Ladies and gentlemen, this year our schedules will be a little different. We are not requiring PE because dance is already exercise and many people had trouble having homework, dance, and extra physical activities. However, you may choose to take PE still, an extra dance class, or loose 9th period completely.” The whole room exploded with excitement. Everyone was excited for more free time. “Settle down kids. If you don’t take the PE class you will have a free period which could be at anytime of the day. So your schedules have already been made, with a free period where PE would be. If you want PE or an extra class come to the admin building and I will fix it for you. To get your schedules please have people with the last names A-H go to the dining hall, I-P in the admin building and the rest stay here. This concludes the assembly and you may exit now.”
Payton and Aria ran off to the admin building excitedly while me and Janelle skipped off to the dining hall. Some one grabbed my arm and pulled me back. I turned to look and it was Brendon, my ex-boyfriend.
“Kaili, I’ve wanted to talk to you for forever now,” Brendon said.
“Well I wanna get my schedule so can we talk later?” I asked “Janelle you go ahead,” I shouted to her since she was about 10 feet in front of me.
“Why don’t we get in line together?” He asked.
“Um sure, I guess,” I answered and started walking, “So what did you wanna talk to me about?”
“Well I was wondering…if maybe…You’d like to try again?” Brendon asked.
“Oh Brendon, I can’t.” I told him.
“Why not?”
“I just can’t. I’d love to be friends though. Okay?”

“Whatever,” he said, turning away from me. We just stood like that the rest of the wait.

If you’re reading, feedback would be amazing! Sorry for not posting in forever! I’ve been so busy this summer but I’ll try to post as much as I can! And I know its still boring but whatever. Thanks Lovelies<3

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Dance For love Chapter 3 Kaili’s POV The 4 of us walked

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